Bradford pear, the absolute worst tree ever sold in America. Now they're replacing numerous trees on either East or West Market Street, damaged in last October's storm. Bradfords are junk; I never sold them in my 21 years as a garden center and nursery owner in Felton -- before closing last Oct. 28.

Use "Cleveland Select pears," York, and stay away from those lousy Bradford pear junk trees. I have approximately 3- to 6-inch diameter Cleveland Select pears I'm willing to donate to York to replace the Bradford pear junk trees.

I have 15 to 20 remaining at my closed-down 20-acre complex, just below Winterstown on Route 24, and will donate them for replacement. The city just needs to dig, transport and install them. They're free from me, York.

Please contact me to get them, and save the York taxpayers from having to go through this same procedure again in another 10 to 15 years.

Baltimore city learned the hard way about how lousy and dangerous those trees are!

Read my past ad on Bradford Pears:

I donated almost $350,000 in nursery stock to 32 nonprofits all over York, Lancaster, Adams, Baltimore and Harford counties last fall when I closed. I'm willing to donate all the trees York needs; just call me at 246-1414 and leave a message.