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anarchy, american-style

friday, february 10th, 2020

The 1960s revolution was both anarchic and nihilist. But it was waged against—not from—the establishment. Hippies and the Left either attacked institutions or, in Timothy Leary fashion, chose to turn on, tune in, drop out” from them.

The current revolution is much different—and far more dangerous -— for at least three reasons.

The Establishment Is the Revolution

The current Left has no intention of “dropping out.” Why would it?

It now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked—corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia.

The Left runs Oceania, and we work for their various bureaus.

In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the Left. They have transformed legitimate debate over gay marriage into a hate crime. Transgenderism went from a modern manifestation of ancient transvestism or gender dysphoria to a veritable litmus test of whether one was good or evil.

Students have no need to jam administrators’ offices because the latter, themselves, are as radical as the protestors and often lead them on in a top-down fashion. Had they not long ago demonstrated they were perfectly willing to subvert meritocracy, free expression, and equality under the law, they would not be occupying their present positions.

Apple, Google, Facebook, and other tech companies are not 1980s and 1990s “alternative” media geeks and hipsters creating neat gadgets for the people. They are not Steve Jobs and his pugnacious Apple battling the evil Microsoft or IBM, or the Macintosh commercial of 1984 depicting a maverick throwing a hammer into Big Brother’s screen. They are the Orwellian screen.

The current generation of techies is effectively Stalinist. Big Tech now colludes with the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the bureaucratic state to suppress free expression, warp balloting, and serve as contractors of government surveillance. Currently, the most totalitarian people in America are likely to wear flip flops, have a nose ring or pink hair, and disguise their fascism with ’60s-retread costumes.

When the plan is to destroy America and her economy, the elements of the plan don’t need to ‘make sense’.

There are no “armies of the night” marching on the Pentagon. Would-be demonstrators see no need, since radical identity politics, and gay, woke, and transgendered agendas are fast-tracked by the Department of Defense.

There are no protests against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau or the “La Migra” anymore by advocates of illegal immigration, because the Left owns the border. And it has utterly destroyed it. There is no border, no border enforcement, and no meaningful immigration law. As many as 6 million illegal entries during the first two years of the Biden Administration are proof enough of that.

There are no cutting-edge Lenny Bruces or Mort Sahls fighting state censorship because entertainers accept that 1) there are no impediments to vulgarity or pornographic expression, but 2) no comic or commentator dares to take on the diversity, equity, and inclusion woke industry because he assumes he would be crushed, and his career ruined.

Question the woke status quo, and one is not canonized in Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone as a fighter against the “uptight establishment” or “the man” as in the past, but now demonized as a racist purveyor of “hate speech” and enemy of the people.

If the U.S. ever has slavery reparations, half of the money should come from the political party that supported slavery (i.e., the Democrats) and the other half should come from the African countries that sold their own people into slavery.

The Left does not despise the FBI. It lauds it. And the bureau is no longer consumed with tracking down violent criminals and terrorists. Instead, it has become an enemy of parents worried about school indoctrination, or a retrieval service for lost first-family classified papers, laptops and diaries, or a Washington, D.C., cadre knee-deep in big money politics.

FBI agents are praised on left–wing media—given they have been activist conspirators who sought to destroy conservative candidates, deleted subpoenaed data, lied to federal investigators or committees while under oath, colluded with Russian oligarchs, doctored court evidence, and paid foreign nationals to compile campaign dirt on American citizens.

There are no longer calls for a “three strikes” solution to violent crime as in the past, or talk of adopting the successful, time-tried “broken windows” theories of law enforcement, because there is no enforcement to modulate. The debate is no longer over enforcing the law, because de facto there is no law.

The new legal establishment has replaced the old by simply nuking centuries of jurisprudence. Violent repeat criminal offenders injure and maim innocents in the morning and are released by noon to prey again—themselves baffled that the state is even crazier than they are.

Note in the 2020-2021 riots, almost no one temporarily arrested was tried, despite $2 billion in damages, upwards of 40 violent deaths, the 1,500 injured law enforcement officers, and the torching of a courthouse, police precinct, and historic Washington, D.C., church. Instead, they were lauded by a mayor as participants in a “summer of love.” Seattle and Washington simply ceded city property to the violent protestors as if they occupied it by right of their superior morality.

The summation of the entire sordid summer was the CNN chyron assuring America that the protests on their screens were “mostly peacefulas flames shot up to the sky in the background. In the 1960s, rioters forced social welfare concessions—or else!—on the establishment. Today the establishment welcomes urban unrest as an excuse to implement agendas that in normal times would be unpalatable.

In sum, we are living in anarchy, as institutions themselves have become nihilistic and weapons of the revolution. The Left, in viral fashion, took over the DNA of America’s institutions, and used them to help destroy their creators.

If we are bewildered why Harvard law-graduate prosecutors let out violent criminals just hours after their arrests; or why hyper-rich, pampered athletes who live in near-apartheid enclaves insult the flag, ignore the National Anthem, and sloganeer woke platitudes, it is because they were taught to undermine the status quo by fundamentally becoming it.

In our present anarchy, $7 a dozen eggs are affordable. Unaffordable gas prices become merely necessary “transitions” to fossil fuels. A “secure” border means there is none. Natural gas must be banned because it supposedly causes asthma. Tens of thousands of homeless defecate, urinate, inject, and fornicate in the increasingly vacant downtowns of Los Angeles and San Francisco, as the Golden Bear state, California, discusses reintroducing Grizzly bears.

Cars and yards are evil, elevators, high-rises, and buses sacred. There are 81 genders (and counting), with even more names for them. “Racist” is our exclamation point, fillip, a mere add-on emphatic. Everything from SAT tests to obesity to working out is racist. When little is racist, then everything must become racist.

Batter someone to a pulp and you are out of jail in six hours; claim an election was suspicious and you can be in there for six months or more. Proven merit is a pejorative. Grades are deemed useless by those who could never earn As. Boilerplate equity oaths are the best guide to hiring, retention, and admission. The ACLU or the Anti-Defamation League exist only to spot the incorrect kind of censorship and the wrong kind of antisemitism.

Macintosh Becomes MacBeth

The second contribution to the present anarchy is big tech, which speeds up the revolution and spreads it broadly. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was predicated not just on the Sovietization of the state, but the electronically ubiquitous and near instantaneous means by which the apparat ensures its dominance. One of the strangest things about the Left is that it no longer warns of 1984 but emulates it.

How the Left became synonymous with the Internet, social media, mobile phones, pads, and laptops is a long story. But let it be said the Left, and not conservatives, have mastered them all. It has manipulated high tech to change the way we vote, access information, communicate, consume the news, buy, and sell, and express ourselves. In sum, they run Oceania and we work for their various bureaus.

Our tech complex has combined the ethos of the 19th-century monopoly with the Chinese Communist system of mass ideological manipulation. The result is that the old Twitter or Facebook mob can ruin a career in a nanosecond. Google can manipulate the order of search results to render you a clueless Winston Smith bewildered by the alternate “reality” that pops up on your computer screen.

Wikipedia is pseudo-official falsification. Trotskization relied on scissors and paste; cancel culture can end you by a split-second use of the delete button—and erase you to 7 billion on the planet.

Big Money, Big Woke

Globalization hollowed out the red-state interior and enriched the blue bicoastal elite. Wealth in mining, farming, construction, manufacturing, and assembly became dwarfed by riches of investment, high tech, social media, law, insurance, and real estate. The former were the up-by-the boot straps conservatives, the latter one day rich and the next moment through hype, investment, and venture capital, richer than anyone in the history of civilization.

The wealthiest ZIP codes and congressional districts are blue, not red. Most of the Fortune 400 billionaires are left-wing. So, there is no ’60s-style talk about the evils of corporations and the supposedly idle rich, none of the old conspiracy theories about Anaconda Copper, ITT, or the Rockefellers.

The corporations are the Left and in service to it. Disney, American Airlines, and Nike are revolutionary icons, always ready to divest, cancel, fire, hire, and propagandize in service to woke commissars. That they are terrified by tiny bullies who have no constituencies is true, but then a Robespierre, Lenin, and Mao had initially no broad support either—at least before each mastered the use of terror and fright.

In our anarchy, “dark money” like Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 million cash infusion into the 2020 balloting processes is now suddenly good, given it is almost all leftwing. Democrats outraise Republicans in campaign contributions by anywhere from three- to five-to-one. Bundling is noble.

Netflix can buy the brand name of the Obamas for $100 million; George Soros can spend his pocket change of $40 million to elect district attorneys to destroy the law and empower criminals. Jimmy Carter used to be the poor-man idol of the old Democratic Party. Today, there is hardly a Democratic president, ex-president, or presidential candidate who is not a multi-multimillionaire—most by leveraging their heightened political profile.

What anarchy we live in when the richest among us are the most radical and wish to destroy for all others what they enjoy.

John Kerry lectures us on climate change from his private jet. Your leaf blower, not his Gulfstream GIV-SP, is the global threat. Al Gore screams about the evils of carbon emissions—after pocketing $100 million by selling his failed and worthless cable station to smoky and sooty Qatar, fronting for the antisemitic Al Jazeera.

The Clintons feel the pain of the poor all the way to their $100 million fortune from shakedown lectures, Wall Street, “consulting,” and “foundation” contributions. Van Jones, CNN expert, the object of Valerie Jarrett’s oohing and awing, famous for his “whitelash” exegeses, and recipient of a $100 million Bezos award, now lectures us that the five rogue black policemen in Memphis, who beat to death a black suspect, are still proof of white racism that accounts for blacks belittling the lives of blacks.

In our present anarchy, we take seriously the lectures on microaggressions from the Duchess of Montecito. The Obamas weigh in on the dangers of climate change and rising seas from their seaside, multimillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate, or Hawaii beachfront mansion that apparently has an invisible climate-change barrier on its beach. Kamala Harris is our border czar who assures us it is “secure,” defined by 5 million illegal entries since she took office.

Nancy Pelosi works for the “children” and, after a life in politics, that selflessness ends up worth $100 million from her husband’s insider real estate deals and stock tips. It is almost as if socialist Bernie Sanders owned three homes, or anti-capitalist Elizabeth Warren was once a house flipper.

So, the current revolution is anarchy, utter confusion, pure chaos.

Every time one turns on a computer, there will be someone or something somewhere ideologically warping its use. Your vote means nothing when California cannot account for 10 million automatically, computer-guided mailed-out ballots. That state is still in a drought, defined by releasing most of the water to the ocean that the wettest winter in memory produced.

Stanford students talk revolution, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, and want to forbid the use of “American.” But from the look of their parking lots, they cannot decide whether Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes should be the most preferred campus car. Oprah and Whoopi suffer terribly from white supremacy. Jussie the foot soldier heroically took on one MAGA thug for each of his foot kicks.

“Don’t take off your mask” at a California McDonald’s means the man who ordered that edict is maskless at the French Laundry. “Don’t get your hair done during the lockdown” means the architect of that fiat sneaks around her salon, which she has all to herself.

The common denominator to the anarchy? The hardcore Left is your FBI, CIA, and Justice Department all in one. It is Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is our era’s J. P. Morgan.

No wonder we are confused by the establishment anarchists and the anarchy they produce.

© 1.29.2023 by Victor Davis Hanson, "American Greatness".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8:30a on Friday, a sunny morning, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took a 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength for various back/hip and feet/calf pains, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was already 23°, and forecast to hit only 27°.

I warmed-up the condo to 74°, made coffee, scanned the news and weather, and tuned into my usual 9-12 morning Talk Radio, the "Chris Plante Show". I had no errands or anything to do tis morning, so I opted to lounge around in my über-luxurious Turkish Bathrobe, for a few hours. If you're on a Statin Drug, as I am on Atorvastatin 80mg, you might want to read this. Very enlightening -- though it's 2015 -- article, and I'll have some more updated reports from Dr Bill, in Iowa.

On the 8th day, Satan created the progressive liberal to destroy all the good that God created in 7 days.

I got ready for the day, moved the Jeep out of the garage and nearly froze with 24° and 35-40mph winds. Wowzer! I left at 12:55p to meet Sherry, at the ginormous York Galleria Mall. We had a wonderful time, doing just over 1 mile, with a couple short rest stops in between, due to my back and hip pain. We came back to my place and talked for a couple hours, and she left around 5p, to get some errands done on the way home. I turned-up the heat, made a carafe of coffee, unpacked a case of 4 1-lbs of Kona Coffee from amCoffee.com, and relaxed in the warmth. After a few condo chores, it began getting dark at 5:30p, and temps had dropped to 18°, and were headed lower.

"The People's Republic of China (PRC) confirmed Friday that the balloon first detected over Montana is Chinese. China claimed that the airship is a civilian meteorological research craft that was blown far off course by prevailing winds." CCP-China are lying sacks of shit. Shoot the f•cking CCP-China balloon down, Biden, you incompetent, lowlife assholes! It's a spy balloon, you dumbshits! Bidet&Co are so owned, compromised and paid-off by the CCP asswipe punks, that they're afraid to take action. MFers! So, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was set to travel to Beijing this week to meet with Chinese President Xi, but the State Department announced Friday that the trip would be indefinitely postponed? Yeah sure, that'll teach those Chink spies, Biden assholes!

Anyway, I had dinner, watched the news, the two talking Fox heads, and "Gold Rush" until 12midnight. Lights out.

I slept-in until 9:15a on Saturday, bumped-up the heat to 74° -- it was only a bitter 13° outside -- made coffee, and checked the news and weather. Nothing on my day's to-do list, except some condo chores, and cut-down several shipping boxes in the garage, for the recycle bin. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with.

Smile; it could be worse. I smiled, and it got worse.

The CCP-China 'balloon" is still drifting/ being guided all over the US, spying on our military bases and missile installations, and the cowardly, lowlife, treasonous Biden Admin is letting it go, when it should have been brought down yesterday over Montana. Joe Biden is a China asset. There's no other way to interpret this.

The CCP Owns Me!

A Chinese spy balloon has been loitering over the US, for several days now. It first crossed Alaskan airspace, then Canadian airspace and then back again into US airspace. It became public when civilians sighted it over Montana. The Biden regime was not going to tell us. There's another one over Latin America. China initially claimed it was a weather balloon but the Pentagon confirmed that it was a spy balloon. Despite knowing it is a spy balloon Biden decided to allow it to continue on its merry spying way. Anthony Blinken, the eunuch Secretary of State, had a faux hissy fit and canceled his trip to China. I heard an argument against shooting the thing down that asserted people on the ground could be injured. Montana is sparsely populated. That thing could have been shot down quite safely. The truth is that this damned thing should have been shot down before it crossed Alaskan airspace and here's why. What if this was a test bed for an EMP attack? If so equipped with a megaton explosive load, this device could have taken out a major portion of the country's electrical grid. Multiple devices could pretty wipe out the entire country. China now knows it can do this with impunity. Think Biden was going to answer any questions about it? The President of the United States doesn't want to be bothered answering questions about US airspace being violated by Communist China. To me this indicates Biden is condoning these incursions violating US airspace. After all, he wants to see China rise. Russia and North Korea are taking notes. Biden is a out-and-out traitor. Try, convict and hang him.

It's been known for a long time now the U.S. government has been spying on it's own citizens. Those in government are monitoring, tracking, videoing, scanning, recording, censoring and watching your every move. No one is safe from this spying. Now the same U.S. government has allowed the Communist Chinese to invade our airspace and go directly over some of our most sensitive military bases, nuclear facilities, not to mention directly over our cities and towns Yet an American citizen can fly a toy drone near a U.S. government facility, and then immediately face arrest, investigation, and imprisonment. Go figure. Was it a trial run for an EMP attack on our power grid?

Next week is forecast to be in the much-welcomed 50s, some rain, but no snow/ice in sight. Mild Winter, so far, except for a few days of real cold weather, and a tiny bit of snow, here and there. I tuned into some of the Chris Plante Podcasts from last week, some of which I'd missed, due to errands and condo chores. I moved the Jeep out of the garage, cut down several delivery boxed, and fed the friendly gray squirrels.

Father starts with Bible verse, then absolutely GOES OFF on school board -- "God is going to judge every last one of you for decisions that are made on behalf of children!" Watch it.

After lunch, I made a second carafe of Dunkin "Midnight Roast" -- despite the 4 lbs of amCoffee's "Kona Volcanic Estate" Coffee arriving yesterday -- because I'm using 2x the amount of Dunkin' that's normal for a brew, to enjoy the afternoon. No races on this weekend, unlike last weekend's Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Endurance Race. I took a short drive to the nearby Royal Farms, to fuel-up the Jeep: $96 for 21 (of 25)gal at $4.55.

Hmmmmmm, at 2:39p, the USAF F-22 Raptor shot the CCP Chink balloon down, 3,000 miles and 6+ days, far too late. The US Military is inept, and just following the senile lead of the corrupt, idiotic, inept US Goobermint. Pathetic assholes in the White House and Pentagon, for letting that POS balloon cruise over our ICBM Missile installations and remote US Military Bases.

I garaged the Jeep, while temps were at 29° and dropping fast, and started re-warming the garage. The Chink spy balloon was all over every new station, although Fox News had the exclusive footage on it, and the NBCCBSMSNBCABCCNN assholes hated to air it, with Fox New attribution. It was laughable.

I made Allen Bros 6oz Filet Mignons and Steamed Brussel Sprouts for dinner, temps were down to 23° and still dropping, watched TV until 12 midnight, and called it a night.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Sunday, a cloudy 39° start to the day. I had the last of the Dunkin' Coffee, a few smokes, too a 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength for back and hip pain, and got ready for the day. I had breakfast, took the 19-pill regimen, and got the garbage and recyclables ready to out to the curb, for morning pick-up. Once again, no F-1 Races on TV until March 5th, in Bahrain. I tried to follow the CCP-Balloon shoot-down story, but the US Gov't had clamped a lid on it; the CCP didn't and was pissed-off. BFD. The US Navy is trying to recover the remains.

Apparently, this CCP-spy Balloon crap has been going on for a while, and we're just hearing about it. The US Gov't has kept a lid on it. Bidet&Co also claims that the Trump Admin was a party to ignoring CCP-spy weather balloons, too. Who cares? I had some errands to run, so after getting home by 3p, I took out the recycle bin, and waiting for my neighbor top take his garbage bin out, since we share Republic Services bins.

After dinner, I finally got the garbage into my neighbor's bin, watched TV for the news, napped a little while -- the weekend is "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) -- and called it an early night at 10:30p.

Up at 8a on Monday, to a bright, sunny, cold 36° morning. I fired-up the furnace to 74°, made coffee, had a couple smokes, I took a 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength and a 300mg Gabapentin for pain, tuned into the Chris Plante Show, from 9-12, ha breakfast and left for some errands down south. It clouded-over quickly by 9:30, but temps kept rising, to 40° and above. I scanned the news and weather on my office-sunroom's desktop; no good news, as usual.

A New York middle school is apologizing after serving students with a meal on the first day of Black History Month that was deemed to be culturally insensitive. If it's a day of the week, the leftist filth always have something to complain about. It's so common, it's almost humorous, that the sambos whine, moan and complain about everything they can get away with. Personally, I like Turkey/Chicken & Gravy on Waffles, and Watermelon. F•ck the sambos and black Hysterical Month. I'm surprised that blacks haven't complained about February being the shortest month for "their history" OF murder, rape, robbery, rioting etc etc etc. Oh, they have complained.

"We're all living inside a CIA pharmaceutical war game to topple our republic." Interesting thought, isn't it. There is no Pandemic. There is a Bioweapon assault against the people of the United States and the world, financed by the NIH, and executed in cooperation with Communist Red China.

I left for Red Lion, south on Rt24, just after 12noon, to get 3 errands done, and unpacked when I got home. After a lunch of Cordon Bleu & Brussel Sprouts, I grabbed a 3hr snooze on the über-comfy and large LR couch. After dinner, I watched "Jesse", "Tucker" and Fox Nation's special, "American Requiem", until 10:30p, and quit for the night. JoAnne, my cleaning lady, is due in at 8:30a tomorrow, and I needed sleep.

Up at ZERO-DARK-THIRTY, or 5:30a, I turned-up the heat, made coffee and had a smoke in the slowly-warming garage. It was a bitter 23° outside, so I fired-u[p the office-sunroom Dyson® Heater, too. I got ready for the day, JoAnne arrived, and I left to run a few errands, and was by 9:30. I had breakfast when I got home, and scanned the office-sunroom desktop computer for news and weather. The earthquake in Turkey-Syria was taking all headlines; it was bad, since it happened when millions were sleeping. The death toll is horrendous, so far. I skipped lunch, did a load of laundry, and met Sherry at The York Galleria at 1p. We had a great time, as usual -- lots of hugs and kisses -- and came back to my place afterward, to talk. I had back/hip pain and didn't take anything ahead of time, to staunch it.

She left around 4:30, I had MISSION BBQ Moist Brisket & Brussel Sprouts for dinner, and fell asleep on the couch until 8. A large, heavy package was on my front porch from Amazon -- Bai Super Sweet Socorro Tea -- and I had to cut it open on the porch, and carry the individual cases in, because of my flank hernia. I decided to watch the SOTU -- just more demonKKKrat lies and bullshit -- and afterward, took my 16-pill regimen, and unplugged for the night. I seriously needed sleep. I head the GOP Response was good.

Up at 8:15a after a restless night, I upped the heat, made coffee, fired-up the desktop to get some news and weather, and settled-in for some "CP Show" critique of the previous evening's SOTU. It was a cold 36° outside. I had a Mini-Croissant for breakfast, and just relaxed with my Kona Coffee. The 50mg Tramadol and 300mg Gabapentin relieved the lower back/hip pain, and I checked my day's to-do list: A 1p Dr's app't, food shopping at Weis and a stop at Rite Aid to get some waiting Rxs. Simple.

Here are 15 lies Bidet&Co told, last night, at the SOTU. Natch.

I took 2 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength for a head-splitting left-temple headache, but they didn't help much. I had a banana for lunch, and left at 12:20p, for my 1p app't, and some errands.

Finally back home by 3p, I unloaded the Jeep, fed the squirrels some peanuts, and laid down for a short nap on the LR couch. Calls from Wellspan, Geisinger Health and Rite Aid, woke me 3x, and I finally gave-up after an hour.

Yes, it does look like we blew-up the (Russian-to-Germany) Nord Stream Gas Pipeline. I noted that in an earlier "Journal" entry, but now it's pretty much confirmed. What this administration is doing in the Ukraine War -- directly and indirectly is frightening as they continue to escalate that war by incrementally sending greater military assets and NATO operators to operate them inside Ukraine. Now they're talking fighter jets -- just another step of escalation...and they continue to say that Russia won't respond with nuclear weaponry -- which is just wishful thinking. I put nothing Past Russia using to defend themselves on any ground they're fighting. And it's pretty clear NATO is certainly in this war regardless if saying or not officially. I've listened some NATO members leaders who are not at all in agreement with Bidens Administration forcing European hands to fund and fight this war for Ukraine -- so NATO isn't all on board. Still how this war is escalating is down right scary and INSANE! If things stay on this current track, or get worse, look for ICBMs to fly.

After a light dinner, I watched the usual Fox News line-up until 9, changed over to the new weekly episode of "American Pickers", and called it quits, at 11p.

Up at 8:45a on Thursday, it was a mild 48°, cloudy and showers forecast for the afternoon. I warmed-up the condo, made coffee, had some smokes and scanned the computer for news, while tuning into the "CP Show". All I had for the day was a 1:30p Therapeutic Massage, down in South York, so I decided to drop-off the 7 bags of whole coffee beans from my mistaken order of a few months ago, for the Drs and Nurses, at Apple Medical Center, who grind their own. My "Good Turn For The Day".

HEADLINE: "U.S. (demonKKKrats') Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Now Tops a Staggering $191 Billion!" Anyone surprised? I'm not.

I had a late breakfast, around 11:30, and got ready for the day. I skipped lunch, and left at 1p, for the badly-needed lower back massage, and a couple errands. I felt great for the rest of the day; Heidi has magic fingers, and is one of the top, premiere masseuses in this region. There were 2 loads of laundry to do when I got home, and took my time. It was 66°, so I opened-up the front and back screen doors to get some Spring-like fresh air thru. That only lasted a short while, as it clouded-over, temps dropped and I closed the screen-to-storm doors.

After a good lunch, I had a short nap, finished-up the laundry, watched some news, had dinner and watched some more TV; the usual "Jesse" and "Tucker", and more unseen, old episodes of the "Gold Rush" series' spin-offs. Lights out at 11p.

Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal", and it's a clear week, so Sherry and I already have plans for Tuesday. Good times. Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and I have a nice gift for her.

Pharmaceutical Whistleblower: Covid and the 'Toxic Vaccines' are Bio-Weapons Created by U.S. Department of Defense (Video).

Really this is a military operation, war crimes and atrocities covered up as a health event.

Perhaps the biggest existential question of our times is where exactly did covid-19 come from?

According to Sasha Latypova, a Russian-American, former pharmaceutical industry research and development executive, and Katherine Watt, a para-legal researcher, and philosopher, it’s an inside job. Covid-19 is an act of bio-warfare perpetrated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on the U.S. and worldwide populations in two stages.

The first step was a virus that frightened the living daylights out of people already primed for the next disaster. The second was the rollout of toxic “vaccines” designed to cause further harm and death. “They were designed to be toxic, with intent to cause harm,” Latypova told L4Atv. “It looks like this was a virus created by the U.S. government.”

While the narrative peddled by mainstream media concerning the origins of the pandemic has evolved, starting as a zoonotic virus (One that moves from animals to humans) from a wet market in China to the acknowledgment of the possibility of accidental release of a gain-of-function virus from the Wuhan lab, that may or may not have been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Latypova and Watt have shared documented research that points to the United States DoD calling the shots.

The rollout of the pandemic and subsequent vaccination campaign has been many years in the making, say the pair. One example of the many that the pair gives is that the DoD issued multiple contracts in Ukraine for covid research and covid countermeasures, some dating back to 2012, others more recently, immediately before the declaration of the pandemic.

In the way that David Martin, underwriter and patent expert, demonstrated intent when in 2021 he traced the history of patents filed for the novel coronavirus by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna, long before the pandemic was declared, Watt has traced the legal framework for the exploitation of the pandemic to limit the freedom of citizens worldwide. “We allowed criminals to write laws for themselves,” she says. “And while it makes no sense at all, it does explain why things unfolded as they did. The basic idea is that public health has been militarized, and the military has been turned into a public health front, or Potemkin Village, such that they are using public health language and laws to actually carry out a military campaign. I would call them DoD weapons.”

The weapons to which Watt is referring are threefold; first was informational – the use of propaganda and censorship. The second was psychological – the use of fear and terrorism. The third was chemical and biological – the widespread use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, in reality, toxins and pathogens.

“This project has been going on for centuries: globalist and central bankers and many related organizations have been trying to get entire control of people through military and banking programs,” asserts Watt. “They kicked the public health aspect of it into higher gear in the 1930s and 1940s. In the mid-60s, we saw them inducing suicide and homicide by fraudulently labeling poisons as medicines, or as vaccines, or as prophylactics and telling people that submitting to that poisoning process was their civic duty. We saw that during covid with the shorthand for ‘do this or kill your grandma message.’”

The financial control starts at the top with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and cascades down through the financial system, says Watt. “The cornerstone is the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is not a health organization but a military organization. It is the military arm of the One World Government they are trying to set up. Basically, the International Health Regulations, currently going through another round of amendments to make them worse, called on national governments to strengthen their own domestic laws to fund more programs for surveillance, testing, detention and quarantine, physical control, and forced treatment during international outbreaks of communicable diseases. The pretext they used – it was bankers doing this – was that they needed to protect international trade. The real intent was to transfer sovereignty for government from the national state to the WHO and BIS automatically when a public international health emergency has been declared. Congress and U.S. presidents complied.”

Over time, Congress and one U.S. administration after another have brought in laws, amendments to these laws, and executive orders to whittle away at citizen freedoms. Examples include the Patriot Act, The Homeland Security Act, the National Vaccine Program, the Emergencies Use Authorization, the Public Health Emergencies Platform, and the Chemical and Biological Weapons Program, to say nothing of the use of OTAs (Other Transactions Authority) to issue contracts, all designed to create a legal framework for controlling our lives.

“Trump and Biden passed several further congressional acts, funding to reinforce the structure to build out the program,” asserts Watt. “Government has built a huge public and private funding stream for military lead bio-weapons research and use, eliminated informed consent, by reclassifying people who could potentially be carrying a disease as presumptive national security threats, so that you can do anything you want to them because you are on a war footing.”

While Watt has been pursuing research on the legal framework for the pandemic maneuvers since 2020, her assertions became abundantly clear in April 2022 with a False Claims case brought against Pfizer by Brook Jackson. “It is not a vaccine; it’s a DoD prototype,” says Watt. “Pfizer said they never had to do trials and were never obligated to prove safety or efficacy. And on Oct 4th, 2022, the U.S. govt endorsed that view, basically saying that clinical trials were never material or necessary for the DoD to pay the contractors for producing and distributing the bio-weapons known as covid-19 vaccines.”

When Latypova discovered Watt’s legal research, the whole story began to make sense. As a pharmaceutical specialist with 25 years of experience, she couldn’t understand why no regulatory authorities were reacting to the alarming safety signals produced by the vaccines from the outset. She has used public documents to prove her case.

“I immediately uncovered the huge deficiencies and problems in the development of these biowarfare agents – irregularities from regulatory quality perspectives, manufacturing issues,” says Laypova. “It was very puzzling to me why no regulatory agency in the world was taking any action on any of this – not on adverse events, deaths, horrific side effects. And they took no enforcement on all the manufacturing non-compliance, lack of good laboratory practices, etc. When I found the legal basis for this, the universe immediately started making more sense. Really this is a military operation, war crimes and atrocities covered up as a health event.”

Latypova’s opinion is only further confirmed by the fact that the response to the declaration of the pandemic by the U.S. government was to put the National Security Council (NSC) in charge of covid policy. “This is completely irregular. According to all previous plans, before 2022, Health and Human Services (HHS) was supposed to be in charge, which is reasonable because they are a health agency. Now we have the NSC in charge, and this consists of defense and intelligence heads. They’ve been treating it as an act of war from the beginning; they just didn’t tell people.”

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Fallacies in Modern Medicine: Statins and the Cholesterol-Heart Hypothesis

Modern medicine has developed striking ways to treat coronary heart disease, which feature coronary stents implanted percutaneously and coronary artery bypass grafts performed surgically with the aid of a heart-lung machine. And then there are statins to lower cholesterol.

A 70-year-old man sees a physician for a checkup. He has no history of heart disease and no risk factors for it. He does not smoke, has no family history of diabetes or heart disease, and is physically active and not overweight. His blood pressure is 130/70. A lipid panel, however, shows that his calculated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) is 195 mg/dL. Following the most recent 2013 guidelines framed by an American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) task force, the physician prescribes a statin for this person, rosuvastatin (Crestor) 20 mg/day, for primary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).1

Cardiologists declare that “cholesterol-containing lipoproteins are central to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.”2

Statins, first approved for clinical use in 1987, are very effective in lowering cholesterol. High-intensity statin therapy, rosuvastatin 20mg/day or atorvastatin (Lipitor) 40-80 mg, reduces LDL-C by 50 percent or greater. Moderateintensity therapy, rosuvastatin 10 mg, atorvastatin 10 mg, simvastatin (Zocor) 20-40 mg, or pravastatin (Pravachol) 40 mg/day, achieves a 30 to 50 percent reduction of LDL-C.3 Some 43 million Americans take statins.4

In 2010, 11.6 percent of the population took them, 37 million, which includes 19.2 percent of people age 45-64; 39.6 percent of people age 65-74; and 44.3 percent of people age 75 and older.3 Following the 2013 ACC/AHA guidelines, an additional 10.2 million Americans without cardiovascular disease, like the patient above, have now become candidates for statin therapy.5 One study concludes that 97 percent of black and white Americans age 66 to 75, including all men in that age group, should take statins.6

It is a multibillion-dollar business. Pfizer’s Lipitor went on sale in 1997 and became the best-selling drug in the history of prescription pharmaceuticals before its patent expired in 2011. Sales surpassed $125 billion. AstraZeneca’s Crestor was the top-selling statin in 2013, generating $5.2 billion in revenue that year.

Pfizer, in an advertisement, proclaims: “Lipitor reduces risk of heart attack by 36%,” based on the findings of a large randomized trial in which 10,305 individuals were assigned to take Lipitor or a placebo (ASCOT-LLA).7

The trial showed that 1.9 percent of people taking Lipitor suffered a heart attack while 3.0 percent of the placebo group had one. Considered in terms of “relative risk” reduction, the percentage Pfizer cites in the ad is correct. (It is calculated by subtracting 1.9 from 3 and dividing the difference, 1.1, by 3, which equals 36 percent.) But more realistically, the trial showed that Lipitor only reduced the “absolute risk” of having a heart attack by a tiny 1.1 percent (1.9 percent in the statin group compared with 3 percent in the placebo group).7

Statintrial investigators tout relative risk reduction (typically 20–40 percent in these trials) rather than the meager, real-world reduction in risk (1–2 percent in those taking statins). Investigators cite relative risk to inflate claims of statins’ effectiveness. However, they report deleterious effects in terms of absolute risk, minimizing their magnitude. For example, if 6 percent of the statin group were to get diabetes during a trial compared to 2 percent with the placebo group, they will say that taking statins increases the risk of acquiring diabetes by 4 percent, not that there is 66 percent increased (relative) risk of suffering this adverse event.

Government and the pharmaceutical industry fund these multimillion-dollar studies expecting correct results, so statin trial researchers employ this particular kind of statistical deception to create the appearance that statins are effective and safe.8

As one medical school professor puts it, “Anyone who questions cholesterol usually finds his funding cut off.”9 Eukaryotic animal cells make cholesterol through the “mevalonate pathway.” This pathway also produces, among other things, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), heme-A, and dolichol. CoQ10 is particularly important as it functions both as an antioxidant and, with heme-A, in aerobic cellular respiration—in the electron transport chain that generates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel that powers all living things. (Dolichol is required for synthesis of glycoproteins.) Statins inactivate hydroxymethylglutarylcoenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase, the enzyme cells use to synthesize mevalonate from HMG-CoA. This shuts down the mevalonate pathway. As a result, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) block not only the synthesis of cholesterol, but also CoQ10 and the other physiologically essential biomolecules that this pathway produces.

Lovastatin (Mevacor), the first statin, is a naturally occurring molecule isolated from a fungus named Aspergillus terreus. Newer statins are synthetic variations of these mycotoxins that fungi produce. Fungi make statins, as a “secondary metabolite,” to kill predatory microbes. They also kill human cells. In a review of How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol and Kill You One Cell at a Time by James and Hannah Yoseph,

Peter Langsjoen writes: Many practicing physicians have a healthy understanding of the current level of corruption and collusion among big pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies such as the NIH and FDA, and major medical associations such as the American Heart Association, but the reader of this book will come away with the disturbing conclusion that it is even worse than imagined. Statins may be the perfect and most insidious human toxin in that adverse effects are often delayed by years and come about gradually. Further, statins frequently impair mental function to such a degree that by the time patients are in real trouble, they may lack the mental facilities to recognize the cause.10

This toxin targets brain cells and skeletal muscle. The brain makes up 2 percent of body weight but contains 25 percent of the body’s cholesterol. Its dry weight is 50 percent cholesterol. LDL-C delivers cholesterol to the body’s cells, except for the brain since this cholesterol-carrying lipoprotein does not cross the blood-brain barrier. Statins do. Brain cells, neurons and glial cells, manufacture their own cholesterol and the mevalonate pathway’s other products.11 A broad spectrum of adverse cognitive reactions occur from taking statins. They include confusion, forgetfulness, disorientation, memory impairment, transient global amnesia, and dementia.12

Myopathy is the most common adverse effect of statin treatment, manifested by muscle aches and pains, weakness, instability, and easy fatigue.8,13 The most severe manifestation of statin-induced muscle damage is rhabdomyolysis, which carries a 10 percent mortality rate. Fragments of ruptured muscle block renal tubules and cause kidney failure.12 In one randomized trial of 1,016 healthy men and women given statins or a placebo, 40 percent of the women taking statins suffered exertional fatigue or decreased energy.14

Several randomized controlled trials have reported a statistically significant increase in cancer associated with taking statins.8,15 In most of these trials, a small reduction in cardiovascular deaths in the statin group is counterbalanced by an increase in deaths from other causes, notably cancer, with the result that there is in no significant difference in allcause mortality between people taking a placebo and those prescribed statins.16

Statins can also cause diabetes, emotional disorders (depression, aggressiveness, suicidal ideation), hepatitis, cataracts, and strokes.12,13,17 In January 2014 the FDA issued new safety information on statins, pointing out that “a small increased risk of raised blood sugar levels and the development of type 2 diabetes have been reported with the use of statins”; and it required drug companies to add this information in the package insert with the drug.18 Since then (as of August 2014), attorneys have filed more than 1,000 lawsuits against Pfizer, representing 4,000 women who say that taking Lipitor gave them diabetes.

Statin trials typically run for only 2 to 5 years. Investigators terminated the influential JUPITER trial endorsing statins for primary prevention of ASCVD after (a median) 1.9 years, far too short a time to reveal one of the worst “side effects” of long-term statin treatment: accelerated senescence.19 Statins speed up the transition from midlife vigor to debilitated old age.12

Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey and his team, 52 years ago, found no correlation between blood cholesterol levels and severity of atherosclerosis in 1,700 patients undergoing surgical treatment of ASCVD.20 I have observed the same thing with my heart surgery patients (unpublished observation). Evidence for the cholesterol-heart hypothesis, i.e., the lipid hypothesis, wilts upon close scrutiny, as is also the case with the diet-heart hypothesis, which indicts saturated fat along with cholesterol for causing atherosclerosis. Approached with an open mind and without confirmatory bias (ignoring evidence that disagrees with one’s beliefs), substantial evidence now proves beyond a reasonable doubt that these hypotheses are wrong.21-25

If not cholesterol, what causes atherosclerosis? My colleague, the late Russell Ross, professor of pathology at the University of Washington, discovered the cause: Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease.26 Initiated by endothelial dysfunction, with or without injury, and mediated by macrophages and T lymphocytes, the ensuing inflammatory response promotes proliferation and migration of smooth muscle cells. Russell demonstrated that atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory and fibroproliferative process that is fundamentally not different from that seen in cirrhosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic pancreatitis.

The small benefit statins offer in dealing with ASCVD comes from their non-lipid-lowering anti-inflammatory effects, especially with their ability to suppress nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), a transcription factor concerned with intensifying the inflammatory response.27 But even if they had no harmful side effects, the “number needed to treat” (NNT) for statins weighs against their use. If a statin reduces the (absolute) risk of having a heart attack by just 2 percent, its NNT is 50. For every 50 people taking a statin, 1 person will benefit while 49 other people (98 percent) will not gain any benefit from taking the drug and will expose themselves to the potentially serious broad spectrum of adverse events that statins cause (carrying a risk considerably greater than 2 percent). Statins do more harm than good. (Nutraceuticals curcumin and resveratrol also quell inflammation, like statins, by suppressing NF-kB— with no side effects).

A catalog of factors that play a causal role in inflammatory ASCVD would include: 1) eating trans-fats and too many carbohydrates and omega-6 vegetable oils (and not enough saturated fats); 2) deficiencies in various vitamins (vitamins A, C, D, E, K2, B6, B9-folic acid, and B12); 3) mineral deficiencies (magnesium, selenium, copper) and excess (iron); 4) lipid oxidation products; 5) possibly bacterial infection (Chlamydia pneumoniae); 6) diabetes; 7) abdominal obesity; 8) hypertension; 9) smoking; and 10) stress.

Cholesterol combats inflammation in addition to its other roles, which include maintaining cell membrane integrity (cell membranes are 50 percent cholesterol), facilitating cell signaling, and serving as the structural foundation for bile salts, various hormones, and vitamin D. Dealing with inflammation, cholesterol acts as the body’s fire brigade, putting out inflammatory fires and helping repair damage. Blaming cholesterol for atherosclerosis is like blaming firemen for the fire they have come to put out.

Cementing this molecule’s physiologic importance, there are now more than 100 peer-reviewed studies showing that low cholesterol levels are associated with earlier death.28 One of them is a study by Schatz and colleagues exploring the relationship between cholesterol levels and death rates over a 20-year period in 3,572 men aged 71-93 years. Those with the lowest cholesterol had a 35 percent increase in mortality compared with the highest cholesterol.29 Another one, following 490 people aged 75 years for more than six years, found that those with cholesterol levels below 193 mg/dL had a 52 percent increase in death rates compared with those with cholesterol levels above 232 mg/dL. Death rates rose by 18 percent for every 38mg/dL decrease in cholesterol levels.30

It is becoming increasingly clear that the cholesterolheart hypothesis is a fallacy of modern medicine. In the future, medical historians may liken the prescribing of statins to lower blood cholesterol with the old medical practice of bloodletting. Taking that vital substance out of the body is comparable to today’s practice of blocking production of cholesterol, an equally vital component, with drugs.

© Summer 2015 by Donald W. Miller, Jr, M.D, "Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume 20 Number 2".

The State of The Debt.

With Biden racking up over $2.5 trillion in deficit spending during the first 20 months of his presidency, it would seem that we have a spending problem, not a taxing problem.

When Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, at least three things seem pretty certain. He’ll suggest America is now in its Golden Age, no doubt begun sometime in late January 2021. He’ll offer a laundry list of new things on which he’d like to have the government spend Americans’ hard-earned money. And he won’t say a thing about how we’re now $31.4 trillion in debt—roughly triple the $10.6 trillion tally from when Biden became vice president just 14 years ago.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has written an article at the Guardian claiming “Republicans aren’t going to tell Americans the real cause of our $31.4 [trillion] debt.” Reich says the real cause is insufficient taxation, specifically on the rich.

In the wake of the Trump tax cuts, however, federal revenues reached an all-time high in 2021—even after adjusting for inflation—before that record was promptly broken again in 2022. Nevertheless our debt keeps rising, and spectacularly so. It would seem that we have a spending problem, not a taxing problem.

To help make this and other points clear, the American Main Street Initiative (which I founded and run) has just released its first issue of Quick Hits, and the inaugural issue is focused on the national debt. A printable four-pager that’s both easily readable and chock-full of information, this issue of Quick Hits is based on my Claremont Review of Books essay, “In the Red.” It provides an overview of how bad our debt situation is, how we got here, and how we can get ourselves out of this mess.

The problem certainly isn’t insufficient taxation. In 2021, the federal government collected more than three-and-a-half times as much money, in real dollars per capita—that is, above and beyond inflation and population growth—as it did at the start of the post-World War II period. But it spent nearly seven times as much. Spending nearly seven times as much, per American, in real (inflation-adjusted) dollars, is no easy feat. What is the federal government spending all of that money on?

It’s not primarily defense. Another frequent claim on the Left is that our debt has resulted from bloated defense budgets that started with the Reagan Administration. In truth, however, real per capita defense spending—that is, defense spending per American, after adjusting for inflation—fell from $2,283 in 1962 to $1,953 in 2020. Meanwhile, real per capita spending on everything but defense rose more than eight-fold (from $1,930 in 1962 to $15,646 in 2020). (That’s right: in 1962, under President Kennedy, defense accounted for more than half of all federal spending. Even at the height of the Reagan defense buildup, we exceeded 1962’s real per capita defense spending by only 2 percent.) That’s based on official federal statistics.

While real per capita defense spending has dropped, Great Society spending has skyrocketed. To quote Quick Hits, “In real per capita spending, we spent more than five times as much on defense in 1975 as on Medicare and Medicaid combined. By 2019, we spent 56% more on Medicare and Medicaid than on defense.” What’s more, “In 1975, the costs of Medicare and Medicaid consumed 7% of all federal tax revenues. In 2019, they cleared 30%.”

Indeed, about 70 percent of our spending—consuming about 90 percent of our tax revenues—is now on autopilot. Congress doesn’t even actively control such “mandatory” spending (although it could). Instead, this broken autopilot system is flying not only the plane but also the country into the ground.

The problem is that when President Lyndon Johnson and his congressional allies launched the Great Society programs in the mid-1960s, they had no plan to pay for them. Unlike Social Security, which has a dedicated and generally sufficient revenue stream, Medicare and Medicaid (and Obamacare, part of which expanded Medicaid) do not have a dedicated revenue stream that comes anywhere close to covering costs.

The results haven’t been pretty. The first year that Medicare spending visibly hit the books was 1967. From that point through 2020, Medicare and Medicaid cost a combined $17.8 trillion, while our combined federal deficits over that same span were $17.9 trillion. In essence, our deficit problem is a Medicare and Medicaid problem.

It’s helpful to trace our debt levels over time. At the end of World War II, the federal government owed $3 trillion of debt held by the public in constant 2012 dollars (up from about $700 billion when the war began). Subsequent statesmen succeeded in cutting that tally in half by 1974 (to $1.5 trillion), but (as the Great Society programs ramped up) it rose back to end-of-World-War-II levels by 1986 (to $3 trillion), doubled end-of-World-War-II levels by 2008 ($6 trillion), tripled them by 2010 ($9 trillion), quadrupled them by 2014 ($12 trillion), quintupled them by 2019 ($15 trillion), and sextupled them by 2020 ($18 trillion). So, the debt we owe to the public (with significant amounts owed to the Chinese) is now 12 times as high as in 1974—even after adjusting for inflation. (This is visually depicted in a Quick Hits chart.)

Things have gotten particularly bad in very recent years. In 2020 alone, the federal government racked up more deficit spending than it had during the first 36 fiscal years of the postwar era combined (1947 through 1982), and that’s even after adjusting for inflation. As a result of this fiscal profligacy, we racked up more debt held by the public in the 12 months of 2020 than we did during the four years of World War II—again, even after adjusting for inflation. And then we spent even more in 2021 than we did in 2020.

In terms of spending the most money—even after adjusting for inflation—our all-time gold medal year is 2021, with 2020 winning the silver and 2022 taking the bronze. Biden calls this progress.

Indeed, if Biden does say anything about deficits or debt in the State of the Union, he’ll likely claim they’ve dropped on his watch. But as I wrote in a letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal in the fall, “The Congressional Budget Office says that the American Rescue Plan Act [ARPA], spearheaded and signed by Mr. Biden, added $1.1 trillion in deficit spending in 2021. So, Mr. Biden drove up the 2021 deficit by a huge margin and then bragged about spending less the next year.”

In just the first 20 months of his tenure (through September 2022), Biden and the Democratic Congress were already responsible for $2.5 trillion in deficit spending ($1.1 trillion for the American Rescue Plan Act in 2021 and $1.4 trillion overall in 2022). To put that number into perspective, when Ross Perot ran for president and rightly complained that our deficits were out of control, our national debt—accumulated across the first 203 years of our government’s existence under the Constitution—was $4 trillion.

To add further perspective, we’ve already racked up about as much debt under Biden as we did during all of World War II—even after adjusting for inflation. Then, American servicemen were fighting a two-front war for the survival of liberty. Now, our government is just spending like a drunken sailor.

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