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consequences of green extremism

friday, august 5th, 2022

Glorious pictures from the edge of the universe have arrived on Earth just when events here force us to consider the possibility that governments are run by aliens. They are so out of touch with common sense that they must come from other planets.

[FULL TITLE: "The Real World Consequences of Green Extremism."]

The James Webb Space Telescope, a wonder of human ingenuity, resourcefulness, imagination, and creative curiosity, is revealing the birth of galaxies to a world in which, by contrast, overreaching oligarchs and bossy bureaucrats constrict the actions of ordinary people trying to make their own lives and the lives of others better.

Much of the world groans under immiserating rules handed down by a “theory class,” even though they obviously don’t work. The accolade for the most disastrous policy outcome is hotly contested, and Wednesday’s grim revelation of 9.1% inflation shows that President Joe Biden’s spending agenda is a strong contender. But even that might not take the cake. Dumbest, crap-assed, moronic idea I've ever heard, which will destroy America and possibly, the world. EVs are junk, shit, crap, trash, filth and sewage.

Worse, perhaps, are the results of hyper-alarmism on climate change. Excessive environmental policies are proving disastrous worldwide. Suddenly, all the green chickens are coming home to roost.

Intolerant “liberals” keen to “save the planet” are ruining it —- officiously preventing the poor from lifting themselves out of poverty, forcing wealthy nations to retreat from comfort and efficiency into backwardness, even killing people by the hundreds of thousands.

Humankind long ago acquired the technological ability to thrive in all climes, but citizens of the most advanced nations must now check the weather forecast to know if their fridges and household lights will work or be shut down in an electricity blackout. US Foreign Aid: Poor people in rich countries, sending money to rich people in poor countries.

In Britain, overdependence on wind turbines built to cut carbon emissions leaves inhabitants at the mercy of the weather . When the wind doesn’t blow, the economy doesn’t work.

Likewise, in Germany, the world’s fourth-biggest economy, calm summer air means turbines stand idle, incapable of producing electricity and jacking up energy prices irrespective of the nation’s equally asinine overdependence on gas supplies from a recalcitrant Russia.

Excessively tight emissions rules, which amount to “anti-farming policies,” have triggered protests across Europe. They started in the Netherlands, where 30% of farms might be put out of business. And they have spread to Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland, where farmers fear being subjected to the same privations.

If, as expected, bureaucratic meddling slashes Dutch output —- the Netherlands is one of the biggest and most efficient farming nations in the world —- production will shift to less efficient, more polluting producers elsewhere. Failure is a resume enhancement in the demonkkkRAT party.

This is similar to the attack that green zealots in the Democratic Party launched against American energy production at the start of the Biden administration. By shutting down energy leases and discouraging investment in the United States because of exaggerated and parochial climate concerns, the green oligarchy transfers production and wealth to dirtier producers overseas, such as Russia.

As a result, gas prices across the country are higher than they’ve ever been and getting higher still. Basic energy costs, such as heat and air conditioning, are also more expensive. And yet California Democrats’ response to this crisis has been to pass local ordinances forcing citizens to phase out natural gas, one of the most affordable sources of energy, altogether over the next several years.

The results of shortsighted, self-defeating enviro-extremism are bad enough in rich nations. But they are even worse in the undeveloped world. In Sri Lanka, which banned chemical fertilizers in a fit of adherence to global green pressure, crops collapsed and food inflation spiked to 80% in June. The result has been a public revolt, including the overthrow of the president and an occupation of his palace by disgruntled citizens.

The specter of starvation is now being reported from Africa, and the latest analysis from the U.N. World Food Program suggests that 670 million people, 8% of the world’s population, will face hunger by the end of the decade.

The World Health Organization calculates that 439,000 Africans die every year from indoor air pollution because they are forced —- for cooking, lighting, and heating —- to burn charcoal and cattle dung, which one researcher compared to smoking 400 cigarettes per hour in the home. The reason Africans still use these primitive methods to generate energy is that green ideologues in rich nations won’t allow them to get financing to build coal-fired power stations.

Extreme environmentalism is an ideology that cares little for human life, even regards it as a blight on the Earth that should be reduced. Its instinctive sympathies are against our species. It wants less economic growth, less entrepreneurial spirit, less development, less energy, less safety, less food, less comfort.

Who suffers? Those in poor nations, of course, and we in the rich nations that impose our obsessions on ourselves and on others wherever we can.

But we can’t impose them everywhere. So, who doesn’t suffer? Our enemies, China in particular, that watch our self-harming foolishness with delight and perhaps a little astonishment. Beijing, which in recent years built more coal-fired power stations than the rest of the world combined, sits back and watches as the self-doubting, self-hating West cedes its prosperity and global leadership.

We’re now able, with our dazzling technology, to look billions of light years from the surface of our planet all the way to the rim of outer space and to peer back as far as the beginning of the universe. But here on Earth, we blind ourselves with ideology and cannot see what’s staring us in the face.

© July 13, 2022 by Hugo Gurdon, "Restoring America".

[JS: This vehiclular spontaneous combustion -- cars, trucks, buses etc -- is becoming more and more common. And get ready for a bad Winter, Europe, as your gas supplies are now cut by Russia.]

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made Kona Coffee and held-off on breakfast, took a Tylenol Extra Strength for various pains, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was already 65°, and forecast to hit 75° with mild humidity. A massive t-storm went thru last evening around 7:30p, dropping a boatload of rain -- no complaints -- so both flora and fauna are happy now. It started raining lightly again around 9:30a, so I moved from the back patio, into the garage, to have coffee and some smokes. Everytime I went back on to the back patio, it started raining lightly; as soon as I came in, it stopped. Go figure that one out.

I listened to the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, and the news sites I scanned were still full of Orwellian nightmare BS are just depressing. Boys are girls, and girls are boys; there are 58 genders; men can get pregnant; mentally-ill tranny filth will rule the country; men make the best women; leftist demonKKKrats are our masters; China is buying-up millions of acres of US Farmland; The gutless GOP won't go on the offensive against the leftist demoKKKrats; we're not in a recession; White Males are domestic racist terrorists; 2 + 2 = 6; Father's Milk; 10,000+ illegal alien invaders are still coming across the south border each day; AR-15s are weapons of war and must be banned/confiscated; there is only the present, there is no past; we're not in a recession, by definition, it's just a mild transition; peoples' underwear are infrastructure; the corrupt media is an arm of the criminal DNC; a major food famine and electrical power shortage is coming real soon, but buy a $90,000 EV (Electric Vehicle) and you'll be alright; and on and on and on. Whew. Luckily, I can deal with all that man-made crap, and more, by compartmentalizing it in my head, and deal with it, as required. They're not winning, but we're definitely against the wall, after some serious body punches.

The problem is not our guns; it's your sons.

It’s really going to resonate BIGLY after two more years of demonKKKrats tearing this country apart. Which they are going to do. Value by value. Tradition by tradition. Institution by institution. They are going to tear it apart. They are going to make America long, hope and desire for the America of their youth. Yet, their so-called "youth" was so disturbed and perverted by their so-called parents, and screwed-up society, it might not work as thought.

One of my 3 electricians, who've worked on the front light post electrical problem, arrived at 1p, and changed the 20amp breaker back to a 15amp, so there'd be no fire possibility, and we talk about the "next steps" to get that problem fixed. I'm already into it for $525, and can't really afford to spend another $600-800 to put a 2nd breaker box in the garage, to just run the freezer, which he thinks is the problem. I've duration-tested the lamp post light for 4-8hrs, and it seems to be holding, so far, so maybe we don't need any expensive "next steps". I just don't know, at this point.

Les, the electrician was here for an hour, changing the breaker from 20amp back to 15amp, and the front lamppost light was still on. I'll let it go until it either shorts-out or I turn it off, at dark. I'm waiting for the garage's top-loading freezer to come on and recycle, to see if that affects the circuit. Next step is when all garden plants are cut back and cleaned out in mid-October, dig-up the rest of the Romex wire, and check for any more cuts or squirrel chews, as causes of shorting the circuit. I'm not spending another $600-800 to do the garage fix -- unknown if that'd even work -- or rip everything out and replace everything, including the lamppost and light. I need a nap.

I tried 2x, but couldn't fall asleep. Instead, I ordered a Domino's 14" pizza and Philly Cheese Steak, partly for dinner, and for tomorrow. With Discovery Channel being all "Shark Shit Week", I bypassed that week long junk, and watched some of "Mecum Auto Auctions" from Harrisburg, "Tucker" and some other shows until 10p, and then unplugged for the night.

Awake at 4a, I sort of went back to sleep until 5, when I knew that I was up for the day. Darnit. I did the usual routines, had coffee and some smokes in the garage. I opened the door at 6a, to get some fresh air inside, checked the news and weather on my computer. I took a 50mg Tramadol and a Tylenol Extra Strength, for my L/S cracked rib pain, still hurting when I coughed (COPD), had breakfast and checked my day's "to-do list". Sherry and I are going to nearby Springettsbury Twp Park to walk for a while, and maybe go somewhere else, before coming back to my place to talk. I had a couple errands to run, so I left around 9:45a.

Yes, the H.R.1808 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 did pass the US House idiots and will be going to the US Senate morons, in a week or so. The shit will hit the fan.

I met Sherry at the nearby park, and we walked for about an hour, and then went back to my condo, to spend some time together. We've already planned a day for next week, before things get too busy. She left around 6p, I had some leftover reheated pizza from yesterday, and watched TV for a few hours. I definitely needed sleep, since getting-up at 5a. I called it a day at 9:30p.

Awake at 6:30a on Sunday, I felt much better, did the usual routines, had smokes and Kona Coffee in the cool garage, and turned-on ESPN to watch the F-1 Hungarian GP Qualifying Trials, pre-race, 9-11a. A nice 64°, not humid and cloudy. After breakfast, a shave and shower, I turned-on ESPN for the Hungarian F-1 GP, but there was a 2½hr rain delay for qualifying, or something stupid. Put the damned rain tires on and run the race, you moron wimps! Well, ESPN switched it over to ESPN3, then ended coverage, on both ESPN and ESPN3, so it wasn't televised. It will be "Re-Aired at 7PM" on ESPN, supposedly, so I try to watch it there. Dammit.

I did 2 loads of laundry, a load of dishes, got the garbage and recyclables ready to go out to the curb for Monday p/u, just as heavy rain was approaching the York-Harrisburg areas. It poured for 2-4hrs, while I fell asleep on the LR couch during a crappy NASCAR race at the Indy 500 Brickyard Road Course. There were so many idiots, morons, lowlifes, and cretins driving, it was a "WRECK-A-MINUTE". Glad I slept thru it all. The Hungarian F1 GP is supposed t be rebroadcast at 7p, on ESPN, but sine F1-TV really ran the race, I doubt it.

I was wrong; ESPN did re-air the replay of the race at 9p, and I watched it until almost 11p. Lights out.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, I did the usual routines, had coffee and smokes in the almost-cold garage, checked my busy "to-do list" for the day, and it was busy: errands, dry cleaners, hornet exterminator, food shopping (put that off until tomorrow) and some minor condo chores. I tuned into the Chris Stigall Show, 6-9a, and had some breakfast. Rainy, dreary and a nice 66°. I'd left the Jeep out overnight to get the dust washed-off the highly-polished white paint. Nice morning, compared to the past 12 days of 95°+ temps.

Errands and stops done, I was back home, to wait for the Noah from Akita Exterminator, in Lancaster, who called at 12:15p and said he was on his way over. I removed the walk light, he dug for the nest, dusted and sprayed the entire area. I'll stay away for another few days before I hose-off the front porch. Just to be sure. Done in under an 1hr, he left. After a banana for lunch, I headed for the LR couch, and grabbed 5-3hrs. Becky woke me up ringing the doorbell, or I'd have slept all evening. I called Sherry to chat, did my evening 16-pill routine, got breakfast stuff ready for the morning, and went upstairs to sleep around 8:30p.

I slept thru until 7:30a on Tuesday, felt better, did the usual routines and had coffee in the now humid garage. We'd had a ark-full of rain overnight, and with temps already at 71°, the humidity was very high. Not a hint of a breeze. 90s coming again later in the week. I hosed-off my front porch, laden with drywall stains from last Monday's doors' replacement and repair, and yesterday's exterminator's spraying. After listening to the "CP Show" from 9-12p, I left for Weis Market, when Bonehead Bongino came on WMAL-DC. I wanted to give the front porch bricks a good chance to dry-off, before replacing the doormat, teak bench & ashtray, and 2 lawn chairs.

I left for Weis Market, and by the time I'd returned, the porch was dried-off, and I replaced everything I'd removed last Monday. After unloading, I wasn't feeling so goo, did a Covid test -- negative -- had some of the Wegman's Noodles & Chicken, steamed Dumplings and fruit. I had some chore to do, waiting for the Choice Security Tech's app't at 3p, who never called or showed-up. I called Choice, left voicemails and got nowhere. I'll try again in the morning, before I go walking at the Galleria Mall, with Sherry. I started to feel better after some food.

I paid some utility bills online, watched History's "American Pickers" for the rest of the afternoon, "Tucker" at 8p, watched until after "Gutfeld!", at midnight, and quit for the day.

Up at 7:30a on Wednesday, it was a sunny, semi-cool 68°, headed toward 88° with high humidity. Natch. Tomorrow is going to be ugly, in the mid-90s. I did the morning routines, had coffee and a coupe smokes in the garage, tuned into the "Christ Stigall Show" 6-9a, and checked the weather and news on my desktop. My own temp was 98.4°, somewhat better than the 99.3° last night. I made an old PA Dutch treat, Soft-Boiled Eggs w/ Toast In a Bowl, for breakfast, to get some protein, and because I haven't had the Eggs In A Bowl, for many months.

I used the back patio, while it was still cool, to enjoy coffee and some smokes, instead of the stuffy, no-breeze garage, which was full of Jeep. I switched-over to the "Chris Plante Show", from 9-12. Full, I had a simple banana for lunch, and left for the huge York Galleria at 12:50p. We walked about 1½ miles, on the upper mezzanine, and came back to my condo to spend some time together. She left around 5p to get some errands done, and I took a 3hr snooze on the LR couch. I closed down the condo, had dinner and watched TV until 10:30. Lights out. My cleaning lady's in at 8:30a. For tomorrow's weather forecast:

***Heat Advisory***
Action Recommended
Execute a pre-planned activity identified in the instructions.
Issued By State College -- PA, US, National Weather Service
Affected Area: Adams, York and Lancaster Counties
• WHAT: Heat index values between 100° and 105° expected.
• WHERE: Adams, York and Lancaster Counties.
• WHEN: From 11 AM to 8 PM EDT Thursday.
• IMPACTS: High temperatures and high humidity may cause heat illnesses to occur.
• ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Excessive Heat can be life-threatening among at-risk populations, such as children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions.
Drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun, and stay in an air-conditioned room. Check up on relatives and neighbors, and provide pets with adequate water and shelter from the sun.
Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances. This is especially true during hot weather when car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes. LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK.
If you work or spend time outside. reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing.
For excessive heat safety information, visit weather.gov/heat.

The alarm went-off at 6a on Thursday, I did the usual morning routines, did the BSL, made coffee and had a mug with a couple smokes in the garage. It was already 71° and headed into the mid-to-upper-90s. I checked my day's "to-do list"; nothing important until tomorrow's 10a Mt Rose Cemetery mtg, and Choice Security's 2-3:30p tech app't redux. I took a Tylenol Extra Strength and one 50mg Tramadol for rib and lower back pain, listened to the "Chris Stigall Show", from 6-9a, and the switched-over to the "Chris Plante Show", from 9-12. I had a boatload of paperwork and filing to get done, so I worked on that stuff. I also had to prep for tomorrow's 10a meeting.

There was also a "Code ORANGE Air Quality Alert" posted, which means that "air pollution concentrations within the region may become unhealthy for sensitive groups. Sensitive groups include children, people suffering from asthma, heart disease or other lung diseases, and the elderly. The effects of air pollution can be minimized by avoiding strenuous activity or exercise outdoors."

JoAnne arrived at 8:30, and the lawnmower guys arrived around 9, so it got busy here. I backed the Jeep out of the garage, before JoAnne arrived, so I could use the top-loading freezer as a workbench, to repot Becky's once-declining Phalenopsis Orchid, cut-off the tiny plastic slip-pot and peel away the cork crap it was confined in. I repotted it into a much larger ceramic pot, using redwood orchid bark, and watered it wqith ice cubes (yes, that's what I use and it works amazingly well). Despite the intermittent indoor vacuum and outdoor mowers' noise, I kept listening to the "CP Show" throughout the morning. I was tired from getting-up at 6, so after JoAnne left, I had a banana and junped on the LR couch for a couple hour snooze.

While the UK may be in a recession for a year or more, we're going into a serious depression very, very soon, as supply chains and business stuctures collapse. You've heard it here, several times.

I had a banana for lunch, closed all blinds and shades etc to keep the condo cool, and laid down on the LR couch for a couple hours. That felt good. Back up at 3p, I had a load of emails to scan and answer. I made Crab Cakes on Angel Hair Pasta for dinner, watched TV for a few hours, and saince I had to get up at 6a fot a 9a meeting, I unplugged at 10p.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and except for one Dr's app't, it's a clear week.

US Warns Losing Access To Taiwanese Chips Could Break The Economy.

Taiwan controls most of the world's chip manufacturing capacity, and that worries US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

Raimondo believes the US would go into a "deep and immediate recession" and face great security risks if it lost access to the island nation's chips

The Commerce Secretary made the warning in a Wednesday interview with CNBC as part of her plea for Congress to aid a major US semiconductor manufacturing expansion by passing the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act, which would unlock $52 billion in subsidies for new plants and research efforts.

"If you allow yourself to think about a scenario where the United States no longer had access to the chips currently being made in Taiwan, it's a scary scenario," Raimondo told CNBC. "It's a deep and immediate recession. It's an inability to protect ourselves by making military equipment. We need to make this in America."

The issue is that Taiwan has faced ongoing aggression from China, which claims the self-governing island nation as its own and has not ruled out using military force to "reunify" the two. This has sparked fears that China could invade Taiwan and seize its manufacturing plants, which are run by, among other chipmakers, three of the world's largest contract chip manufacturers - it hte fabs aren't deliberately destroyed first.

This scenario would spell big trouble for the US because Taiwan produces 90 percent of the leading-edge chips that are bought by the country, according to Raimondo.

She is likely referring to TSMC, which Reuters said controls 90 percent of global output for such chips, citing industry estimates. This includes chips designed by companies such as Apple, Nvidia, AMD, and Qualcomm, and they are used in everyday devices such as smartphones, PCs, and servers. And then there's the whole military kit issue.

Intel, other chipmakers boost lobbying spend to get CHIPS Act passed -- Samsung teases 11 Texas fabs as $50 billion CHIPS Act vote nears -- Global chip shortage far from over and now semiconductor market faces slowdown -- What recession? Chipmaking kit supplier ASML hits record orders -- These concerns around Taiwan's security and independence are why the Raimondo believes it's important that the US rebuilds its semiconductor manufacturing base through the CHIPS Act.

"We need a manufacturing base that produces these chips, at least enough of these chips, here on our shores because otherwise we'll just be too dependent on other countries," she said.

Even if the CHIPS Act gets passed, which is moving along after the Senate voted on Tuesday to advance the legislation, it will take years before new manufacturing plants in the US start producing chips.

Intel, for instance, doesn't expect its new fabs in Ohio to begin production until 2025. The company is building two new factories in Arizona too, and those are expected to go online in 2024. That's when TSMC and Samsung also plan to open new fabs in Texas and Arizona, respectively.

While the new factories will expand US chip manufacturing capacity, research firm TrendForce believes that they won't make much of a dent in Taiwan's industry dominance in the short term. By 2025, the firm said, Taiwanese chip manufacturers will still hold 44 percent of the global foundry market, 47 percent of the 12-inch wafer capacity, and 58 percent of capacity for advanced manufacturing processes.

© July 21, 2022 by Dylan Martin, "The A Register".

Bad Piled on Bad.

Less than a month after the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA, the White House is reportedly contemplating declaration of a “national climate emergency.” On July 20, at a former coal-fired power plant in Massachusetts, President Biden said, “Climate change is an emergency. And in the coming weeks I’m going to use the power I have as president to turn these words into formal, official government actions for the appropriate proclamations, executive orders and regulatory power that the president possesses.” Even if this is only a trial balloon to appeal to progressives in an election year, it is troubling on multiple levels.

The administration would be acting without legislative authority to take what is fundamentally legislative action. As the Wall Street Journal has reported, pressure began mounting on Biden to declare an emergency only after Senator Joe Manchin announced his opposition to a suite of climate regulations. And as the Supreme Court has noted, the separation of powers tends to forbid the executive branch to address broad and transformational issues on its own.

That aside, it’s unclear how much of an impact the policies empowered by an executive declaration would make on climate change. Biden has already invoked emergency powers to remove tariffs on solar panels and to subsidize domestic manufacturing of renewable technologies. Any additional limits on U.S. fossil fuel production—or mandated transitions to wind and solar energy as well as electric vehicles—would have a marginal effect on the 11 percent share of greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. contributes globally.

But the negative effects of such policies during the emergency timeframe would almost certainly outweigh any purported benefits. They would likely make energy more expensive, spur inflation, and even confound foreign policy—we are now negotiating to purchase oil from countries with interests hostile to the U.S., creating new vulnerability to energy blackmail. The questionable economics of wind turbine farms, the limited working time of solar power, and the challenges of backup are rarely discussed. Accelerating the transition to renewable energy has already introduced unreliability into our power grid, as we have seen in California and Texas (as well as in Ghana, where that nation’s entire economy has suffered from the embrace of unreliable renewables). Relying on electric vehicles involves huge subsidies and conveniently ignores the environmental costs of producing batteries and the significant costs of the needed infrastructure for charging.

There’s an old saying that desperate people do desperate things. When those people are politicians facing an election in which their party is likely to lose by a landslide, declaring some sort of emergency requiring drastic action might seem like a good idea. But it’s just bad piled on bad.

© July 27, 2022 by Andrew I. Fillat, Henry Miller, "City-Journal".

A Dictionary According to demonKKKrats.

In the 1870s, Gustave Flaubert wrote the Dictionary of Received Ideas. The satirical work was meant to poke fun at the mores of France at the time. Its definitions are absurd, sometimes self-contradictory, and generally hilarious. Of late it has occurred to me that the American left has been laboring for years now on its own Dictionary of Received Ideas.

In some cases words we have thought we’ve known the meaning of for our whole lives have suddenly changed, in others new words appear like little green buds sprouting on a tower’s ivy. But in any and all cases it is best to know what these words mean now, so that we can make better sense of progressives and understand why it is that they are always right and others always wrong.

Below are but a handful of these new definitions, eventually the entire English language will undergo this transformation, but for now, these are some important terms to understand when Democrats use them.

A woman is any adult person who believes or states that they are female at any given time. There exists no physical way to describe any unique attributes to women’s bodies. Unless you are discussing abortion.

Racism is the foundational state of society, especially American and other Western societies. It was the primary and driving factor of the development of white society. Examples of racism can be overt, but also unintentional, such examples include, but are not limited to, cultural appropriation, failure to acknowledge one’s privilege, and the existence of pretty much any statue erected before 1970.

Latinx is a term meant to correct Hispanics’ unintentional sexism in how they have referred to themselves for several hundred years. While apparently upwards of 97 percent of Hispanics don’t use the term, and many have never even heard it, its use in political or academic contexts is a signal that whatever the person using it says must be true. Widely applicable, it can refer to a Dominican man, a Puerto Rican woman (see above) or a Corona.
Human Life.

A Human life begins at the exact moment that a fetus leaves the birth canal. The transformation from a mere clump of cells to a human life is instantaneous in that moment. No physical or mental characteristics existing prior to the moment of birth confer human life on a subject in utero. This definition of life is specific to humans and does not define life in any other animal species.

An economic downturn once defined as two straight quarters of negative gross domestic product growth, it is now defined in a more nuanced and broad manner, involving a range of metrics too complicated for you to understand but which will never rise to actual recession levels when a Democrat is president.

A violent attempt to disrupt the usual practice of government and law by a group pursuing the overthrow of said government. This of course does not apply to attacks on federal buildings in Portland for which the term "mostly peaceful protest" is best suited.

Equity is the perfect state of society in which all resources are distributed exactly equally among all people, men or women (see above), of every demographic group. Any evidence of demographic disparity is evidence of discrimination and must be eradicated at any cost. This includes but is not limited to disparities in resources based on race, gender, height, hair color, attractiveness, intelligence, and an ear for music.

These are but a small fraction of the new definitions popping up all over, and more are coming, we will spend the rest of our lives doing this. But in the end it will be worth it when everyone has exactly the same amount of everything, even though that is likely to be a small and dwindling amount. Oh, happy will we be once all of us – regardless of how we self-identify – are all exactly the same.

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