Race War Is Coming To America

∅bummer's coming race war

friday, august 26th, 2011

"when Obama won the (GOP-thrown) election against John ("No-Brain-McLame") McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) in 2008; he did so with a (razor-slim) majority of the white vote. That's saying a lot considering the United States is the only nation on the planet whose citizens willingly elected, as their leader, a man who hails from the very class of people that was once considered only ½ human (NOTE: actually a "3/5ths compromise").

So if we Americans have grown beyond our racist past, then why is the first black president going after communities across America because he believes they are racist for not having enough blacks and Hispanics living there? Why did Obama instruct his (corrupt) DOJ to stop pursuing civil rights violations committed by nonwhite Americans? Not my accusation, but that of a former leading prosecutor of the DOJ, J. Christian Adams, who resigned over the administration's refusal to prosecute black violators. Adams wrote (the following) in a commentary for the New York Times: "Citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice department to bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white victims. Equal enforcement of justice is not a priority of this (corrupt and criminal) administration. Open contempt is voiced for these types of cases." – NY Times

If Obama really wants to be, as he said, the president of all Americans, then why has he not asked the DOJ to investigate the escalating black-on-white violence across America? After all, Obama claimed that hate crimes would not be tolerated by his administration when he signed the new hate crime legislation in October of 2009. I guess he only meant hate crimes against blacks, Hispanics, and gay people, because what is happening across America today is unconscionable. Roving mobs of black teens and young adult men are randomly beating-up white people in Chicago, Peoria, Boston, Philadelphia, Akron. Then there are the reports from cities like LA and Washington DC, where black youths (Uh, I believe they're called "Flash Mobs", Chuck) have been rampaging through stores and taking whatever they want.

I would never suggest that the crimes committed against blacks in America through the years were minor, nor justified, but as bad white Americans treated blacks, there has never been instances (yes there have been, Chuck) where white teenagers roamed the parks, beaches, and fairgrounds for the express purpose of attacking people just because they are black. If they did, there would have been hell to pay by both the law and their parents (not down in Dixie, Chuck).

As I pondered the lack of legal actions against the mobs of marauding blacks (Uh, I believe they're called "Flash Mobs", Chuck), I was reminded of the time in the late 1990s when Wayne LaPierre (NRA Executive Vice President, Chuck) stated that then president Bill Clinton had accepted a certain amount of violence to further his pursuit of more gun-control laws. Simply put, the NRA executive accused the Clinton administration of not enforcing gun laws already on the books so that he could justify the need for stricter gun laws. Looking at the way gun violence in America decreased when Bush became president proves that LaPierre was right about the Clinton administration. As much as George (W-The-RINO) Bush believed in the 2nd Amendment, he was also firm believer in enforcing the law. So unlike the prior administration, Bush instructed his DOJ to enforce the gun laws on the books. An interesting, but expected, thing happens when you enforce the laws: would-be criminals are less likely to violate them.

So now we have another liberal Democrat as president, and like Clinton did, he too has instructed his DOJ not to enforce a certain aspect of the law. You can always guess what a liberal administration is up to by what laws they conveniently ignore (excellent observation BTW, Chuck). In Obama's case, it's the civil rights laws. Oh, he may be enforcing certain aspects of the civil rights laws, like the ones that white Americans violate, but his (in-)justice dept is ignoring the ones violated by black Americans. I guess Obama could be accepting a certain amount of civil rights violations so he can pursue more civil rights laws, but I doubt it. No, instead I believe he has other reasons for ignoring the escalation in violence being perpetrated against white Americans since he became president.

One reason would be that I truly believe Obama is racist against white people. After all, he sat in a pew while listening to a preacher speak of the tenants of Black Liberation Theology. A cult that teaches how blacks are God's Chosen People, while white people are wicked and inferior (and devils). For 20 years he listened to such anti-white rhetoric and never once tried to find another church.

In the book he Bill Ayres wrote (there; fixed it) about his pursuit of a racial identity, "Dreams From My Father", Obama never once wrote about his pursuit of a non-racial American identity. However, he wrote Ayres wrote about rejecting his white heritage while insatiably searching for his black heritage. What's really telling is what he wrote Ayres wrote about Black Nationalism, especially when you consider the teachings of his pastor, the (racist, subhuman nigga) Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"If [black] nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence." – Barack Obama Bill Ayres, "Dreams From My Father".

The MSM will never report the facts about Obama like they willingly repeated the lies told about George Bush. When you look at the facts, there's more evidence to prove Obama's racism then there is to even suggest that George Bush is one. Yet for the last 10 years we have listened to political analysts, comedians, actors, singers, elected Democrats, and most liberal black leaders accused Bush of being a racist. That being said, I think the biggest reason Obama has not said or done anything about the black on white violence is because he's setting America up for a Helter Skelter summer come 2012.

I firmly believe Obama is allowing a certain amount of black anger against white people to exist because he is hoping that at some point whites will begin retaliating. If these unprovoked attacks continue, it will be just a matter of time before some angry white people retaliate in a way that will allow the MSM and the left to blame conservatives of being Republican voters the racists tea party conservatives. It would be Obama's Oklahoma City Bombing moment.

Just as Clinton used the Oklahoma City bombing to attack talk radio and turn Americans off of the militia movements of the early 1990s, Obama hopes that any retaliatory attacks against blacks will discredit the conservative tea party movement. Then maybe the Republican candidates will distance themselves from the Tea Party, and thus temper the turnout for him to win re-election. It's my opinion that the MSM will do all they can to help the Democrats tie any white on black violence to the tea party conservatives.

By telegraphing a message that his (in-)Justice Dept is not going to go after any blacks for crimes against white people, Obama is guaranteeing more black-on-white violence. So come summer time when the primary elections are heating up and the Obama's recession continues to keep a majority of black teens unemployed, there could be a Helter Skelter Summer in 2012 that would make Charles Manson jealous."

© Chuck Ness. (Comments in parentheses, links and various punctuation etc, are my own additions/corrections and do not neessarily reflect the author's views/opinions.)

[Both article and more poster/reader commentary at this FR.com Thread, "Obama Sets Up America for Helter Skelter 2012 Summer". Here's where to go for information and preparation, before TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan), in 2012. Are you ready for the coming CW2? Here's the "CW2 Cube"; study it and learn from it.]

Around The Garden Center

Thursday wasn't actually "too bad a day" on the NYSE, comparatively speaking – the was DJIA down -419.63pts (-3.68%) to 10,990.58; Nasdaq was down -131.05pts (-5.22%) to 2,380.43 and the S&P 500 was down -53.24pts (-4.46%) to 1,140.65 – it's been "a lot worse" over the past 4-5 weeks, cratering 4,000+pts and losing TRILLIONS of USD. We'll see what tomorrow brings, with ∅bummer-sambo-boy&Co "vacationing" at tony Martha's Vineyard, while (except for the Fo∅) the entire Nation suffers BILLIONS & TRILLIONS in losses, and wallows in ∅bummisery©.

I packed my weapons and gear for my Saturday trip to "The Cabin": my old faded and worn, US Army Duffel Bag from The 'Nam full of three complete changes of clothes, Satchel Bag full of all kinds of "special survival necessities", 16" English Wellington Boots (snakebite-proof boots, plus deer/wood tick protection), Hoppe's Premium Field Gun Cleaning Kits, If I didn't invent "The Virtual Cabin" to escape to, I'd have gone ballistic over a year ago, with all the many extra burdens that this lousy economy and political traitors in DC have placed upon me and my business, in just the past 2-3 years. Although "virtual" when I'm there, it's "real" to me and I "come back" refreshed and ready for another week in the "real world". 16" Bowie Knife, 12" LLBean Maine Insulated Hunting Boots (more deer/wood tick protection) plus just good comfy sense in that rocky terrain, Tactical Range Vest (too hot in this hot weather, but I take it anyway), my Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, which I always carry with me daily even in York, my AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope, extra Hi-Power .308cal ammo (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo, my Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and plenty of hi-power 3" sabot & .00 Buckshot ammo, my Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and plenty of Hi-Power ammo (300gr .50cal rounds), my Full-Auto, Class III Bushmaster AR-15 .223cal (5.56 x.45mm NATO),

Castle Doctrine Rules in PA!

with a Trijicon Acog 4 x 32 Scope, and of course, various Eagle Carrying Bags with pockets and compartments for all rifles, shotguns, spare magazines and PVC "techno-crates" to carry it all in the Jeep. I have 27,500+ rounds now "stockpiled" at "The Cabin", for all the various 7-8 calibers I own; just about more than enough, I figure, in case TSHTF. With only a mere 2 weekends in August plus the 2-day (for me) Labor Day Holiday Weekend in September, I don't have many more "escapes" from all this BS in York, to a more "peaceful & tranquil place", than my "Virtual Cabin", before I'd again be back working 7-days-a-week in September & October. I'm cutting it all off on November 1st, for the 2011 Season; I've had enough for now. Or, it might even "end earlier", if some of the hundreds of "pending jobs" don't come into the shop, as we're counting on them to do so in September and October.

I watched Tom Selleck in the "Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost" DVD, the 7th (2011) of the CBS-TV Series, on Thursday evening, after grabbing a shower. One of the best lines he says to a younger woman he's just slept with, is, "I've got hats older than you. I'm not a good basket to put all your eggs in." Great movie; watch it if you can. One of the best in the Series, IMO.

I fed & watered Murphy for the last time around 8:30, and went upstairs, with Murphy right on my heels. T-storms were passing through the area, a light rain was falling and it was a good time for "sleeping music", and sleep.

My peaceful night didn't last but a couple of hours. My business' security company, Choice Security Services Co, called at 11:20pm, saying there were "multiple (15) fire alarms in the Landscape (Barn Doors Code #007) Building" – whose fire and heat detector alarms I'd had replaced after the false alarms on July 4th Holiday Weekend – and that "the fire companies and police had been dispatched". The t-storms were huge, slow-moving with much lightening and thunder, but no heavy rain up here in East York; mainly to the south of us and into Maryland, and I suspected that the storms were somehow setting-off the multiple fire alarm notifications. (I was also very concerned about "direct lightening strikes" on the property and how it would affect the computerized irrigation system's multiple motherboards and wiring, but that's a whole 'nother problem, altogether.) I told them to "stand-down" and I'd investigate in the morning. I got 2 more calls, around 11:30pm and 11:40pm from the local fire and police, asking the same questions: do we stand-down or go? I repeated the order: *stand down*, although the security company had already notified both to do just that. After sitting on the side of the bed, having several smokes, and debating whether or not I should drive the 30+ minutes each way, I decided not to. The LSCP Building isn't "mission-critical"; it and its contents could easily be replaced, whereas the Main Retail Building is another matter entirely. I finally got back to sleep around 12:30am or so.

I re-woke at 4:15am to feed & water Murphy, make some Fresh-Squeezed OJ, get a quick, hot breakfast and some coffee, and leave early for the Complex, to manually turn-off the door panel alarm, reset it to normal, with my special entry/exit pass-code, and see what had actually happened, if anything, to the LSCP Building in question. I stopped at Sheetz for coffee and smokes, and opened-up the Complex at 6:15am. After inputting the code to cancel-out the dire alarms, Choice Security called to see if everything was okay; it was. False alarms (15!) once again. Needless to say, I was PO'd at this ongoing crap, and demanded a tech be sent to repair/replace or permanently remove the damned faulty hardware alarm, once again, as I'd paid for a new unit plus labor, 4-5 weeks earlier. I'm thinking that we'll just remove the heat/fire detectors and leave the door alarms intact.

On top of that, after standing-up scores of containerized plants blown-down by the t-storms, I found that I had no Net connection or email for any of the business computers, since the "DNS Server wasn't working or didn't exist", whatever that means. It was working fine and existed yesterday. I unplugged/replugged the multiple routers, Net fiber-optic cables etc, all to no avail. Most likely the storms knocked-it-out in York, at our ISP's facility, Double Dog Communications. I called them and left 2 messages; a tech called back and told me the bad news: their 350ft relay tower, right behind my 20-acre Complex, took a direct lightening hit and they had a crew of maintenance techs replacing hardware, which was "melted" by 1,600,000+ volts from the strike. All I can do is just wait until they get it fixed; he said it would 2-4 hours until they could rebuild that damaged part of the tower. We do have an external dial-up modem (remember those things?) at 33.3kbps, as back-up for credit card transactions in our Radiant® CounterPoint® POS System, for the 2 front counter computers. We're now back up-and-running, and it only took them 2 hours to make repairs. Nice job, DoubleDog!

Castle Doctrine Rules in PA!

My "condo cleaning team" was in at 10am to clean my Office and bathroom, plus the front counter surfaces, of all the dust and dead bugs. Having a business in the middle of a once-productive cornfield isn't easy to keep clean, especially with all the doors and windows open all Spring, Summer & Fall. Dirt and dust is not a computer's friend and it's a monumental job to keep them clean and cool inside so they work efficiently and don't "shit-the-bed" prematurely. The fact that I got 7 years of service from my old Office machine, and the 2 front counter units – all 3 hand-built by Jeff and me from the very finest components available back then – was amazing; usually they're only good for 3-4 years before parts wear-out or need massive upgrading.

I closed at 3pm and went home, and no more than got Murphy fed & watered, than Choice Security Services called at 3:45pm again, with a "Main Building Motion Sensor Alert" and they had already dispatched the local Township Police Officer to check-out the situation. He called me and reported that a hummingbird or very large dragonfly was loose in the building, and had set-off the alarm, but that there were no signs of unlawful entry. I just slumped in my chair and opted not to drive all the way down to the Complex and reset the alarm, knowing full well that the "critter" would set it off once again if he flew into one or more of the 5 motion sensors' wide-directional paths, in the Main Building. Instead, North Hopewell Twp Deputy Tim Quinan would periodically-check the Main Building overnight on his rounds and call me immediately if "found anything suspicious". I'd then reset it in the morning when I arrived for work. I also had to get the "critter" out of there on Saturday, or kill it, to prevent this from happening again. Over the past 21+ years, we've rescued many errant hummingbirds from that building, but I don't mind killing a dragonfly, though I'd prefer not to, if at all possible.

Violent t-storms and heavy rain rolled through the area at 4:15pm, with even more storms following them from the western part of PA. I decided to go to my Church Meeting at 8pm, regardless of the weather, though I'd rather take two Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™ and just go to sleep at 5pm, and sleep through until 5:30-6am. I was mentally worn-out and physically tired from the week, and still had Saturday to get through. Then, I'd have "The Cabin" to retreat to for a short 1¼ days of solitude, hopefully. I really don't know how I'm going to get through September & October, doing 7-days-a-week and no respite from all the retail BS, or lack of it, due to the cratering economy. The financial return on hours (FROH) just isn't going to be there, this year, as compared to previous years, especially with last year's 50% Off Sale. If I have to, I'll just shut it down in October – I've canceled all October PA/MD newspaper ads in anticipation of it – and close early to end the Season rather than lose more money paying all of the overhead with no profits. Such is the dilemma of a Small Business Owner, something 99% of the Gov't Schmucks know nothing about: doing real business for a living, instead of sucking-off the endless Taxpayers' Teat. Yes, I'm beyond angry at all of them, dammit. If Gov Sarah Palin (CONSERVATIVE-AK) runs for POTUS in 2012, you can damn-well bet that I'm voting for her and her ticket, whomever the VP is!

I made my 8pm Church Meeting and got home by 9:15, fed & watered Murphy once more so he'd be set for the night and not bother my sleep, and headed upstairs for some much-needed sleep. There are days which I have where I just want to crawl back in bed, pull the covers over my head and shut-the-world-out of my life; the past 2-3 days were "some of those days", all strung together. I know that adversity builds character, but when I can't do anything to improve my employees' futures, I get down on myself and take 100% of the blame, though most of it is far beyond my direct control. There's an old saying: "If God is your Co-Pilot, perhaps you ought to switch seats." I'm thinking about "that truism" most intensely, these days.

I "slept-in" until 5am, took care of Murphy's water & food needs, made Grits w/ Butter & Sea Salt and coffee, and scanned the news and weather sites, to see what happened and what was ahead, for the weekend and next week. I had to get to the Complex, reset the motion sensor alarms, find that "critter" who set them off, and get it out of the Main Building. I was on the road by 6:15 and stopped at Sheetz® for more coffee and smokes. After opening-up the Complex at 6;45, I reset the indoor panel alarm twice, Choice Security Services called to make sure all was okay, and sure enough, I found "a dragonfly (genus Odonata; suborder Anisoptera) the size of a B-52" flying around the inside of the Main Retail Building. It had set-off the Interior Motion Sensor Alarm (1 of 5 in there) yesterday afternoon, at 3:45pm.

I stood-up downed nursery stock from the previous night's storm (1.1" of rain at the Complex), worked on Landscape Estimate Revisions, met with new and existing Customers, emailed October ad cancellations to my newspaper space reps and called their office voicemails with the same message, helped with some retail sales, took recent Landscape Job payments from 2 Customers and showed plant material to some other retail purchasers. I carefully checked the Main Retail Building for any more errant dragonflies, hummingbirds or "errant critters" and closed-down at 2:45pm, and I headed home to feed & water Murphy. (Jump down to The “Virtual Cabin” – A Novella; if you please.).

I arrived at the condo at 19:30hrs (7:30pm), unpacked, fed & watered Murphy, got a load of dishes/flatware (from the Complex) done, boxed-up and ready to return in the morning, did laundry, some vacuuming and watched Tom Selleck in his 2010 TV movie, "Jesse Stone: No Remorse", on DVD. Great movie. The condo's rain gauge read 0.75" on Sunday evening, since I last checked it on Saturday morning, so we'd had some moisture; just how much actually soaked-in and was beneficial to deep-rooted trees and shrubs, was another matter entirely. Most comes down so hard and fast on the hard, heat-baked, concrete-like ground that it just "hits and runs-off" into the gutters and storm drains, benefiting only, in the end, York County's two reservoirs. What rain we get only soaks-in 5-6"; no farther unless it's days and days and days of slow rainfall. Sadly, 95% of people don't realize that simple fact and forget to deep-water their plant material. All too soon enough, it shows: the leaves turn brown, drop off and the plant either goes dormant until Spring, or outright dies. Those smart people with Drip Irrigation Systems which we've installed, are far better-off, but even those systems can't completely make-up for "The Unending Drought From Hell", now in its 17th+ year. There will be some "casualties". 5am would come early, so I decided to go to sleep at 10pm.

I was up at 4:30, with Murphy's "urging", though I wanted to sleep until 5 or so, it's hard to sleep what a cat's "in your face" as he is, meowing, licking and pawing. Anyway, I fed & watered him, made breakfast and coffee, bagged-up a number of things from my condo 'fridge, which I don't eat in the evenings anymore, for the Office 'fridge and daytime lunch and snacking, and left for work at 6:15am. I stopped at Sheetz® to get more coffee and smokes, and then on to the Complex to open-up.

I'd canceled all of the October newspaper ads on Saturday and would confirm their cancellations today via phone, though we'll continue to run the Fall Sales and September newspaper ads, and probably close on Sundays again if business is slow, which I suspect it will be. Until the "Fall Rains" arrive, not much is going to change with peoples' planting habits, new or pending landscape jobs. Alan and I have some site visits to make this week to look at a potential water garden installation and a new landscape job, so perhaps September landscape work won't be as bad as I'd originally thought. Maybe.

Overnight, Rich had emailed me a plant list for a new customer's potential landscape installation, so I'd have that to work on today. I also had to harvest some of the Sweet Basil growing in my 2 raised beds, and begin making Pesto Sauce, very soon, as the plants were so top-heavy from leaves and falling over from the hard rains. After opening-up, I surveyed all the containerized nursery stock tipped-over and laying-down in the Retail Display Area, and decided that I had too many other things to do than spend the next 45 minutes standing-up all that stuff; I'd let the Landscape Crew, Steffi & Kim do it. I had piles of cups and silverware, mounds of personal mail and containers of food etc in the back of the Jeep to bring inside and put away, plus 500+ emails to download and sort through, since I didn't get any significant amount of them done on Sunday, to lessen the Monday load.

A new Landscape Job for a local Church, came into the shop on Monday, thanks to Alan, and I finished the Final Revised Landscape Estimate, HICPA (Hardscape) Contract, provided a copy of our Certificate of Liability Insurance, and had the 9x12 package w/ custom label ready-to-go-out, pending Alan's final approval, on Tuesday morning. September's first two weeks are starting to fill-up with small-to-medium jobs; hey, "it's better than nothing"! I had a married couple coming from North York, on Tuesday morning, to show them some nearby water gardens we'd done, since they were very interested in having one done, quickly. They're on the September "list" now, too. I had a couple and their son, come all the way from Shiloh, at 2:30pm, just we were getting ready to close-down, and run-me-around the property "looking for a shade tree", for 35-40 minutes. I showed them the best available, but, unlike 99.997% of my Regular Customers: she can't make a decision, the husband's a "mouse" who's afraid to disagree with his wife, and the kid's an arrogant, wimpy little pinhead asshole, whose entire, pathetic life revolves around soccer practice and his new iPad thingy. I was glad to see them leave and get out of there by 3:30.

I made 2 long-overdue errand stops on the way home, fed & watered "you-know-who", cleaned-out Murphy's litter boxes, refilled them with clean litter, took the garbage out for 5am pick-up, left cash for my Tuesday cleaning lady, found a LSCP Design/Plan which Rich had left in my front porch "drop urn", made dinner – Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ Dijon-Butter Gravy, Roasted Asparagus and Wild Buttered Rice – spent the next 3 hours on the computer, reading threads on "FR.com", working on the "Journal" and listening for a while on the Net, WSBA 910-AM to "The Savage Nation" (from 6-9pm EST). Then, time for some sleep; Murphy was already waiting.

I was up at 4:45am, fed & watered Murphy, made a quick breakfast and coffee, and left for work in 58°F weather; it "almost" felt like Fall had arrived in August, but I knew better. The heat and humidity would be back, as this was merely a "brief respite" from it all. I had a lot of containerized nursery stock to set-up, garbage bags to get ready for curbside pick-up, some pruning to do on small container trees whose limbs had cracked/broken when they fell during a windstorm, re-setting Drip Irrigation Spritzers in other container trees, and so on and so on. Endless minutiae every morning, it seems.

Castle Doctrine Rules PA!

I had a couple coming in at 10am from North York, to see some local Water gardens we'd done over the years, and I took them to a massive one we'd built 5 years ago in Norrisville, MD, plus showed them some of the hundreds of pics on my Office machine of others we'd done, which aren't up on my Corporate Website, yet. I'll get those up in various slideshows over the Winter months. Alan and I have a 10am meeting at their residence on Wednesday morning, to see the site, do some sketches and I'll cost-it-out. There were a number of retail shoppers in since the weather was once again "nice", and a pleasure to help them find what plant material(s) which they were looking for.

Holy shit! We just had an 5.9 (Fox News) earthquake tremor at around 1:52pm, here in Winterstown (PA). My Office wall pictures were moving, the ashtray was rattling across my desk, computer the jiggling on its table and I was shaking in my big, leather, comfy chair in the Office, for 2-3 seconds. It felt and sounded like a train coming through the building. I also though maybe a large helicopter had landed near the Main Building, since PA State Police Choppers had been flying around earlier looking for isolated "pot stands" growing in amongst the cornfields, and apparently had found some, Alan reported later. I quickly went outside and asked some of my retail shoppers and employees if they'd felt it, and they all looked at me like I was drunk, high, or nuts. The coming news stories vindicated me, very quickly, as everyone carried it. CNN's Report: It was a 5.8 magnitude, centered in Northern Virginia, and felt up here in PA, and as far north as Boston. BTW, Hurricane Irene is on her way here by Sunday or Monday, and we should get some nice moisture from it as it becomes a Tropical Storm traveling-up the East Coast into PA and northward. End times? Nah; just weather. My old, widely-quoted saying – "Mother Nature's In Charge; We're Just Along For The Ride." – still holds true now, and for all time. Always will.

Since I opened my business in March of 1990, I remember these East Coast/ Mid-Atlantic Region events: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Andrew in 1992, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Floyd in 1999, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Henri in 2003, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isabel in 2003, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna in 2008, but NONE can compare to the numerous Tornadoes in "Tornado Alley", which I went through when at Drake University in Des Moines (IA), from 1967-1971. Those were, by a far measure, the scariest and most destructive natural events, ever. Uh oh, Irene just made Category 3 Hurricane Status (115+ mph winds), on Wednesday morning. Still at Cat-3 on Thursday at 2:03pm, and the "warnings" are going out everywhere along the Eastern Seaboard.

I closed-down at 3pm, and stopped at the dry cleaners and supermarket on the way home; seems the earthquake was all "abuzz" for everyone, as the "topic de jour". BFD. I was home by 4:30pm, took care of Murphy, did another load (one on Sunday, too; customers love my Turkish-grind French Roast coffee & Irish Creamer) of dishes, coffee cups and silverware from the GC&N to take back to work on Wednesday morning, skipped dinner, did some computer (CSS-xHTML) work on the Corporate and "Journal" Websites, listened to "The Savage Nation" for a while, and crashed around 8pm.

I guess getting-up at 4:30am is better than 3:00am, but I still feel just as tired for the first few hours until after the "fog-of-sleep lifts". After breakfast, and 2-3 coffees, I'm back to "my old self" and ready for the day ahead.

No wonder the country's businesses are suffering from ∅bummer&Co: $9.5 BILLION in new business

regulations dumped upon us just last month, alone. Many small, medium and large businesses are going under nationally, left-and-right; and around here, too, especially in the horticulture-agriculture industry, of which I'm an integral part. I see more and more "going out of business" signs, "for lease or rent" signs", closed stores of all kinds and despondent, former-small business owners stopping-by to see how I'm doing and asking advice on "what to do next". The phony, money-wasting, government-backed and propped-up – with OUR hard-earned, tax dollars – corrupt "Friends-of-∅", so-called and totally-failed "Green Industry" is even in worse shape, thankfully, and I'd like to see every one of them go bankrupt. I cheer their hasty demise, but I weep for all of our "stimulus" dollars wasted on them.

Okay, okay, enough of that negative crap. I have to try to maintain a positive attitude, despite "The Unending Drought From Hell", oppressive heat and humidity, people

cutting-back on landscape jobs due to their job future insecurities, higher-and-higher utility and food costs, family priorities; well, the list is almost endless why certain industries and business are in the toilet, "circling the bowl" these days, weeks, months and years.

After Alan and I visited the lont-time Customers (couple) in Manchester (PA) on Wednesday morning, to look at their proposed Water Garden site, sketched and later costed-it-out, it became readily-apparent to both of us that it was merely a "pipe dream"; they had "champagne tastes on a beer budget", and that the our many hours of travel and work, on both Tuesday and Wednesday, would probably be ultimately wasted effort. I had reserved 6-7 days in September for the complicated Dual Water Gardens, with multiple waterfalls, polished "river jacks", numerous boulders and stacking stone, flagstone walks and extensive lighting, but it just wasn't going to happen. I'd go through the Landcape/Water Garden Estimate anyway, as Alan did with the sketch and preliminary materials list, but we'd most likely never see it happen. (((sigh))). We sure could have used that $25,000 job. But one never knows for sure, does one?

I closed at 3pm, stopped at the local Radio Shack to get a new dual telephone wall jack, and then to a Customer's home to look at and prepare an estimate for extensive car damage to her lawn and landscape. I was home by 4pm, took care of Murphy water and food needs, made Chicken Kiev, Roasted Potatoes and Fresh, Steamed, Buttered String Beans for dinner, did some computer (CSS-xHTML) work on the Corporate and "Journal" Websites, listened to "The Savage Nation" for a while on the Net, WSBA 910-AM, and crashed around 8:30pm.

Hurricane Irene is all that's being talked about around here on Thursday morning – still a Cat-3 Hurricane (115+ mph winds) – and all-day for that matter. T-storms pushed through around 9am, from the west and northwest, and continued for most of the morning and into the afternoon. Irene is also pushing hot, humid weather ahead of it, and we're in for some more uncomfortable and humid weather before she gets here on Sunday, depending upon how the track goes. I could care less. The GC&N Complex will look like a "war zone" on Monday morning, with everything knocked-over and laying-down, and we'll spend much of the day cleaning-up damage and debris, if Irene tracks to the east, toward us, rather than along the Eastern Seaboard. We'll know when it's all over, won't we? Yep.

I worked on a few Landscape Estimates, paid bills and did other paperwork, along with working on the new Corporate Website and 'Journal' Pages, editing pics and collecting other pics of jobs we'd done in past years, for new slideshows and additions to exsiting ones. We had a few retail customers in during the day, and I had calls from Maryland people who'd seen the Annual 25% Off Fall Sale ad in their local papers, annoucing the September & October Sale. I closed-down at 2:30pm, and Steffi, Kim and I left in a light drizzle. No stops to make, but I had 2 cases of bottled water for Mom & Dad set aside for Irene's Sunday visit, in case power went-off and they needed water. They told me they were okay with plenty of candles and flashlights, and so am I. C'mon, Irene you bitch! Bring it!

The “Virtual Cabin” – A Novella

It was 15:20hrs (3:20pm) and 89°F when I left my condo in East York, and hit I-83 North to the Dauphin County exit for Adam's Junction and the long road to "The Cabin", and it was almost 15:45hrs (3:45pm) when I passed the Village's "Welcome Sign" and reached my long, gravel driveway with its immaculately, cross-hatched mowed meadow and grounds, and parked the Jeep at The Cabin's front porch, disarmed the building, greeted Jenny (the mixed-breed, half-frozen puppy I'd found along the road, rescued, and bought from her uncaring owners for $150 last Winter), fed & watered her, unloaded my weapons and gear, turned-down the AC, unpacked, and plopped-down into a comfy LR chair to rest and unwind for a precious few minutes. It was a balmy 72°F outside, according to The Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station, but very humid from all the week's rain.

I had a small shopping list of stuff I needed to get in town before many of the stores closed at 7pm, for the weekend. I could easily get all these things before I left the York area, but it was just good sense to patronize the local businesses, besides most were friends of mine, now.

I loaded the Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of 300gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), into the Jeep's backseat, armed the building and left for town with Jenny in the passenger seat, belted-in, same as me. As we pulled to the end of the driveway, a speeding "caravan" of 6-7 pick-ups with tarped beds passed by, and I could see the last one had the same cargo as the others: 55gal drums of "something" under those tarps but the last truck's tarp was loose and flapping and the drums were easily-visible. I recognized them as Groves and Holtzapples and immediately called Capt Clay on my cellphone, turned right and began following them at a respectful distance, keeping sight of just the last truck.

Clay returned my call and I relayed what I'd just seen, my "10-20" (location, at the moment) on the road into Adam's Junction, and where the pick-ups had turned-off into the woods on a dirt road. I kept going into town, noticing that the last truck had stopped about 50ft into the dirt road and 2 fatso rednecks with 12ga sawed-offs were running back to the main road, just after I'd passed by their turn-off. They dragged some cut-tree limbs (obvious clue: dead, brown branch leaves) across the area to obscure it from the road, but I'd made a mental note of where it was.

I stopped at the AJPD, parked in Space #7, and took Jenny inside with me on her leash. Ruth, the Police Dispatcher, quipped something semi-funny about it "being against the law to co-habitate with a dog", but I ignored her and headed straight for Clay's Office. He was on the phone with the State Police Narcs and Feds – DEA, BATFE, FBI, Customs & IRS – about what I seen: possible meth or coke lab chemicals in-transit to a hidden lab in the woods. They'd be down ASAP in the Feds' UH-60L Blackhawk Choppers, landing at the new 2-acre airfield behind the newly (inside) remodeled and expanded AJ Police Station & Town Hall. I gave Clay all the details I had and did have my Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, dark, navy-blue Deputy Sheriff Baseball Cap, (embroidered with "Deputy Sheriff" on the front, and on the back above the adjustable strap), though I was wearing my Old Straw Hat, Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, Galco FED Holster for the 5" Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP, and a Galco Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for my Kimber 1911 .45cal, and Beowulf .50cal along, but this wasn't going to involve me; it would be the State and Feds who'd take immediate charge of this operation. Okay, I had stuff to do, anyway, but I could show them the now-concealed dirt road entrance.

Four UH-60L Blackhawk Choppers landed within 20 minutes, each carrying 8-10 heavily-armed State and Fed Cops, and Clay provided every spare Police Cruiser, marked and unmarked, including mine, that he had. The AJPD Deputies double and tripled-up in 2 Cruisers to continue rounds, while the operation began. The State & Fed Cops loaded weapons and gear into the trunks and followed me to the dirt road, which I pointed-out, U-turned, and headed back to the AJPD to pick-up Jenny, and go shopping. They'd take it from there, and I listened on Tach Channel IV to the operation's action. It was going to get exciting and quite bloody, and I'd miss all "the jazz". Then, my cellphone went dead and needed a recharge, as I'd forgotten to do it last night and today at the Office. Crap.

We stopped at Bev & Tony's General Store first, and got milk and Marlboros® (I had plenty of Iam's® Wet & Dry Dogfood stockpiled in the Pantry for Jenny from my last trip), and then over to Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery for a loaf of fresh-baked, crusty Italian bread and a dozen "Hot Cross Sticky Buns". I also stopped at Contino's Shoe Repair to get 2 more notches put into my belt, as I'd lost 7-lbs this week, and needed to tighten-up my belt to accommodate the 7lb Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP's weight, with extra mags holster. Sal dropped what he was doing, punched the 2 holes and refused to take any money. I laid $5 on his counter, thanked him and left.

Castle Doctrine Rules PA!

If I hadn't invented "Adam's Junction and "The Virtual Cabin" to escape to, I'd have probably gone "remedial" over a year ago, with all the many extra burdens that this lousy economy and numerous political traitors in DC have placed upon me and my business, in just the past 2-3 years. Although "virtual" when I'm there, it's "real" to me and I "come back" refreshed and ready for another week in the "real world".

I wanted to drive around town to see the quaint old village of Adam's Junction again and some of its beautiful residential neighborhoods as well as the homes on South Poplar Street, part of my "old patrol area", this past Spring.

I stopped at the Fairground Picnic Areas to let Jenny out to "do her business", cleaned-up, and then we headed back to The Cabin. We both were hungry. I turned-on the Tach IV Channel to listen to the operation, but all Tach Channels were "blocked" by the Feds. I'd have to call Capt Clay later on and find out how things went down. We pulled into the gravel drive at 17:00hrs (5pm), and Clay's Cruiser was parked in front. Deputy Jon was with him. I pulled-up along side, and they were already sitting on the left-side porch's picnic table, drinking coffee. Clay said it was over; all 17 meth/coke cookers were in custody, and I was to thank for the tip and leading everyone to the site. I had a commendation coming from him, the State Police and the Feds. BFD. Only one Fed was hit, and his wound wasn't life-threatening; it was a "clean operation", according to the Feds. I thanked him with a smirk, lit a Marlboro and said I was unhappy that I was left-out of the operation, but I understood why: the PA State Police Narcs & Feds didn't want these guys shot and killed, as I'm wont to do with such lowlife scum, but rather "captured for further information" on the ring operating in the region and transporting controlled substances etc across state lines. He smiled and nodded, mumbled something about, "see you in Church tomorrow", and left with the Deputy to go back to his Office to work with the State Police/ Feds to give recorded statements, and do lots of computer work. Actually, I was glad I wasn't involved or I'd be up half of the night with them all, doing the same crap. I disarmed the building and Jenny and I went inside to eat.

If you live long enough, you have regrets, and the ones that "nag" at you the most, are the ones where you knew you had a choice. The very same ones where you knew you could have stopped yourself; the very same ones where you looked into a mirror, and everything good inside yourself said, "Don't do this".

I fed Jenny, shaved, grabbed a shower and some fresh clothes, plopped-down in the LR Chair again, with a glass of Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice, and thought about what to make for dinner. I put in a load of laundry, and went into the Kitchen & Pantry to help myself decide on dinner.

I decided on something simple and easy: Tomato Basil Pasta, Sautéed Onions & Roasted Red peppers, crusty Italian bread spread with garlic paste, butter & parsley, and some Double Celery Soup. If I got hungry later that night, I'd make one of my favorite snacks: a "Late Night BLT" w/ Fried Egg & Cheese, but decided to take one Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™, so I knew that wouldn't be doing any cooking tonight. Just sleep; exactly "what the doctor ordered". Heh. I'd have that sandwich and some soup for lunch tomorrow, perhaps "after Church", if I didn't sleep too awfully late. I did have my Tan Cord Sports coat, White Shirt & Black Knit Tie, in the closet, so maybe I'd go, after all. Who knows what tomorrow brings, anyway?

Well-satiated from the meal, I did the dishes and put them with the pots & pans in the dbl-sink rack, to dry. I set the DR Table, for breakfast and prepped the Kitchen, ahead of time, as I always do. It was getting on to 19:00hrs (7pm) and although far from dark, it was getting dusk early up here in the mountains, as it always does, compared to York. It was starting to thunder, lightening and rain, as the forecast t-storms from my Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station were now moving through the area. I was mentally and physically exhausted from the week and decided to get to bed early. With my cellphone off and plugged-in to recharge, I would be okay for the next 3-4 days. After checking all doors and windows, the front/rear spotlight arrays, doing a security system "test", I armed the building, turned the AC to 77°F for sleeping, and headed for bed, with my .45cal, flashlight and 3 extra mags on the nightstand. Jenny soon joined me at the foot of the bed.

I had another really "bad night", and was up at 10:30pm, 12:30am, 3:30am and finally got up for good at 07:00hrs (7am). It wasn't the "Cabin-rattling" t-storms which constantly woke-me-up, rather it was the weird dreams, and the other weird dreams, occurring again and again and again. A different one each time, none of which I can succinctly remember, now that I'm awake and am thinking about some breakfast. I fed and watered Jenny, had a couple of smokes, made Turkish-Grind, French Roast, Drip Coffee in the Chemex® Drip System, and just sat, staring out of the LR windows at the storm clouds and lightening, beginning to roll through, and the driving rain, just getting started.

I decided to make some Scrambled Eggs, Sausage & Toast, take a shower, put on my (much cooler than Corduroy) Tan Linen Sports coat, Blue-Checked Shirt & Black Knit Tie, and go to the Methodist Church Services at 09:30hrs (9:30am), where Clay and his family attend. I figured it couldn't hurt after a night like that. The blazer would neatly conceal my .45cal and Deputy Badge, and I could tuck my shirt in, which I don't normally do, since I have a CCW (PA Concealed Carry Permit 1990), other than when I'm "on-duty" in AJ, and must conceal the weapon, according to PA State Law.

I drove through downtown Adam's Junction, whose streets were under 4-6" of water from the heavy t-storms, and several of Clay's Deputies had visible Cruiser warnings for flooded roads. Many were posted and closed. Some of the older Cruisers were pressed into duty to block-off flooded roads, too. That didn't even phase some morons who drove right through it, stalled-out and had to be rescued by the Dept of Public Works (ex-US Military) Trucks. With numerous large trees down, many roads with sink holes beginning to open, whole sections of roads washing-away completely, several bridges structurally-compromised, it was a mess everywhere. I knew Church was out-of-the-question, now. Very few people could even get there, due to the flooding and continuing heavy rain. At least some of the local deer were having fun in it all.

I called Capt Clay on my cellphone, and asked if he needed me on-duty right now. He screamed, "YES!" and I hung-up, knowing exactly what to do. I switched over to Tach III Channel, where all the storm chatter was, and listened. Adam's Junction Mayor Matt Smith had declared "an Official State of Emergency" at 08:45hrs (8:45am), and everyone he could contact – me included – would be pressed-into-service for traffic control, rescue and recovery of vehicles and bodies. I crawled into the Jeep's backseat, took-off my blazer and tie, put-on my Yellow Safety Rain gear with Deputy's Badge on the outside, 16" English Wellington Boots, put the magnetic Deputy Sheriff signs on both sides of the Jeep, and the red flashing light on top, plugged into the cigarette lighter for power.

All I could do was block flooded roads and respond to pleas for help from a few locals where I could get to them, with my Jeep, without stalling it in the waters, and becoming a victim, myself. I rescued a family of 3 and brought them to the local high school shelter with what clothes and food they'd brought with them. My Cabin sat on high enough ground that I wouldn't have to worry, but the roadside stream could be problematic in getting back to The Cabin, in a few hours.

Almost as quickly as the multiple storms had hit, they subsided and the sun came out. The storms had passed east to NJ, NY and out to sea. And the local flood waters were also draining-off, though there was plenty of damage leftover to deal with. The downtown was a mess of mud, debris and downed trees. Town landmarks were still inundated with water, though it was subsiding, too and things were returning to "normal" quicker than I'd expected. Capt Clay notified all Deputies that we were now in a "recovery mode", mostly for human bodies but also for farm animals, which would need to be burned, to prevent the spread of disease, upon decomposition. We should "flag" and notify The Dept of Public Works of any dead animals ASAP, so they could begin clean-up and disposal. The local shelters – schools, auditoriums, shopping centers, malls, Churches etc – were allowing people to leave to return home to survey damage.

Castle Doctrine Rules PA!

Last year, when I'd discovered the large vein of gold ore and the huge deposit of gold nuggets on my 43-acre property's stream, I hid almost $7,100,000.00 in pure gold nuggets, but had "donated" $1,500,000 in a phony "State & Federal Grant" to the AJPD, to refurbish, upgrade and modernize their building, equipment and facilities. I played dumb about it all, and went along with the phony "State & Federal Grant" ruse, but I think Capt "knew" about it. Maybe that's why he'd had an adjoining Office for me, built next to his spacious Office Suite? I also had plans to "donate" another $3,000,000 to the AJ Fire Dep't and the AJ Dept of Public Works, schools and Memorial Hospital for the same modernization purposes. Totally anonymously, of course. I'd "pre-arranged" it all through my York personal/ business attorney, Marc Robinson, ESQ. He'd done exactly what I requested, and would now be called-upon to "simulate those grants" to even more of the Village. Another $750,000 would go for flood control, now that this disaster had it. Also, many peoples' homes and farms needed repairs and rebuilding, in many cases, and they would get money until all $7,100,000 was gone and I was relieved of all tax burdens from the IRS. I just didn't need those legal headaches. No one was to know about this, except Marc and myself; that's the way I preferred it.

Clay called and told me to "stand down"; he and the "full-timers" would handle it from here. He thanked me for calling-in, volunteering and wished me a safe trip back to The Cabin and York. I headed back to The Cabin, with the roadside creek almost level with the road, avoiding sinkholes and flooded areas, which were still draining-out. I arrived at my driveway at 15:30hrs (3:30pm), and the water was pouring across it 3-4" deep in many places, draining from the back of the property to the raging stream below the 4-acre meadow. The Jeep easily blew through it and I parked at The Cabin's front porch, in the turnaround circle drive. I called William, my new, reliable and quite good "handyman-caretaker", to get the 1,000ft drive re-stoned with ½" crushed bluestone gravel, since many spots had washed-out and were now scattered through the meadow. He's also need to be careful mowing that area, as the gravel could damage his mower and send projectiles flying everywhere. He said that he'd take care of it, The Cabin and Jenny; not to worry. I grabbed my since-doffed Church garb, other gear, disarmed the building and went inside to take care of Jenny food and water needs, since I'd been gone much of the day. She was indeed hungry, as was I.

I was soaked and filthy from the day's activity, so I grabbed a shower, some fresh clothes, did a load of laundry and made a "Late Night BLT" w/ Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich, a bowl of Creamy Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, and a plate of Cold Pasta Salad for my "late lunch". It hit-the-spot, did the dishes and then I felt like curling-up on the couch for a few hours, before leaving later tonight. I did just that and slept peacefully for 2¼ hours, with Jenny curled-up in front of me, on her Kodiak Bearskin, in front of the LR's fireplace.

It was 18:45hrs (6:45pm) when I woke-up, folded and put away the laundry, packed-up my weapons and gear, and fed & watered Jenny for the last time, until William took over for me, tomorrow morning. Her 2 bowls of dry food, water bowl and wet food bowl were filled and she was set for the night. It was a very humid 79°F, according to my Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station, and even more t-storms were on their way from the western part of PA, toward us. I piled-up my stuff by the front door and sat down with Jenny, to pet, brush and talk to her before I left. After checking all the windows and doors, turning up the AC to 80°F, I loaded the Jeep, armed the building and headed down the driveway to the long road to I-83 South, to York. (Please Jump Back Up To "Around The Garden Center".)

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

If Gov Sarah Palin (CONSERVATIVE-AK) runs for POTUS in 2012, you can damn-well bet that I'm voting for her and her ticket, whomever the VP is! Yes, I'M VOTING FOR SARAH PALIN! The fat, bald headed, lying, liberal/ RINO-GWB-loving, moronic asshole, Karl Rove, doesn't know shit-about-shinola, IMO.

The racist, incompetent, inept, hate-America, ∅-sambo-boy-nigga's newest Un-Constitutional end-run around the US Congress, which twice rejected the illegal alien DREAM Act, should be grounds for IMPEACHMENT of that asshole scumbag! His EO (Executive Order) immediately offers amnesty, halts 300,000 deportations of criminal, illegal aliens, and offers them work permits over legal American Citizens. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray when the Nation REALLY needs them?

Yes, Sarah will win in 2012 and kick the incompetent, socialist, racist, hate-America, subhuman, ∅-sambo-boy's inept, commie ass out of The White House!

CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Huh? I've run into almost a dozen "married couples" in my 21 years here in York (PA), who claim they have it and get paid for it, with our hard-earned tax monies. They get paid a monthly "disability payment" by the US Federal Gov't, PA State Gov't and their insurance companies. One couple makes well-over $123k a year, for staying home and doing NOTHING! The other couples get between $90-105k per year, for doing NOTHING but resting, taking meds and seeing a "shrink", 3x or so per month. What a f•cking SCAM! My head is almost ready to explode; do you have some *duct tape* to spare? Is blood squirting from my left eye, yet?

Stock Market ready for a "bounce" upward? Doubt it seriously, with ∅bummer-sambo-boy in-charge of anything except garbage collection.

Headline: "Taxpayers Foot Bill For an App To Tell Workers It's Hot Outside". You gotta be kidding me? Just walk outside assholes, and "see/feel it" for yourself!

"Whites Need Not Apply" is the racist, incompetent, inept, hate-America, ∅-sambo-boy-nigga's newest hiring edict, for "diversity". Throw ALL of the lowlife, demonic, racist, dirtbag niggas out of office! They're more racist than the KKK ever was, IMO. Remember, these are NOT black Americans; they're NIGGERS. There's a HUGE difference.

Hey Maxi-Pad Waters: Fuck you and go to hell, demonic, lib-dem racist, subhuman-filth bitch! Get back on your leash, ugly skank sambette bitch.

'Bout damned time, left-winger scumbag trash!

Matthew Maxwell Kennedy, one of nine surviving children of Ethel Kennedy and the late Robert F. Kennedy, is a mindless, left-wing pig. He needs "exactly what Bobby got" in 1968, from Sirhan Sirhan, to rid the neighborhood of such Kennedy trash, filth and subhuman garbage.

Yeah, ∅-sambo-boy, you're a total failure here in PA, asshole!

CNet offers "five freeware gems for Windows"; MalWareBytes being the only one I use. The "Fences" app is for idiots who have thousands of useless icons clogging-up their screen's real estate space. The others are so-so apps.

I wipe a dead skunk's ass with "Norwegian Wood", bull-dyke lesbo shit, and "Tweak (Growing up on Methamphetamines)" garbage, shit, trash, subhuman lowlife dirtbag fag, doper books! Fuck you, up-Chucky Earling, you subhuman lowlife superintendent of Monroe Township Schools in Williamstown, NJ, you alcoholic, drug-addicted, faggot, boyfriend-beating, rump-raider asswipe!

Here's a short, easy-to-understand video about the National Debt, not the Deficit. Watch it.

Some People Just Need Killing

It's not my intention to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter to me, at all — and rid American Society's innocents (especially our precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly) of them, once-and-for-all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers/robbers/child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey; call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Just & RIGHT!

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world", and America should apply it everyday to those deserving death for their crimes against society.

Society's innocents — our precious, defenseless children and the frail, defenseless elderly — must be protected from predators, murderers, rapists, robbers and other subhuman filth, at all times and at any cost.

A 31-year-old La Habra woman, Sonia Hermosillo, was in custody Tuesday on suspicion of throwing her 7-month-old son from a parking structure at Children's Hospital Orange County, leaving him critically injured. KILL THE SUBHUMAN ANIMAL, WETBACK BITCH FILTH!

A 76-year-old man has been stabbed to death while leading Boy Scouts on a hiking trip in northern Indiana, and the subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit, Shane C. Golitko, 22, who battered his mother and killed a dog at their home nearby, is under arrest, and should be KILLED, with no trial! KILL HIM!

A 63-year-old man was shot and killed Saturday in front of his grandchildren at his Houston home. Police are searching for subhuman, murderous piece-of-dogshit, illegal alien, Francisco Arzarte, who threatened his ex-girlfriend and her family. Arzarte reportedly entered her parents' house and opened fire, killing Guillermo Valdez and critically injuring Maria Valdez. Find him and KILL HIM! No trial.

I love a happy ending to an armed robbery. And I love this happy ending, too. Wow; here's another happy ending! And here's another happy ending; wow, what a week! So many of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Armed American Citizens!

Johns Hopkins University's subhuman pervert doctor, Fred Berlin, a pedophile lover of the B4U-ACT filth/trash/garbage, is an pederast whop believes that, "pedophiles are 'unfairly stigmatized and demonized' by society and 'the majority of pedophiles are gentle and rational'." He needs killing, as do all deviants from the B4U-ACT subhuman filth group.

Subhuman, murderous ghetto thug nigga, Michael Vick, NEEDS SUMMARY KILLING, IMO! I'd volunteer to put a .45cal bullet through his sambo head! Glad to do it.

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