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Perennials & Ornamental Grasses
Give Every Garden More Bloom For The Buck.

perennials are the best buy for any garden. They return each year, bigger, better developed and more colorful than the year before. They return over 100% of your initial investment each year. What other plant can say that?

We create the very finest of any perennial plants on the market, because we mainly propagate (increase numbers by cuttings and root division) and grow our own. By very carefully inspecting those few plants that we do buy-in, we omit a costly step of treating these plants for pest and disease problems. And when we do buy-in other growers' plants, we do not just turn around and sell them, we propagate them for several years to make sure they are true to species, and have no pests or disease to confront you in your garden. We've destroyed whole groups of plants with root aphids rather than sell them.

Recently, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, began referring their customers to us in order to acquire rare, unusual and hard-to-find perennials and other plant material that they themselves didn't offer for sale. Quite a compliment; and thank you, glad to be of service Longwood.

In addition to carrying only Premium Dark Bark Mulch, we feature over 900 varieties of perennials, 200 varieties of annuals and herbs, over 100 varieties of ornamental grasses and bamboos, and more than 1600 cultivars of nursery stock, ranging from the common to the very rare, unusual and hard-to-find. Our Collector's Rare Plant Nursery has been supplying gardening enthusiasts for over seven years, and is a must for connoisseurs and serious collectors.

Our Nursery Division can supply any request from the common to very rare and unusual material. And if you need a tree or shrub moved, we feature a special team capable of easily moving anything from 1-inch to 10-inch diameter trees. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Our Warranty: is unmatched by anyone, anywhere, and is one (1) year from date of purchase if you install the plant material; it is five (5) years if we install the material. Call, write or email us for a complete copy of The Warranty. It's also online right here.

Drop by our Website on The InterNet for a tour of the Garden Center & Nursery. It's located at for those digerati among you out there who are connected on-line.