It Is What It Is
Friday, January 29, 1999

The national nightmare continues. To say that Clinton will get away with his crimes and will not be removed from office is 99.98236574% defacto, now. The US Senate doesn't have the votes to oust him. It's a moot issue, according to the ancient, scumbag, lib-Democrat Sen. Robert C. Byrd, (D-W.Va.) on Friday. Byrd is a former KKK member and redneck, liberal Democrat who should have been convicted and imprisoned for his many crimes back in the 60s.
The Nation (collectively speaking) has now lowered the bar for a president's crimes while in office. Yet the standard for perjury and obstruction of justice for all of us us common citizens, as in you and me remains where it's always been, as under the strict letter of the Law. And the people so rightly jailed for those felonies will stay where they are: in prison. Unlike Clinton, they now won't get a break for their lies, as he will for his.
We now have different laws for different people. Perjury by the president is okay; for the rest of us common scum, it's a felony. And that's socialism.
Despite protestations to the contrary, Clinton has won another battle. Whether he wins the war remains to be seen.
I'm NOT for getting it over with as soon as possible, and moving on. The US Constitution mandates a Senate Trial with evidence and witnesses, but it appears as though that process might be short circuited.
Stay the course, fight the good fight, do it by the rules, follow the Constitution, obey the Law and make history. Well, one guy is, anyway, unlike the lib-Dem scum and Republican cowards in the Senate.
Carry on, nurse.

IOC Scandal Expands.
It's a very sorry state of affairs for the International Olympic Committee (IOC): bribery, corruption, favoritism, prostitution, drugs, paedophilia et al. What's next?
It's now remarkably clear that the IOC is full of scum, lowlifes and cronies and needs to be disbanded and re-staffed by honest people. IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch is the biggest scumbag criminal of them all; he should be in a hellhole Mexican prison for 25+ years.
A true investigation would uncover a long-continuing pattern and record of extortion, initiated by the Samaranch scumbag; this is not as the IOC would have the world believe through its own so-called internal investigation an isolated case of a few errant IOC member asking for bribes. This corruption and extortion has been going on for many, many years.
Time to clean house, get rid of everyone on IOC and bring in some honest, fresh talent.
This pitiable act isn't even close to what's needed to clean out the IOC scumbags.

Let 'Em Eat Pork.
Here's a case of two towelheaded Muslim scumbag slime accusing a restaurant chain – of late an easy target for racial problems – of slipping pork into their meals. Hell, I'd have slipped fresh dogshit into their omlets. Hell, my General Manager and her family have 3 medium sized dogs – a huskie and two greyhounds – who would have made some great raw materials for fresh towelhead-doggie omlets.
These two Islamic scumbags just want to take advantage of an already besieged restaurant chain's problems; racist employees who like to have fun. The two towelhead scum are welfare filth, afraid to work for a living, believing the US owes them something.
I say, "Force feed the towelheaded, subhuman, muslim, islamic-shit-for-brains-filth all the dogshit they can swallow with plenty of homefries and pancakes, or whatever they want as side dishes. Bon appetit.
Hey DC idiots: build more maximum security prisons and keep that subhuman filth behind bars where it belongs!
If you're afraid to execute the scum, call me. I'll drive down and execute every f*cking one of them at no charge. Call me. My .357 Magnum, 9mm, M16 all need some exercise. I can devise a wonderfully colorful, entertaining and effective execution routine. I can waste 100-175 criminals per day without breaking a sweat. Call me, DC!
No wonder that place – Washington, DC – is such a shithole. Too many incompetent scum like the criminal, crack smoking Marion Barry running the place.

Scary Stuff.
I've been saying that one day, some zealot, towelhead, Islam-crazed, scum-f*ckers will use the World Trade Center as ground zero and detonate a small, thermonuclear device which will waste 12 million people in less than a minute. There are hundreds of these nutcases running around wanting to meet Allah through some suicidal act. Hey, line up pork eaters, and my M16 can help that wish come true real damned quick.
Now, someone else agrees with that scenario, and he's closer to it than I ever was.

Multiplying morons.
First, it was the shit-for-brains, lib-Dem, so-called mayor of Chicago, Dick-head Daley son of the infamous criminal mayor, Richard J. Daley who stupidly declared that gun manufacturers were to blame for criminal violence with guns. Now more idiots and morons are jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to cash in on a frivolous lawsuit. Miami, Bridgeport, CT, New Orleans and Chicago all cities with filthy, lib-Dem mayors are the initiators. They should be voted out of office and imprisoned for fraud.
Soon, they'll cite Ford, GM and Chrysler for manslaughter on the road: car accidents whack and maim ten times the people that guns do.
Then, it'll be the beef industry for all the artery clogging products they put on our dinner tables. Then,...
There's no end to what government, run by liberal subhuman scum, can do to protect you from yourself by destroying our right to freely choose.
Why can't those stinking, liberal scumbags understand that people have to take responsibility for their own actions? Well, they're lib-Dems, that's why. They believe that government should be responsible for everyone from cradle to grave: that's fascism and good old socialism, in about a 60-40 mix.
Ultimately, it's up to the US Court System to slap down such lawsuits as unworthy. History tells us that the Legal System is clogged up with lowlife, lib-Dem filth and they don't have the guts to do it.

Virginia Visitors.
Several weeks ago, an employee of Meadowlark Gardens in Fairfax, VA, called to ask for my help in getting an Alpine Trough Garden program up and running for about 15 people in a trough garden class program. She and many others had seen our offerings on this Website. No problem, I said.
She and two associates from that garden center drove up early on thursday morning to meet with my landscape foreman and myself, to review procedures on making and planting trough gardens. They bought 21 of my assorted Alpine Perennials to let the 15 trough makers choose from. A list will soon be forwarded to me for fulfillment, prior to the troughs being planted in the class.
They were impressed with my Trough Gardens and Alpine Perennials. I was impressed that they drove 400+ miles to see my offerings. Vive la Web!

Sleeping In.
After a wonderful dinner and great vino at Jeff & Denise's on Saturday evening, I slept in on Sunday, since I don't have to be in to work until 12noon. Yeah sure, it's a shocker that I'm not at church, but with so much advice and dogma being dispensed by The Pope-A-Dope, I can find all of the false teachings on the Net. Besides, I'm not much of a church-goer anymore; haven't been since the 60s.
In fact, I woke up several times during the night to the sound of hard, driving rain on the skylights and windows. It was a perfect day to catch up on some ZZZZZZZZs.
Since Saturday afternoon, we've had almost 2" of rain; a slow-moving system finally dumped some much needed moisture on our area. It's in the 50s and almost feels like an early Spring. But Winter isn't finished yet. We'll see much more Wintry weather in the coming months.

My Next System.
Currently, I'm a huge fan of SAG Electronics, but I've just found something a couple of rungs up the ladder: Silicon Graphics.
My good friend, Jeffrey, turned me on to SAG Electronics. Late in 1998, I bought an SAG Electronics P-II 450/ 384MGB SDRAM, 32x Plextor SCSI CD-ROM, a 9gb LVD2 (Ultra Wide, Ultra Fast SCSI) 10,000rpm Hard Drive, internal SCSI Zip Drive and am in love with the machine. It's coupled with a 500kbps, two-way cable modem, which is lightening fast. I hate leaving for work, though I have some pretty fine equipment there, too.
Silicon Graphics is 2 steps beyond SAG. And that's my next system, after the 600Mhz thingys settle out this Summer.

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