Is Closed & Out-Of-Business, as of Friday, October 28th, 2011.

Thank you, America, for the opportunity which you graciously-afforded me to have with my own unique Business – and to all my many, many thousands of Friends/Customers in York, Lancaster, Baltimore & Harford Counties – for the priviledge of knowing and serving you, over the past 21+ years.

As a self-made, American Small Businessman, I am truly-humbled at all the trust and faith which my Friends/Customers have so graciously-bestowed upon me over those many, long years of giving you good, sound advice, with honest, hard work in improving your properties' equity, and helping make your landscape and gardening dreams come true.

This Heavenly-Blessed, Constitutional Republic of ours, which our Founding Fathers established, and so many Brave and Selfless US Military Heroes have defended with their blood and treasure, while many gave their all so that we can live in Peace, Freedom and Liberty, afforded me that most unique Business oportunity, as no other nation on earth has ever, could ever or will ever do. To all The US Military, I am eternally grateful for "Heroes Like You Who Walk Amongst Us".

Also, my sincere personal and professional thanks go to all of my current and former Friends/Employees – just over 600 people who've served in so many capacities here, through those 21+ years – and especially to all the wonderful Friends/Reps/Associates in the Horticultural Industry, who've helped me along with their sage advice, outstanding plant material and generous business terms, so that I could start and expand my Business, prosper and serve my Friends/Customers and Friends/Employees. I'll never forget you for being there when I needed you.

Though www.gdnctr.com now ceases to exist, except in my "Personal/Corporate Archives", along with iterations v1, v2 & v3 in ZIP format, my ubiquitous John's Journal will continue on its normal weekly edition schedule.

What will I do "next"? Who knows, right now? It's been oft said that, "One door closes and another one opens". We shall see. I'll definitely take "some time off" – I haven't had a "vacation" since 2004, so I'll take a short respite from it all to "decompress" – and *mull* about what to do "next", for John Shelley v4. Yes, I'm working on a Resumé; I do have to find a job and support myself. (No unemployment allowed for me, by Pennsylvania State Law, even after paying-in hundreds-of-thousnds of my dollars, over the 21+ years.) I'm also working on an online, just-for-fun compilation, a *Novella*, called "The Virtual Cabin", chapters of which appear every week in my "Journal".

Rest assured, you can always reach me.

Thanks so much for your Friendship & Patronage, over our past 21+ years together. I'll miss you all very much. May God Bless You & God Save Our America.

– John Shelley II