Little Jewels
Your Neighbors Will Wonder
Why You Never Fed Your Plants.

From Miniature & Alpine Conifers, Deciduous and Perennials, to rockhewn, European-looking 18th & 19th century Trough Gardens, special soils and gravels, fertilizers, catalogs, manuals and reference books, John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery has it all. Again.

The cultivation of Alpine Plants in rock gardens is one of the most satisfying pursuits in the world of gardening. The plants themselves, tough little jewels of the plant kingdom, are endlessly fascinating in their variety. And the creation of a rock garden allows you to imitate Nature's interplay of rock, soil and plant. And those who cultivate these miniatures are truly special gardeners; the elite aristocrats of gardening profession.

First, a bit of history on their origin.

Miniature rock gardens constructed in hand-hewn troughs or on rock slabs were first developed in England in the 1820's and 1830's. This very specialized form of container gardening presents several attractions: it allows for both better visual presentation of the plants and for more successful cultivation of difficult species and varieties.

Generally, Alpine Plants are miniature (under 1 ft.) even when mature, due mostly to their original harsh, mountainous (Alps and Himalayas) environment keeping them naturally-stunted. In cultivation, they grow only 2_3% larger. Many of the conifers and deciduous plants we sell are 10-plus years old, and have proven themselves hardy to Zone 2. So there"s no problem growing them in this area.

Now you can have instant effect, immediate gratification, in a truly unusual, containerized garden. Simply buy the individual pieces, design and install them yourself, or purchase an already assembled micro-landscape just looking for a permanent home on your deck, patio or pool area.

The neighbors will be astounded that you'd even consider gardening with something as small as this. But after your explanation about the ease-of-maintenance and lazziez-faire philosophy of an Alpine Trough Garden, they'll become entranced with the reality and unafraid of the concept of such small plants in their own, containerized, micro-environment.

It's a whole new world.

In addition to carrying only Premium Dark Bark Mulch, we feature over 900 varieties of perennials, 200 varieties of annuals and herbs, over 100 varieties of ornamental grasses and bamboos, and more than 1600 cultivars of nursery stock, ranging from the common to the very rare, unusual and hard-to-find. Our Collector's Rare Plant Nursery has been supplying gardening enthusiasts for over seven years, and is a must for connoisseurs and serious collectors.

Our Nursery Division can supply any request from the common to very rare and unusual material. And if you need a tree or shrub moved, we feature a special team capable of easily moving anything from 1-inch to 10-inch diameter trees. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Our Warranty: is unmatched by anyone, anywhere, and is one (1) year from date of purchase if you install the plant material; it is five (5) years if we install the material. Call, write or email us for a complete copy of The Warranty. It's also online right here.

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