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Deadly Things
Moles, Voles & Solid Plastic Sheeting Can Ruin Your Garden.

those Blue Rug Junipers or any plants in combination with Solid Plastic Sheeting on a hill, slope or bank helps shelter and breed Moles and Voles. The plastic and plants provide a warm environment where they thrive and eat the roots of your plants over the Winter. And in the Spring, there's dead and dying plant material all over the place. And lots of wasted money. All of it yours.

Specifically, Solid Plastic Sheeting holds in fungus, disease and dead plant growth underneath itself, and keeps water and air out of the ground, which plants need to survive. Solid Plastic Sheeting is ridiculous in Planted Gardens and was meant only for use as garbage bags or paint tarps and should have nothing to do with landscaping. Those independent so-called landscapers or Nurseries who use it are very sub-standard and should be avoided at all costs.

Landscape Fabric, a porous and breathable cloth, is acceptable as a Weed Fabric Barrier, letting-in air, fertilizers and moisture as well as allowing the ground to breathe, thereby eliminating fungus and disease. It is sold under several names: Ree-May or Typar, and both are Weed Fabric Barriers meant for this purpose.

Shrubs and trees do fine growing through holes cut to stem or trunk size in Weed Fabric Barriers, and fertilization is as normal as if it wasn't in place. Perennials do have some inherent problems coming back each year due to their root division and increased size, and should not be used in a Weed Fabric Barrier situation. Plant perennials where no Fabric is installed and use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide instead, with 2-3" of quality Premium Dark Bark Mulch, not the cheap shredded hardwood types that float away in a rainstorm.

The real problem with both Plastic Sheeting and Weed Fabric Barriers is that eventually they hold enough mulch and soil on top to allow weeds and grass to grow and root freely, thereby causing you many precious hours of weeding time. It is best to use neither.

Instead, use 3-4" of Premium Dark Bark Mulch the first year, which rots down and improves the soil; then apply an additional 1-2" each following Spring as a top-dressing and backdrop for your plants.

Don't be fooled or misled by those who advocate the use of Solid Plastic Sheeting and Weed Fabric Barriers; it's deadly to plants, encourages moles and voles to infest and is costly to you and your precious plant material. Don't allow Solid Plastic Sheeting to be used anywhere in your Garden.

Yes Virginia, there is again truth in advertising. Always has been in ours. When shopping around for bank or slope plants and weed preventatives, ask hard to-the-point questions about the use of Solid Plastic Sheeting and Weed Fabric Barriers. If someone recommends either, walk away with your money still intact. They might give all kinds of reasons why they use it, but don't believe their lies. You'll pay dearly in the end for a disappointing sub-standard and dying garden.

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