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the war is over, and Christmas won

friday, january 6th, 2023

We made it.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through one of the weirdest years in human history, with manifestations of Godlessness never even conceived of: Men “getting pregnant”, bearded women, Dr. Moreau wannabes injecting humanity with Mystery Juice, popes committing regicide (against Christ the King), robots taking over the workforce.

The other day, Joe Biden hosted a drag queen show at the White House which featured pervert performers who are in favor of sexual intercourse with children. And as if not to be outdone, Pope Francis finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal involving his close personal friend, Fr. Marko Rupnik, who has been credibly accused of having sexually abused nuns over the course of many years.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

This is what happens when Christ is ostracized. Our situation is worse than that of pagan Rome, because at least the court of Nero or Caligula had never reembraced Christ in the first place and thus never rejected him as we are doing now.

What to do in the face of it all? Well, I guess we could sit around and tell each other that, as things have never been worse, it’s time to assume the fetal position and wait for the asteroid. Maybe that’s true but, then again, it’s not as if we didn’t know this was coming. Christ, or chaos. Remember?

Wars, rumors of war, nations annihilated, Rome will lose the faith –- welcome to the prophesy, pal!

"The world into which Christ was born, for example, was more far more dystopian than it was utopian. It too was governed by madmen who were obsessed with the idea of building a cockamamie new world order."

From the moment of its founding, The Remnant newspaper’s point and purpose has been to warn against the advent of the prophesied demonism we see rising up all over the world today. Our Lady of La Salette, pray for us? Yes, quite right!

On the other hand, things have been upside down and back-to-front in centuries past, too. The world into which Christ was born, for example, was certainly more dystopian than utopian. It too was governed by madmen who were obsessed with the idea of building a cockamamie new world order.

That society was also pagan, besieged by endless wars, and dominated by another globalist empire that wanted to “reset” life in the image and likeness of a delusional lunatic who thought he was a god.

The old pagan Roman Empire was all about government surveillance, tracking people with a worldwide census, and occupying other people’s countries.

Even the church at that time was led by apostates who’d abandoned the God of Abraham in order to team up with the Globalists. When Herod found out about the birth of the prophesied Redeemer, he went totally Traditionis Custodes on his own people, initiating a massacre of the innocent adherents to the old religion.

It’s bad now, yes, but imagine being a home-school mom back then, with a houseful of kids and a psychopathic king trying to kill your 2-year-old. The Holy Family themselves had to flee the country just to avoid Herod’s pro-choice thugs.

"The little people of Bethlehem and Nazareth had no idea that the world was about to be redeemed by the long-awaited Messiah. All they knew was fear and change. Sound familiar?"

In addition to rampant poverty, the old world was dying and a new world order of redrawn maps, open borders, and forced occupation was rising.

When the Messiah finally arrived, the world was in such turmoil that the only ones to recognize Him were the “unvaccinated” who didn’t matter at all to the architects of Agenda AD30.

Was it easy to keep the old Faith back then? I doubt it.

Was every day more uncertain than the one before? Bet it was.

Did people go to sleep with fear every night? Of course, and they likely thought the world was ending, too.

"The little people of Bethlehem and Nazareth had no idea that the world was about to be redeemed by the long-awaited Messiah. All they knew was fear and change."

Sound familiar?

Fast-forward 2,022 years. . . It’s Christmastime again, we’re waiting for Christ to reveal Himself, and the legions are back. Now as then, there is no room in the digital inn for the Holy Family. But this does not mean that something wonderful isn’t about to happen, something we can’t see, just ahead, up around the curve in the road.

Yes, there’s darkness everywhere. But the darkness also makes it easier to follow the star out of this place. And at some point, during Covid, God gave us a great gift –- the gift of clarity to see the enemy for what and who he really is. His face is so wretchedly hideous that the grand seduction ended at first glance.

Here in the last days of the New Normal, only the fool says: “There is no God.” Everyone else can see that Caesar is no longer seductive, Caesar has gone mad; Herod is no longer progressive, Herod has lost his mind; the children of darkness are no longer reveling in debauchery, the children of darkness are cannibalizing each other.

I don’t hear much about “Happy Holidays” this year. Everywhere I go, it’s “Merry Christmas” again, as though people have grown sick and tired of the kindergarten stupid.

In many ways, the veil has been lifted. You’ve noticed it, right? That sense that as the world spins into chaotic madness, the Christocentric solution rises up before us like the only star in the night sky. Christmas is conquering the darkness again.

Somewhere over the past few years, the salvific Lumen Christi quietly became more a matter of fact than a tenet of a Creed we must accept in peril of our souls. The urge to follow the Light is stronger now than ever. Why? Because everything else is dark and dying.

There is no doubt anymore.

Here in the last days of the "New Normal", only the fool says: “There is no God.” Everyone else can see that Caesar is no longer seductive, Caesar has gone mad; Herod is no longer progressive, Herod has lost his mind; the children of darkness are no longer reveling in debauchery, the children of darkness are cannibalizing each other. In the glow of our vigil candles, we can hear them scream as they spill their own blood, slaughter their own innocents, weep, and gnash their own teeth. There is nothing enviable about them. They are Godlessness.

Have you ever been more certain of the fact that God exists, that Jesus is King, and that Christmas is the hope of the world? Hold on, dear friends. Christmas is here. Christ is born again. He has not abandoned us. He will be with us always, long after the Caesars and the Herods and the Globalists have become forgotten footnotes of history.

Christmas 2023 promises to be the best Christmas ever because faith has been transformed into fact and going to Bethlehem is the only thing in the world today that makes sense anymore. So, let’s do this.

God bless you all, keep the Faith, Merry Christmas, and to Hell with the New World Order.

© December 23, 2022 by Michael J. Matt, "The Remnant".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 5:45a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took a 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength for various pains, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was already 37°, and forecast to hit near 60°. Sacre Bleu!

I'm going to let God fix it, because if I fix it, I'm going to jail.

I scanned the computer for weather and news, had several mugs of Kona Coffee, and tried to wake-up. I'll get no snooze today, as Sherry and I are meeting at the Springettsbury Twp Park, at 1p, to get some hugs & kisses in, as well as some walking. And I'm definitely sleeping-in tomorrow morning. It started to get light around 7:15, and I needed to leave for the nearby New Eastern Farmers' Market by 8:30. The traffic was light, the Market wasn't crowded, and people were friendly, as usual. I got some nice goodies, came home, Sis unloaded, and I grabbed a 2hr snooze on the LR couch. 3 days in a row, getting-up at before 6a, had tired me out.

I left for the nearby Park, and the lot was full, so I grabbed a Disabled Parking Spot (yes, I have a placard) and waiting for Sherry. We drove 2 lots down, and planking was plentiful. We spent nearly 2hrs walking, petting walkers' dogs, and catching-up. Then back to my condo, and more talking, hugs and kisses, and scheduling more time with each other, for next week (2023). She left just after 4p, and I closed down the garage after putting the Jeep away. I had Crab w/ Cut Asparagus Soup (one of many types from the Market) for dinner, and got back on the office computer to get some unfinished work done, checked the 2023 calendar and got ready to put the old paper 2022 calendar into the 2022 Income Tax file, with all the other paperwork. 2022 sucked, but Sherry made it wonderful for me, as she has for all the prior years since we've been together.

I was at the local bookstore yesterday, and I asked if they had Trump's new book on how to deport criminal, illegal, alien, immigrant invaders. The clerk said, "Get the f•ck outta here, and don't come back! My reply: Yes, that's the one. Do you have it in paperback? (H/T Sherry)

I watched Fox News about the Idaho murders breaking case arrest -- looks like the perp was an incel and may have been shut down by one or more of the 3 young women he murdered -- and I was tired enough to bag it at 11p. Tomorrow's another day.

I slept-in until 8:45a on Saturday -- New Year's Eve Day -- and since Sis had the condo already warmed-up, I made Kona Hawaiian Coffee, got breakfast ready, took 2 50mg Tramadol for lower back, hip, leg and feet pain, and had a smoke in the warm garage. It was an almost "balmy" 54°, so early in the day. Nice break from the near-zero temps we had last week, as the "blizzard" blew thru upper PA/ New York State. and the Northeast. Missed us almost completely, except for the bitter cold.

After breakfast, I settled-in to move all 2022 paperwork into the Tax file for reference, and got the 2023 calendar and other related paperwork into play. Now, I'm ready for midnight. I tuned into the local WSBA-910am station's "Chris Plante Show" replay at 11a-2p. My whole January is clear, except for a Therapeutic Massage and several days with Sherry, but February begins the "Dr Cycle". (((Groan))) It started raining around 2p, and continued thru the evening, but still at 53°, it was like an early Spring rain. I had a Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque Soup for a late lunch, and hit the LR couch for a couple hours. I tried listening to Fox News, "Watters" etc, but it was all groups of "panelist" assholes, screaming and yelling over each other about New Year's crappola, and I gave up on that dogshit channel, for the evening.

After dinner, I finally finished all the 2022 stuff, brought-0out the 2023 stuff, and used CCleaner to cleanse my desktop, as I do every night, of all the trackers and junk files, watched some "Gold Rush", and called it a night at 11p. Happy New Year, all!

I slept-in until 9:30a on Sunday, New Year's Day, 52° already and bright and sunny. I had 2 Croissants and plenty of Kona Coffee for breakfast, did my usual shave and shower, and got ready for 2023's first day. Whoopee! After breakfast, I skipped lunch, letting the Tramadol work on the pain, and started partying with Jamye, Jeff and Katie, got a serious "buzz" on, due to 8% malt "beverages" I was drinking -- no 'hard stuff". And by 5:30p, I settled-down in my office-sunroom, and got my "shit together", still not hungry, and did some "Journal" writing, and finally got some Spaghetti & Meatballs. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Was I "buzzed"! Finally home at 6:30p, I fell asleep in my office-sunroom comfy chair, until 7:30, and watched some news, after I could focus on the TV.

"A fun time was had by all." Heh.

After dinner, Sis and I watched episodes of the new season 13 of "Gold Rush", until 1a, and unplugged for the night. Way too much Alaska, Klondike, Yukon and gold stuff.

Up at 9a on Monday, I warmed-up the condo, made coffee, had some Marlboros w/ Kona Coffee, and Sis and I took a ride over to her condo, to get the propane tank and bring it back here, and consult with her neighbor about slate etc for the living room. Meh; I'm not an "interior design" guy, except on my own place, but Sandy and I helped Sis make the right choice of materials. Back by 11a, I unloaded the heavy tank, and stored it on my back patio, until I can get my old, trusty 2001 Char-Broil® Patio Grille brought back here.

I had one Croissant for breakfast, skipped lunch, and took a panoply of various painkillers for my back and hips, before leaving for the gigantuan York Galleria to meet Sherry, and do some serious walking. We did a mile; 2 laps around the mezzanine. It was a good walk and great time with Sherry, as usual. Back to my place, and my BSL dropped from the morning's 132 to 85 -- "dangerous territory (Hypoglycemia) -- and I faded quickly, had a banana and some OJ, and hit the couch for a short nap. Two hours later, I was back up and had a large Spaghetti & Meatballs dinner. That carb-lade meal helped a little. 50 and lower is truly "dangerous territory); I've been there at 40 and less, several years ago, and it was bad.

After dinner, I watched the news, only 2 episodes of "Gold Rush" (it's addicting), set my alarm for 6a, and unplugged at 10:15p.

Up at 6a -- my favorite 0-Dark-Thirty -- with the alarm, 46°, I upped the heat, made coffee, did the BSL and tuned into the Chris Stigall Show, 6-9a, from Philly, and enjoy a smoke with coffee. I checked the day's news and weather on my computer, and had my morning errands list updated. JoAnne would be in at 8:30 to clean, and I'd be leaving at 9:30. I had breakfast, moved the Jeep to a visitor's parking spot, so JoAnne wouldn't park me in and I could leave at 9:30, and kept after the incoming email and paperwork. A massive t-storm moved into the York, with the worst of it to the north and west of us, and it poured for a solid hour. I left at 9:30a, for a convenience store, a stop down south in Dallastown, and back north to Weis Market, to fill my list.

Back by 11:30a, I scanned the news and can't believe that the shitty NFL (National Felons League) "postponed indefinitely", some game in Buffalo, in which Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest following a hit in Monday night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals causing him to collapse on the field, the team said Tuesday. BFD. The Bengal's press release: "Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in our game versus the Bengals. His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment. He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition." BFD.

Much more importantly... Economic 'Category 5 storm' brewing in 2023, market expert warns. After the most volatile year for the stock market since 2008, Wedbush Securities managing director Dan Ives warned on "Mornings with Maria" Tuesday, that Big Tech companies still need to "rip the Band-Aid off" in terms of layoffs as a "Category 5 storm" threatens the macroeconomic picture for 2023. Get prepared!

I had lunch, did 2 loads of laundry, and worked on paperwork thru the afternoon. Soon enough, it was dark, the rain had stopped and I needed a nap. But there was folding laundry to get done, and to pay my Springettsbury Two Sewer Bill, online. I've done this for 10 previous years, but today all I got when submitting payment, was "505 ERROR - Procedure cannot be completed". I tried 8x to pay it, but to no avail. I gave up and will try later. I had other online problems with a coffee order I'd placed on 12/29/22, but couldn't get a live person to answer the phone or return an email. After trying to submit payment 8x, and was refused, I was so PO'd that I could spit nails. After I calmed down, I had dinner and put-off trying again. I finally laid down on the LR couch at 7p, just for a short snooze. 2hrs.

I had a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really BAD DAY, today; everything I touched turned to crap. Time to quit before something else goes wrong. I bagged it for the night at 10:30p.

Up at 9a on Wednesday, to a "tropical" 54°, Sis already had coffee made, so I had a smoke in the garage, and tried again 3x to pay the damned Twp Sewer Bill. Same damned "505 Internal Server Error", as the 8x I tried last night, so I gave up, wrote a check and will hand-deliver it to the Twp Building, on my errand list, this morning Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Not going to let it ruin my day... Not going to let it ruin my day... Not going to let it ruin my day...Not going to let it ruin my day... Not going to let it ruin my day...

I skipped breakfast, left at 11a for Red Lion, to drop-off/pick-up a load at the cleaners, and my slacks weren't ready. I left for the pharmacy, back north on Rt24, and then to the Springettsbury Twp Building. They no longer take Sewer Bills, so I had to drive way north, almost to Mt Wolf, to the Twp Wastewater Treatment Plant's Office, to pay the damned bill. I rescheduled Sherry's and my Galleria walk until tomorrow, since it was heavy traffic and going on 1p. I finally got home around 1:20p, and needed to unwind, with a smoke and some leftover morning Kona Coffee. Wheeeeeeew, what a day!

I had Cheese Ravioli w/ Mushrooms for lunch, and Sis brought home 2 FIVE GUYS Dbl-Cheeseburgers & Fries for lunch, so I'll have mine for dinner. Sewer Tax paid, I still have the coffee bean problem to get fixed. I've called Coffee Fools Co 6x and left messages, eMailed them, and done a Live Chat, but still no response. I guess just "waiting" is the best thing to do, right now. Getting PO'd sure doesn't work. Meanwhile, Ol' Shit-For-Brains McCarthy has lost six Speaker Votes, but nowhere close to the most contentious 133 vote record, back in 1856. Meh. By 4:15p, it was getting dark, especially with the heavy cloud overcast, though no rain yet.

Here's the beginning of what I've been warning everyone about -- The Great Reset -- "The final rule in a set of regulations adopted 15 years ago takes effect this week, ???">banning some 70,000 big rigs from California roads. A set of clean air regulations implemented by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2008, and later signed into law as Senate Bill 1, states that any diesel vehicles weighing over 14,000 pounds and built before 2010 are banned from operating on California roads as of Jan. 1, 2023." Without all those trucks, ships in port can't offload, and goods can't move to distribution points, and store shelves will begin to empty out. I hope you're well-stocked-up and ready for what's coming, as it'll affect the entire Nation, and eventually the world.

After dinner, I watched the news, "Watters" and "Carlson", and some episodes of season 13 of "Gold Rush", until 10:30. Lights out.

Up at 8:30a on Thursday, it was a beautiful, semi-warm 49° start to the day. That'll be coming to an end in a day or so. I did all the usual stuff, tuned into the "CP Show", but he had a sub on, again. Disappointing. I had breakfast, and got ready for the day. By 10:30a, it was 56° and almost Spring-like. I drove over to the nearby Rite Aid to p/u some waiting Rxs, and then back home to get some lunch, and meet Sherry at 1p, at nearby Springettsbury Twp Park. After an hour-plus of a good long walk, we came back to my place to talk, and she left at just after 4p. I got some Chicken Pot Pie, for dinner, tuned into the "Chris Stigall" Podcasts from yesterday and today, purposely trying to avoid the McCarthy House Vote crappola. I've had more than enough of that crap.

I have to get up early at 6a, to get to the New Eastern Farmers' Market by 8:15, get my order and some produce and fresh bread, from other stands. I'll catch an afternoon nap tomorrow. Lights out at 10p.

Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal", and mostly it's clear.

Bring On The Electricity Cost Crisis!

In a post earlier this week, I celebrated the adoption by New York State of its Scoping Plan that tells us how we are going to accomplish the great transition to 70% “renewable” electricity by 2030 and zero-emissions electricity by 2040. The summary is: “just build a lot of offshore wind turbines and batteries.” Unfortunately, nobody seems to have done the basic arithmetic to see whether the prospective facilities will suffice to supply enough electricity to meet demand at all times. But then, this Scoping Plan is the product of the Important People, and why do the Important People need to trouble themselves with such minutiae? After all, they have a planet to save.

What that prior post did not consider was the likely cost to New York consumers of trying to buy electricity in a future at times when the wind is calm, the sun is dark, and fossil fuels have been suppressed. How high might the cost go when everybody has to bid at the same time for the small amounts of hydro or nuclear that may remain?

It turns out that three members of the Climate Action Council (propounders of the Scoping Plan) dissented from issuance of the Plan. One of those, a guy named Gavin Donohue, is at least partially alert to the consumer cost issue. His statement dissenting from the Scoping Plan can be found here. Among other things, he had this to say on the cost issue:

It is irresponsible to put out a plan to achieve the CLCPA’s goals while at the same time preventing New Yorkers from understanding the impact on their energy bills and the economy. We are in a period when electricity bills are expected to increase by 30-40% and the Plan’s lack of mentioning on how it will impact ratepayers is disappointing and a missed opportunity. The Plan lacks an independent, transparent, unbiased, comprehensive consumer cost impact analysis and quantification of the expense that will ultimately be borne by New York’s residents through increased fees, taxes, and energy bills. For the past two years, I have asked for this cost analysis.

Lack of consideration of potential consumer cost impacts is “disappointing” and a “missed opportunity.” That’s certainly a polite way of putting it. More accurate would be completely incompetent and irresponsible.

Not that it is necessarily straightforward to figure out what these future costs might be. The fundamental problem is that this future fantasy almost-all-renewable system requires some kind of full backup, which may only be called on occasionally, but when called on the need will be desperate and the price could get bid up to unimaginable heights.

How high might those heights be? While it’s impossible to put any definitive limit on it, we can get a very good idea of how the process plays out by looking at what’s going on in Europe right now. In its righteous battle to drive down carbon emissions, Europe has closed most of its coal plants, banned fracking for oil and gas, and otherwise suppressed almost all fossil fuel infrastructure except some pipelines from Russia. Trading Economics gives the most recent price for wholesale natural gas on the European market as 82.97 EUR/MWH. By the way, that’s down from prices over 100 EUR/MWH, and as high as 350 EUR/MWH (briefly) over the last six months. The most recent U.S. price is $5.12 per MMBTU. I come up with a factor of about 3.4 to convert from MMBTU to MWH, and the dollar and euro at close to par, so the comparison is about $17/MWH for the U.S. to $83/MWH for Europe. Europe’s fossil fuel suppression has resulted in a price about 5 times as high as the U.S. price.

And thus there is a consumer energy cost crisis currently raging in Europe — something that you read almost nothing about over here. The solution that the Europeans have come up with is to provide massive subsidies to enable consumers (and also businesses) to pay for their energy bills. A Brussels-based think tank called Brueghel has come out with a chart of the subsidies that the various European countries have agreed to pay (updated to November 29):

Germany, the European champion of the energy transition, is spending over 7% of GDP on these subsidies, and that’s just so far.

So, New York, when the same process plays out for you, are you going to spend the same 7% or so of GDP to shield the consumers from the real prices, or are you going to let the electricity and heat bills go up by a factor of three —- or five?

Nobody in New York is going to make any serious effort to try to understand these issues. So we’re just going to have to let the process play out until we hit some kind of energy or price wall. It’s not going to be pretty.

© 12.24.2022 by Francis Menton, "Manhattan Contrarian".

Here Are The Biggest Ways Congress’ Massive Spending Bill Will Be A Boon To Illegal Immigrants.

Congress’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill includes a number of provisions that provide support to organizations that help illegal immigrants by providing shelter, legal support and other forms of aid.

The bill, which passed both chambers of Congress, includes funding to Border Patrol that can’t be used for expanding border security, while adding funds to a number of other programs that subsidize nongovernmental groups seeking to help illegal immigrants released into the country. The funding comes amid record numbers of illegal immigration, with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountering more than 2.3 million migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022 alone.

“Rather than do anything to regain control of our borders, the omnibus is focused entirely on processing illegal aliens as quickly as possible and transporting them to already overwhelmed communities all across the United States,” Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Dan Stein said in a statement shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This massive spending bill effectively turns CBP into a federally administered travel agency for illegal aliens and saddles state and local governments with the costs of education, health care, housing and other basic needs for the endless flow of illegal aliens the Biden administration is waiving into the country.”

The bill includes over $1.5 billion for Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) “border management” efforts on the condition that the funding can’t be used for border security. The funds, however, can be used “for technology and capabilities to improve Border Patrol processing” of illegal immigrants, many of whom are released into the country. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: NFL Legend Visits Southern Border Weeks After Biden Said ‘There Are More Important Things Going On’)

The bill also increases funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) emergency food and shelter program, which reimburses nongovernmental organizations that house and care for illegal immigrants released into the country, by roughly 400% compared to the fiscal year 2022 budget.

The bill also seeks to allocate $20 million to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Case Management Pilot Program, which is headed by an organization that advocated to “abolish ICE,” Church World Service. The DHS program tasks nongovernmental organizations with providing “voluntary case management and other services” for illegal immigrants awaiting court proceedings.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) could receive $29 million from the bill for a program that funds nongovernmental organizations that walk illegal immigrants through the judicial process.

“If Democrats were serious about border security, they would not have included a provision in this bill to block DHS from using portions of the funding to increase border security. Though the Left wants to spin this bill in an attempt to save face with the American people, we all know this legislation will only exacerbate the crisis and send our country further into debt and chaos,” Executive Director of Heritage Action for America Jessica Anderson said in a statement to the DCNF.

© 12.24.2022 by Jennie Taer, "Daily Caller".

[JS: This couldn’t have passed without the help the 18 Republicans in the Senate the voted for this. McConnell and the Republican establishment owns every dirty detail of this legislation. Rather than do anything to regain control of our borders, the omnibus is focused entirely on processing illegal aliens as quickly as possible and transporting them to already overwhelmed communities all across the United States. Your tax dollars going to pay for the demise of your country, your state, your city and YOU. Those Republican traitors that voted for this should be tried for sedition and treason. Nobody read the bill, but we will now find out how OUR money is being spent. Shameful that our DC “representatives” hate us so much that they want to overwhelm our system with useless/violent illegal immigrants. Cloward-Piven in full view. No one gets tried for sedition and treason anymore in this godforsaken country. When was the last time that happened? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? I’m concerned about the January Sixers who everybody is trying to forget about publicly, but who are still being horribly deprived of their Constitutional rights and their freedom, to this day. And this “government” that we have still isn’t through with them. Here are 56 reasons I found NOT to vote for that "Omnibus Bullshit Bill". Congress passing this $1.7 Trillion bill is like watching a Target Store being looted in Minneapolis. Everyone is trying to grab as much as they can, and get out before the place burns down.]

Men Who Think They Are Women? No, No, No. I Will Never Accept This As Normal.

By the grace of God, as long as I have breath, I will never accept as normal a sentence like this: “Back in June, a group of women complained that [Darren Agee] Merager, 53, who identifies as female, allegedly exposed her penis at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles to them.”

No, no, no. I will never accept such semantic nonsense as normal, and neither should you. Not in a million years.

There is no such thing as “her penis.” (We are not talking about a biological anomaly which leaves someone with ambiguous or dual genitalia. We are talking about males vs. females, and Merager is a male.)

And if a woman, in the midst of other naked or partially naked women, “exposed herself,” there would not be an outcry from the other women, especially mothers with their daughters. Who would even notice?

But when a man walks into a women’s spa — simply because he “identifies” as a woman, which is both a travesty and a terrible danger — and then exposes himself, that is when the outcry begins. That outcry must never stop!

Ironically, the Daily Mail began its story on Merager with this very bold, even damning headline: “Transgender ‘pervert’ is arrested 15 months after she ‘exposed herself to women and girls at Wi Spa in LA’ triggering violent protests from Antifa goons who branded allegations a bigoted hoax.”

So, the Mail had no problem referring to Merager as a “pervert,” also describing him as a “sex pest.” And the article notes that Merager was already a registered sex offender and even calls him a “convicted sex criminal.”

The Mail further reports that, “The story was then, for months, swept under the rug by the mainstream media — with many, including the leftist radical group Antifa, defending Merager.”

Yet the Mailwrites, “A transgender person wanted for exposing their naked, half-erect penis to women in two separate changing room incidents in Los Angeles has been arrested after more than 15 months on the run.” And, as quoted above, “Merager, 53, who identifies as female, allegedly exposed her penis at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles ...”

First, using trans-correct terminology, Merager is referenced with a third person plural pronoun (“their”). Then, in an act of journalistic insanity (yet one that is in keeping with official journalism guidelines), Merager is referenced with a female pronoun (“her”). And in both cases, the pronouns were in reference to his private parts.

As for Merager himself, this man obviously needs to find the Lord and get his life right, all while paying the just penalty under the law. (He was also arrested for allegedly exposing himself to women and children in a women’s locker room.)

As for the women and/or girls who were traumatized by his actions, may they get all the help they might still need, and may Merager’s arrest help bring them some sense of closure and relief.

As for Antifa, the fact that the group defended Merager, even violently, tells you everything you need to know. May their eyes be opened to truth and reality, and may they have the courage and the humility to acknowledge the deep error of their ways.

As for the spa (and others involved in justifying this madness), may they no longer endanger their patrons by embracing the latest wave of cultural madness.

As for the rest of us — for you and me and our families and friends and the circles that we influence — may we shout from the rooftops that we will never accept this as normal.

Nor will we accept as normal 13-year-old girls getting full mastectomies simply because they are confused about their gender identity.

Or 10-year-old boys sterilizing themselves for life as they take hormone supplements to stop the onset of puberty while they figure out if they are male or female.

Or incoming college students starting their new classes by reciting their preferred gender pronouns.

Or users getting banned from social media platforms for saying that “Rachel” Levine is a biological male.

Or female athletes getting crushed and humiliated by boys who identify as girls and who are demolishing the hard-earned records of their female peers.

Or boys claiming to be girls so they can have access to the girls’ bathrooms at school, where they proceed to rape and attack them.

No, no, no. I will never accept this as normal, and neither should you.

As to why I’m writing about this subject yet again (I’m sure I’ve written hundreds of related articles in the last 10 years), the answer is simple: As long as these stories come up in the news and in our schools and on our social media streams and in our places of business, I will continue to address them. Otherwise, little by little, we will become used to all this, totally desensitized by the constant repetition. We can never let that happen.

This is cultural madness, plain and simple, and I will not tone down my rhetoric in an effort to appear moderate and balanced.

I truly care for those who struggle with gender identity issues, especially young people. I also know that the vast amount of confusion we’re witnessing today is the result of sociological contagion.

Let us call it out for what it is. And let us not stop speaking up and speaking out until the tide turns and sanity prevails. Do we really have a choice?

© 12.28.2022 by Dr. Michael Brown, "The Christian Post".

The Falsehood of White Privilege.

One of the Left’s favorite ways of attacking Whites in general and men in particular is to accuse them of benefiting from white privilege. Their only goal in doing so is the attainment of more power for themselves.

During the past few years, the concept of “white privilege” has taken hold of the Democratic Party and those on the Left. The idea is that all White people have enjoyed and still enjoy privileges and advantages by virtue of their being white, and this state of affairs leaves “people of color” at a structural disadvantage in almost all human endeavors—bringing up a family, getting into college, succeeding in work or business, buying a home and more. The concept of white privilege is used as a cudgel against the Left’s opponents, not to help Black people or others but rather to concentrate power in the hands of politicians, college administrators, woke corporate professionals, entertainers and the like. White privilege is a falsehood in more ways than one.

At the most basic level, the United States has such a mixed and diverse population that there is unfortunately no shortage of poor Whites, whether in Appalachia or in towns where the jobs moved out and fentanyl moved in. Additionally, there are many “people of color” who are wealthy or super-wealthy. Who has privilege—a millionaire Black businessman who grew up in a middle class family or a poor White man whose family has been barely getting by in coal country for generations? Beyond the fact that there are many Americans who do not fit into the patently false narrative of specifically white privilege, the concept itself is based on a falsehood antithetical to the “American Way.”

In the past, when America was a more religious country, one realized that his or her task in this world was to take whatever was given and make the most out of it in a lifetime. If one was born into wealth, then more was expected by society as well as by the person himself. This concept was expressed as noblesse oblige and for generations well-to-do Americans saw it as their obligation to use their positions and means to serve the country in the armed forces, charities, and/or government. Have you ever noticed that older hospitals tend to have religious names like St. Mary, Mount Sinai, or Lutheran General where I was born. Industrialist Andrew Carnegie used part of his wealth to build over two thousand libraries worldwide and Vannevar Bush left MIT to run the Army’s scientific war effort when his country needed his expertise. The president of Harvard joined him. It was expected that those who had advantages in this world would give back to those who did not and to their country that helped them to make it. Privilege brought with it responsibility and while not all wealthy people helped those in need, there are many examples even today of those who dedicate part of their wealth or time to advance others. The last time I was at the Hadassah Hospital here in Jerusalem, I saw the new Bloomberg wing for mother and child. One may not like the man’s politics or his media empire, but clearly Michael Bloomberg feels that part of his wealth should be used to help others. Even as mayor of New York, he spent $12 million of his own money on city projects. Michael Bloomberg was born to a bookkeeper father and an at-home mother. Bloomberg believed that financial companies would want business-related information in real time and would be willing to pay for it. He took a large risk and could have failed with his news company if the market was not as he thought or if someone had done it better. There was no guarantee that he would succeed, and had he failed, nobody would have come to help pick up the pieces. He took a risk and succeeded. For every successful inventor or entrepreneur, there are dozens whose bets did not pay off. Each of us is expected to use all that is available to us with our own effort and risk-taking to get as far along in life as possible. Guaranteeing outcomes means that people like Bloomberg would have no reason to take the risks.

There are two ways to get more even outcomes—help those in need to get ahead or to punish those who are successful by pulling them down. The Left’s goal of leveling the playing field by pulling down those who took that which they were given and made something out of it will not help the poor. Denying Whites admission or advancement will not make non-Whites more successful. Harvard admitted in court that without their denying many Asian students acceptance to the undergraduate college, the Black population on campus would be much smaller. Harvard’s goal should have been to help Black students become more competitive prior to applying. Harming Asian applicants who threw themselves into their studies and activities to be worthy of admission is a sign of a failed admission system. The lawsuit brought by Asian student organizations against Harvard was recently heard by the Supreme Court.

The goal of throwing white privilege at people who of no fault of their own were born Caucasian and of means or backgrounds not of their choosing will not help Blacks, Hispanics and others to succeed. The goal is simply to pull down those who strive so that we can all be mediocre together. Rather than demanding that rigorous standards be met for college acceptance, joining the SEALs or being accepted for pilot training, standards are lowered—even the SAT is being abandoned. Those who succeed are not lauded for their efforts and determination but rather are accused of being recipients of gifts and background conditions that were unfair as if their personal efforts in maximizing the usefulness of their starting conditions were meaningless. Claims of white privilege are based on the destructive idea that we should all have equality of outcomes (“equity”) rather than allowing each and every American to succeed according to his/her abilities and personal efforts. By demanding equality of outcomes and accusing Whites of having some privilege that gives them an unfair leg up in all of life’s activities, those on the Left are demanding mediocrity; they are effectively telling students not to push themselves, not to try their best, because whatever they do, the results are not theirs and that their successes have been at the expense of others.

Accusing Whites of having unfair advantage will not help “people of color” succeed. That which is needed is a focus on the family in Black communities. Black births out of wedlock in the US are greater than 50 percent. The most important factor in success is not money but rather family. Children study, learn to take risks, and push themselves because they know that their families have their backs. Stable and successful Black families will do more to advance Black men and women to success than all the efforts to punish Whites for being white. Tiger Woods’ son is already playing golf with his dad. There is no question that he has an enormous advantage over future golfers of his age. Should he be punished? Should he be accused of privilege and denied a professional golf career? Of course not. He should be encouraged to push himself to become an amazing athlete and golfer like his dad if he sees golf as his future.

One reads now and then of Whites being punished for no other crime than the color of their skin. Whether it is a sign-language translator fired from his job on Broadway or teacher candidates denied jobs because of their skin color, Whites are being told that because of a supposed privilege they inherited, they do not deserve to work or to benefit from their skills and efforts. United Airlines has made much noise about wanting to have a more diverse flight crew. My only concern as a passenger in the back is having the best pilots at the front of the plane; I could not care less if it is a man or a woman, or what color he or she is. Not for United. Will they sacrifice pilot quality to reach their minority pilot quota? Will anyone take responsibility if something goes wrong in the air? Of course not. In business and government, nobody takes responsibility for failure.

A person is charged in this world with using whatever skills, gifts, and opportunities he or she has with a personal drive to get as far along in life as possible. There is no question that for some the road to success is longer and harder than for others, but pulling down one group will not help others to succeed. I once heard an interview with the daughter of a very famous musician. She said that her last name automatically got her auditions, but if she could not perform on the piano at the highest professional level, her father’s name and reputation would not help her land a job. America needs to focus on encouraging and supporting those who wish to succeed, regardless of skin color or starting point. Success must be seen as what you did with yourself and not where you started.

© 12.31.2022 by Alan Joseph Bauer, "Townhall".

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