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democrats are forcing a civil war

friday, july 31th, 2020

Through Antifa and BLM, the Democrats are preparing for war. The riots, looting, arson, and public beatings taking place every day are merely practice for the coming revolutionary conflagration. They are war-gaming to see how best to seize control of the streets and intimidate citizens into ceding their right to vote for the candidate they support.

From the beginning, they forced the police to stand down. The constant drumbeat for defunding the police has sent a message to LEOs everywhere: "Don't interfere" when the insurrection goes hot.

Knowing that the police can be constrained into allowing anarchy to reign, they then went after the National Guard and regular army, saying it would be un-American to deploy troops to quell the violence and restore law and order against "mostly peaceful" protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

They appear to be having great success in controlling the narrative, but if they think this nation is going down without a fight, they have another "think" coming.

Americans believe that one can never be too rich, too thin, or too well armed. And we are, indeed, well armed, with citizens who are beginning to see the game that is being played. Many estimate that between 300 million and 700 million firearms are in the hands of the public.

If only 10% of those guns are brought to bear, it would mean a minimum of 30 million weapons deployed against Antifa and BLM. No one wants to see bloodshed, especially gun-owners, who for the most part want to be left alone to protect their families, homes, places of worship, and places of employment.

Yet people are not going to stand by and watch America become another "socialist paradise." Americans are going to fight back — this should worry the left, as every hunter is something of a sniper.

Leftists are pushing to see how far they can go before the people confront them. The push for "change only they can believe in" is going to force this country in a series of bloody battles the left cannot win.

Before the economy-killing and unnecessary lockdowns, and the rioting, I would have said the civil war would happen after the election, no matter who won. Yet, those on the left are not going to allow that grace.

Everything they are doing speaks to a political movement preparing to overthrow a nation. They think this country is owed to them and they are determined to take it.

Having sidelined or neutered the National Guard and police, the facts on the ground today are Antifa and BLM rioting in most cases unopposed. They will run rampant in the days and weeks preceding the election unless citizens stand up to them. It is early, but it seems that more and more people have had enough of their terror tactics.

As far as the election is concerned, the police probably will be ordered to stand down, and the National Guard, if they are out at all, will be unarmed. Democrats think voter intimidation will be easy. Why not use rioting, chaos, and anarchy to shut down the polls in areas suspected of supporting the president? Remember the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia in 2008 — something like that, but more so.

Yet regular Americans vastly outnumber the forces of the left — they can terrorize the populace into submission only if normal people allow them to.

Part of their plan is to use the media to push the BLM message and social media to destroy anyone who does not go along. The "fake history" 1619 Project, claims of systemic racism, the national monument defacements, the toppling of statues with no real coherence as to the reasons why — are all done to rewrite the history and force-sell the notion that all they do is justified because we are to blame.

It is all propaganda to convince citizens that they must acquiesce to the violence or be labeled a racist and be canceled, their jobs gone, and their lives ruined. People are not even allowed to remain silent because "silence is violence." If they can get people to apologize for their privilege, all the better.

It is all about getting people to be active participants in their machinations to install the "king of aphasia," Joe Biden, as the new president.

Once Americans accept their culpability, the left can begin the process of healing by abrogating the constitution on which our republic is based. The violence they will use to make this so will be a "healing violence." After all, one cannot make a revolution omelet without breaking some heads.

They think they can convince Americans to forgo the fight and accept what they will force upon us. We must not allow them to succeed. They must be confronted when they come for our country. We must fight.

To date, the vast majority of Americans do not support the premise that America is unfair and must be changed. In response, the Democrats, in conjunction with Antifa, the party's paramilitary arm; BLM, the ideological arm of the party; and the media, its propaganda arm, are planning outright rebellion. What we are witnessing now from the Democrats is insurrection. It is a revolution that will end in bloody civil war. The left could not win total control of the nation at the ballot box, so leftists intend to take it.

They have miscalculated; what we are about to see in the streets of this country is going to make the violence and destruction of the riots seem mild by comparison.

But in the end, they lose, and we win...

© 7.18.2020 by William L. Gensert, "American Thinker".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 7a on Friday, it was already 79° outside, after a massive t-storm – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck and shoulder, had simple toast for breakfast, and checked the weather and news.

At 98°, I decided to stay inside for the day, get some rest until t-storms rolled thru and brought-in some temporary cooler air. The humidity never goes away, but temps do fluctuate. By 7p, storms had knocked down temps to the upper 70s, but it was too late to get anything done outside. I watched History's "Ancient Aliens" reruns from seasons which I hadn't seen previously. After the evening DR, sinner, more TV and the nightly DR, I called it a lousy day, and crashed for the night.

Awake at 8a on Saturday, I did the usual DR, coffee, breakfast routine, and got ready to go plant shopping w/ 2 HOA Board Members, to only offer "advice". We spent 2hrs in the morning 89° heat and 60% humidity, getting cooling shelter when and where we could, and chose some nice shrub/tree material for Sept-Oct installation. No, I don't miss being on the board; not at all.

Finished, soaked with sweat and back home by 12noon, I did my midday DR, had a very light lunch, and took a 2hr nap. It was another "NBC" (Nothing But Crap" Day, and until "Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" came on, I avoided "Noose-Car's race,and watched until 11p, after the evening DR and dinner. By 11:15p, I'd done the nightly DR and called it a day, since no worthwhile auto racing was on Sunday.

I slept-in on Sunday, until 10a, started coffee, had a couple smokes in the cool garage, did the morning DR and had a serious breakfast of Sunny Side-Up Eggs, English Muffins, Bacon & Tomatoes. After the daily shower, the morning was gone, so I started laundry, decided to stay inside and out of the 94° heat and humidity. I had condo chores to do, in addition to the dreaded laundry, so after finishing-up that stuff, I took a short nap, did the late midday DR and lunch, and watched History's "American Pickers" Marathon until 7p, did the evening DR and had 8oz Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes, and watched History's Buried: Knights Templar and the Holy Grail until 11p, and unplugged for the night.

Up at 7a on Monday, I had a smoke in the garage while coffee brewed, did the morning DR, and had a light breakfast. It would be close to 95° today, and I already had little or no appetite. I posted the weekly "Chris Plante Show" thread to FR, drove south to Red Lion to drop-off a load of shirt at the cleaners, and just wanted to get back home and off the sweltering roads. I also stopped at Rite Aid to p/u a waiting Rx.

Since it was so hot and humid outside, I parked the Jeep HEMI for the rest of the day, and stayed inside. There was an "American Pickers" Marathon on, so I watched it until 10p, after the appropriate DR and lunch, DR and dinner and the nightly DR. My BSL numbers are hovering around 90-120, which is good. I called it a day at 10:30p.

I over-slept on Tuesday, quickly posted the "CP Show" thread to FR, 15-20mins late, made coffee and had a light breakfast; THEN, had a couple smokes in the garage. Another 95°+ day ahead, so after some quick gardening and picking-up some waiting Rxs at Rite Aid, I stayed inside in the AC. My Combivent Respimat Emergency Inhaler wasn't working as well as it normally does, so being outside wasn't an option.

After the midday DR and a light lunch, I slept for 3hrs on the couch, watched "American Pickers" reruns, and some recent "Tucker Carlson Shows" on YT. I did the evening DR and had dinner, but going outside to the front porch or back patio was becoming a problem with all the heat and humidity, so I had one option. Even though the garage was like an oven with zero air movement and the Jeep HEMI V8's massive motor's heat, I had a plan.

I'd move the dehumidifier from the basement to the garage, move the Dyson heater/cooler to the garage, and see if that made it more palatable. The Jeep would just have to stay outside, except in severe t-storms, where hail could damage the huge panoramic sunroof. I'd have to bring it inside, in that event. It took me almost 2hrs to get everything moved, set-up, wired and working. It took a while to get the humidity down from 90% to 50%, and the temp down from 89° to 84°, and I'm sire I used a LOT of electricity, but since I don't smoke in the condo, there's no choice. By 10:30p, I was tired and had enough for the day. Time for some sleep.

Up at 7:30a on Wednesday, I did the usual coffee-DR-breakfast routines, had a couple smokes in the semi-dry, semi-cool, dehumidified garage. It was already 81° outside, but with lower humidity; but after checking the news and weather, tomorrow would be another Summer barn burner. It was.

"I Fought For You". Thanks for all you did for our Family and for America, Dad. Dad Was, Is and Always Will Be My Hero. (H/T ppc; many thanks.

High for the day was 94°, so after a couple of quick errands, I stayed inside, napping and getting paperwork done, and some utility bills paid online. My idea in putting the dehumidifier and Dyson cooler fan in the garage isn't working too well; it dehumidifies nicely, but it's just too hot for the fan's cooling capability.

I had Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti Marinara for lunch and a Olive Loaf Sub, for dinner. Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" was on until FoxNews' "Tucker Carlson" and "Laura Ingraham", and by 11p, I was ready for LA-LA Land.

Up at 6:30a on Thursday, I did the morning DR routine, had a couple smokes, coffee and breakfast. After posting the "CP Show" daily thread, I worked on a food shopping list for tomorrow. as I was too tired today, and wanted to meet Sherry at the York "Ghost Town" Galleria, to do some multiple mezzanine laps. High for the day is a forecast 95-96°, with oppressive humidity. Tomorrow's predicted to be rainy and in the "balmy" 80s. Yes, I take my Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP everytime we go there, or anywhere else, since you never know what's going to happen. Unemployment is up to a record 14.4%, thanks to Red Commie China CCP bastards, and millions more will be losing this jobs and businesses before all this shit is over.

After my midday DR and a light lunch, I met Sherry at the Ghost Town York Galleria, and we spent 2hrs walking and resting. We had a wonderful time, as usual, with some much-needed hugs. I got back home around 3:15p, fell asleep on the couch until 6:30, did the evening DR and had Sausage, Peppers, and Onions for dinner. Discovery's "Homestead Rescue" Marathon was on all day, and I watched until 11p. Since I wanted to get the food shopping over with by 10-11a tomorrow, I checked and re-checked the list, basement food stocks, and called it a week at 11:30.

Senior Wisdom.

This section is for our beloved senior citizens who have reached an age that these jokes now have real meaning! We have all achieved the aches and pains, as well as the wisdom, of growing older! Laugh loud and hearty... it's good for you! Just don't bust a gut.

1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.

2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.

4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.

5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

6. Was learning cursive really necessary?

7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.

9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.

10. Bad decisions make good stories.

11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection... again.

13. I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to.

14. I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.

15. I think the freezer deserves a light as well.

16. I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Miller Lite than Kay.

17. I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option.

18. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.

19. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still didn't hear or understand a word they said?

20. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front

Cow Insemination Is Rape, Milking Is Sexual Assault, Says Researcher.

A research paper currently being pushed by a researcher at the College of Brockport Gender Studies program wants society — feminists — to talk about the unseemly “sexual exploitation” of dairy cows in order to “fully fight gendered oppression.”

The author claims the dairy industry is rife with ‘sex-based discrimination’ (of cows), and compares insemination of the cattle to “rape.” The milking of cows is, of course, “sexual assault.”

This isn’t satire, so be careful, if you start buying into this, you too could be assimilated. According to Campus Reform:

A paper currently being promoted by a New York University calls on society to consider the rampant “sexual exploitation” of dairy cows by the milk industry in order to “fully fight gendered oppression.”

Specifically, the author compares cattle insemination to “rape” and the milking of cows to “sexual abuse.” The researcher believes “the dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination.”

Titled “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems,” the paper was published Friday in a journal called Dissenting Voices, which is published and edited by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College at Brockport State University of New York.

The published piece aims at discussing the “sexual exploitation of non-human bodies, specifically dairy cows.” The author notes that “as a vegan and animal rights activist,” she feels compelled to reveal the “feminist aspects of animal agriculture,” a topic she says is unfortunately “under-researched,” but is nonetheless important because “the same way women’s health has been at stake for years, a dairy cow’s reproductive system has been poked and prodded.”

According to the publication, “the dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination,” and a “site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non- humans with whom we share a planet.”

The paper argues that “in order to fully fight gendered oppression,” society must also address the plight of dairy cows, which it asserts are “still subjects to sex-based discrimination and violence,” despite their voices being “not always lifted or comprehensible.”

Blah, blah, blah, that’s enough of that.

The paper is based on the fact that you can’t milk bulls (even transgendered bulls?). We read the actual paper but couldn’t find information about NYU pushing it, although they are crazy enough to do it.

So, independent reporter Tim Pool has a video up about it. He thinks it’s a hoax but, he appears to be wrong, since it’s listed on the college of Brockport site.

This is where we are today. Vegans in particular, of which the author is one, put up articles about this ‘exploitation’ on a regular basis.

Breakfast Isn't Important.

I skipped breakfast again this morning. I won't worry about it.

Yes, I've heard the advice. "It's the most important meal of the day." It balances blood sugar levels, kick-starts your metabolism, stimulates the brain, etc.

A Harvard University study said men who regularly skip breakfast have a 27% higher risk of suffering a heart attack. 27 percent!

But I'm not worried, because I now know there's no proof that skipping breakfast causes heart attacks or any other problem.

In his latest video, nutritionist Dr. Ruth Kava points out that just about all the claims about breakfast being especially important are unproven.

Those Harvard researchers actually say it "remains unknown whether specific eating habits ... influence ... heart disease risk."

Strokes and heart attack news persists in part because people who skip breakfast tend to have other bad habits, like smoking.

But the breakfast bunk keeps coming.

Several years ago, the government announced that skipping breakfast may make you fat. Of course, the media jumped on that one. "Missing breakfast tricks your brain into thinking you want higher-calorie foods," says WebMD.

"Far from making you fat, breakfast actually helps activate your metabolism so you start burning fat," says StepToHealth.com.

But it's not true, shows a new analysis by the British Medical Journal.

"They looked on a number of different studies, and they did not find that eating breakfast ... helped people lose weight," says Kava.

The government has backed away from its claim.

Why did researchers and the government get it so wrong?

Partly because eating habits are hard to study. You can't follow test subjects for years, continuously controlling what they eat.

So, many studies are based on what people say they ate. Some people forget. Or lie.

Many of us have been suckered by studies funded by cereal makers. Five of 15 studies mentioned by the government in its breakfast push were funded by General Mills or Kellogg.

"Yeah, well, they're the ones that are interested in having their products sold," says Kava.

On its cereal boxes, Kellogg touted that study that found people who didn't eat breakfast could lose weight by starting to eat cereal or breads for breakfast instead of skipping breakfast altogether or eating meat and eggs.

"Don't get your nutrition education from cereal boxes," says Kava.

In fairness, cereal companies don't always try to spin the results. One study funded by Quaker Oats found skipping breakfast was associated with weight loss in people who were overweight. Instead of ignoring the result, Quaker Oats actively pushed the researchers to publish the data.

Even cereal boxes might be better sources of information than television, though.

"Sesame Street" is more reliable than most shows, but even there, Michelle Obama told Grover he was probably tired because he hadn't had a "healthy breakfast!"

While it's true that a hungry child may not do well in school, Obama tells Grover, "Everybody should have a healthy breakfast."

Not true. You need nourishment, but there's no good evidence it has to come at a specific time of day.

"Eat breakfast if you're hungry. If not, eat a little later," advises Kava.

Of course, the key to good health isn't just to do whatever you feel like doing. Our appetites can lead us astray. Smoking kills. Some tempting foods are unhealthy.

But years of consumer reporting have taught me that moderation and common sense are better guides than the hyped warnings from government and the media.

Why Do So Many Young People Embrace Socialism?

It’s not youth and inexperience. It’s not even government-run schools and idiotic celebrities. Not primarily.

Why do so many young people embrace socialism?

For the same reason any middle-aged or older person embraces socialism: Anxiety and envy.

By “anxiety” I mean neurotic anxiety, which means a false or exaggerated belief that one will be unable to properly survive or take care of oneself, so that unspecified help is needed to ensure survival.

Envy is often a byproduct of anxiety. If one starts out feeling, “I’m unable to care for myself,” then it’s not a stretch to look at someone else who has more than enough and say, “That’s not fair. He can more than provide for himself, and I’m unable to do so for myself”.

What about the fact that young people have not yet earned much money, and therefore don’t appreciate the value and justice of private ownership, i.e., being able to keep what you earn? Not all young people feel this way. Some young people understand the justice of keeping what you earn. Some do, and change their minds later and become socialists in middle-age.

Regardless, unless you have a significant amount of neurotic fear and/or envy, it’s unlikely socialism would grab your fancy for even five minutes, much less for years (and elections) on end.

It’s true that public schools are teaching the ideology of self-sacrifice and blind service to others (the same premises as Nazism and Communism) as self-evident givens in today’s government-run schools. But these faulty ideas are not new to the present era. Yet in earlier eras, the majority of young people did not turn as socialist as they appear to be doing today.

The more likely contribution of today’s mediocre schools — as well as an increasingly irrational culture — is that young people don’t know how to think. Thinking is your basic tool and precondition of survival. If you feel inadequate to think critically, rationally and objectively, you’ll develop a neurotic and pervasive sense that, “I’m not equipped to survive.” In a land of plenty, particularly, it seems logically appealing when someone comes along and says, “No worries. We’ll pick up your college tuition. And health care. And tons of other things too. You’re entitled to it, after all.” It comes as a relief to the anxiety-ridden souls who embrace socialism.

In older folk, and in some young people born into wealth, there’s the factor of guilt and atonement. That’s a form of anxiety, too. “I’m rich and I don’t deserve to be. It’s not fair.” So it becomes a form of virtue-signaling merged with a psychological tonic to make sure others see you support socialism.

It’s not that most young people are depraved and stupid any more than most older people are totally depraved and stupid. And it’s not just inexperience. It’s fear. And the envy that gets ignited by fear.

It’s truly sad. And yes, it’s dangerous for the future of a free society, but dangerous most of all for those young people who now seek to embrace socialism. It’s not going to end any better for them than it did for anyone else. And if they get their wish, and socialism gets enacted completely, then their fears will quickly become rational.

The Fake News Media Doesn’t Even Put Up A Pretense Anymore.

All fake news, all the time. If you still do not believe that our national media establishment is 100% in the pocket of the Democrat Party and coordinates messaging with that political party on a daily basis, consider the following story.

We are now in Day 9 of a partial “government shutdown” that exists over the issue of illegal immigration. Early this week, in the midst of this “government shutdown,” a California law enforcement officer was murdered by an illegal alien who he was attempting to arrest for what would have been the illegal’s THIRD DUI crime. Yes, that’s right: thanks to California’s sanctuary laws, this illegal had already been arrested for and convicted of two DUIs, has known gang affiliation, and despite all of that had been allowed to just get out of jail and roam free on the state’s highways to put more lives in danger.

Anyway, that murder took place four days ago now, and in all that time, not one Democrat officeholder has been asked by one intrepid “journalist” to comment on the situation. Think about that: California has 53 members of the house and 2 U.S. senators, and not one of them has had to field a single question about how they can continue to support open borders and sanctuary laws when their state’s police officers and citizens are being murdered by illegal aliens.

The reason why is obvious: The media and the Democrats are coordinating on a narrative, and that narrative dictates that only Republicans must field difficult questions about illegal immigration. Any “journalist” who violates the narrative runs the risk of being dis-invited from all the best dinner parties. This is not complicated, folks.

Speaking of fake news... – two other fake news stories dominated the fake media this week, and boy, were they doozies.

First, you had the “bone spurs” story. This story, which we’ve heard many, many times before, made a comeback this week, with “new” information. That “new” information came in the form of the two daughters of the doctor who treated Donald Trump for bone spurs in 1968 claiming that her father – who is conveniently dead – told them that he faked the diagnosis on orders from Trump’s father Fred Trump, so that Donald Trump could avoid the military draft in effect at the time.

1968 is half a century ago, for those who are chronologically challenged.

So, first of all, who cares? Other than a bunch of pedantic Millenial soy boys and valley girls staffing the fake reporter desks at CNN and MSNBC, that is.

Second of all, why should we believe these two women? In all seriousness – there is literally no reason at all to believe they are anything other than liberal attention-seekers. They bring with them zero supporting evidence – no documentation, no statements from their father or any other doctor. No media outlet would have dreamed of going forward with this story were it leveled at a Democrat president, yet every media outlet in America has parroted the claim this week.

Third of all, who cares? Yes, that deserves repeating.

The next big fake story of the week came from the pathetic McClatchy News Service, which updated its claim from earlier this year that ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had visited Prague during the 2016 campaign to hold secret meetings with Russian agents. This story has been debunked more times than the one about the moon landings being faked, but that didn’t stop McClatchy running with an update claiming that...

“A mobile phone traced to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, leaving an electronic record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials, four people with knowledge of the matter say.”

Those “four people with knowledge of the matter”? They are not merely anonymous sources – they are anonymous sources being quoted by other anonymous sources, as Brit Hume so ably pointed out:

Brit Hume? @brithume It turns out that the new McClatchy story on Michael Cohen in Prague is not based on intel their sources saw but what their sources’ sources said they saw. The story remains exclusive. (https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/28/michael-cohen-prague-mcclatchy/)

5,914 11:42 AM – Dec 28, 2018 Twitter Ads info and privacy

Michael Cohen Report Is Based On Third-Hand Information, Reporter Reveals McClatchy reporters did not see Cohen intelligence for themselves.

(dailycaller.com) 3,741 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy The reason why McClatchy’s story remains “exclusive” is that it is so obviously faked that none of the other fake media outlets want to touch it.

This is the sort of nonsense your OUR President has to put up with on a daily basis. It is intentional, it is relentless and it is unending.

The lowlife filth at AP clearly demonstrated their fake plan and hatred for Conservatives in the obit for Bre Payton, a conservative writer at The Federalist and frequent guest on television news outlets including Fox News Channel. AP is filth.

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