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our leaders have sided with the agents of chaos

friday, june 5th, 2020

Here's a simple question: A police station in a major American city was occupied, looted and burned on Thursday night. Most of us assumed we’d never live to see something like that happen here. But it did happen.

So the question is, has anyone been arrested for doing it? Will anyone ever be arrested?

No one in authority seems especially interested in apprehending the people who did it. All of it happened on camera, but the perpetrators just walked away. And it’s, maybe likely, that most of them will never be punished for it.

That’s striking.

It’s a very different experience from the ones most Americans have living here.

As Minneapolis burns and crowds grow in the streets of Atlanta and many other cities, the rest of us are continuing on as we always do -- dutifully following the rules. There are many of those.

Every year, there seem to be countless new rules to follow. They multiply like insects.

We do our best to keep up. We get our permits, apply for our licenses, put on our reading glasses to check the latest regulations on the internet.

We wear our little masks.

We keep our dogs on leashes.

We drive sober.

We don’t eat on the subway. We never litter.

We make orderly lines and patiently wait our turn.

In airports and government buildings, we remove our shoes and submit to body searches from strangers. We lose our dignity every time we do this, but they tell us we must, so we accept it without complaint.

In public, we hide what we really think.

We bury our natural instincts. We keep our deepest beliefs to ourselves.

We know the boundaries. We understand we will be punished for telling the truth.

This is the America the rest of us live in.

For the privilege of citizenship in a country like this, we work as hard as we can.

We never stop sharing what we earn with others.

We send money we’d rather give to our own children to politicians in faraway cities. With that money, they make new rules. We follow those rules to the letter. That’s what we were told to do as children. That’s the deal we’ve struck.

At least we thought it was.

Now we know that other people have somehow negotiated a far better deal than the one we have.

They get to ignore the rules. There don’t believe in order or fairness. They reject society itself.

Reason and process and precedent mean nothing to them. They use violence to get what they want immediately.

People like this don’t bother to work. They don’t volunteer or pay taxes to help other people. They live for themselves. They do exactly what they feel like doing. They say exactly what they feel like saying.

They spray paint their opinions on buildings.

On television, hour by hour, we watch these people — criminal mobs — destroy what the rest of us have built.

They have no right to do that. They don’t contribute to the common good. They never have.

Yet suddenly, they seem to have all the power.

This is hardly the first time this has happened in America. Spasms of destructive violence are a recurring feature of our history — of every country’s history.

The ideologues will tell you that the problem is race relations, or capitalism, or police brutality, or global warming. But only on the surface.

The real cause is deeper than that and it’s far darker.

What you’re watching is the ancient battle between those who have a stake in society, and would like to preserve it, and those who don’t, and seek to destroy it.

Underneath it all, this violence doesn’t have much to do with the behavior of the Minneapolis police department. For evidence, listen to this audio tape. It’s from the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. It was shot almost 30 years ago. It could have been shot this afternoon:

Elderly African-American man confronts rioters on tape:
"It’s not right! It’s not right what y’all are doing!
I came from the ghetto, too! Same as all of you kids!
Why are you destroying my business?!
Why are you destroying my truck?!
Why are you destroying my computer?!
I tried to make it!
Can you understand that!"

The first thing you notice about that video is, it’s not a racial dispute. The elderly man could be the grandfather of the young rioters swarming around him. But that’s misleading. They are nothing at all alike.

The old man is fighting to defend civilization, he’s armed only with a hammer.

The young men are working to tear it down. And those are the battle lines. They always are.

Which side in that war have our leaders taken? Watch carefully. It’s obvious.

The rioters in Minneapolis and in other places act as if they’re allowed to loot and burn.

In fact, they are allowed. No one stops them.

The authorities don’t arrest them. Instead, they pander to them, flatter them, desperately try to win their love.

Why are masked lunatics setting fire to Wendy’s? Because the rest of us are sinful.

That’s what our leaders tell us. The crimes of the mob are the punishment we deserve. That’s their argument. Many seem to buy it.

On a White House executive staff call just this morning, key domestic policy advisors Brooke Rollins and Ja’Ron Smith argued that it would seem racist to say anything about the rioting in Minneapolis. Better just to let it happen. So that’s what they are doing.

We should have seen this coming.

When you express an opinion our leaders don’t like, they call it violence. When criminals commit acts of actual violence, they call it speech. In other words, the game is rigged.

So why are the rest of us still playing it? We have more power than we think we do. Our system only functions because dutiful normal people — people with self-control and decency, and a sense of responsibility toward others — created our system.

They sustain it. They pay the bills. None of the thugs looting Target, or the well-paid nihilists on television who are egging them on, have added a thing. Nothing.

Yet all of the destroyers expect this arrangement will last forever. For them, it’s been a very good deal. But what exactly are you getting in return for your contributions to this system?

The authorities clearly don’t care about you. The police won’t show up to save your life. Literally.

During election years, sweaty politicians claim to be on your side. It’s a lie. They’re not. They’ll waste your time with hollow posturing. They’ll feed you pointless symbolic victories and expect you to celebrate, like you’ve actually won something. But when the mob comes, they’re gone. You’re on your own.

That’s true. Those are the facts. We can’t change them. All we can control is our own behavior.

Should you keep playing along with all of that? Ponder that the next time they demand you get a permit to put a deck on your own house. Think about it even harder the next time you write a tax check.

© 5.30.2020 by Tucker Carlson, Fox News.

A Day In The Life.

Up at 10:30a on Friday, after staying-up until 3a to watch 2 Amazon Prime movies, it was already 80° outside – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck and shoulder, had breakfast, and checked the weather and news.

Minneapolis is burning from rioters and looters, all of whom should be shot on sight, IMO. The kneeling cop was fired and should be prosecuted, under the law, if he contributed to the death. It now appears from the autopsy, that he didn't. The dead guy had heart and lung conditions that asphyxiated him; it wasn't the cop's foot. Other cites are also experiencing rioting, burning and looting now, and again I say, SHOOT THEM ON SIGHT!

I did the midday DR, had lunch and drove south to my cleaners to drop-off a load of shirts, and stopped at a gas station to on the way home, to get the tank refilled with Ethanol Free 90oct gas. I did a little water of plants not in the drip irrigation system's path, and then noticed this on the computer:

York Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect until 9:00 PM EDT.
Source: U.S. National Weather Service

Who knew that we'd get 2" within 20mins? I'm sure the plants were grateful, and I watched the lightening display from the front porch, while having a smoke. After the evening DR at 6:30p, I had dinner and a "The Secret of SkinWalker Ranch" Marathon was on all night, but I only made it until 11, did the nightly DR and crashed for the day. Around 11p, I heard thunder and lightening, and lots of rain, once again. Lights out.

Sleeping-in again until 9:30a on Saturday, it was a beautiful, sunny 70° start to the day. I started coffee, had a couple smokes in the garage, did my morning DR, had breakfast and sat on the front porch talking to neighbors as they walked their yapper dogs. All too soon, it was time for lunch.

Nothing is as it seems, especially reality. Get your favorite adult beverage, your comfy chair, and watch this video (1:17:58).

After the midday DR and lunch, I watched the delayed SpaceX launch on a Live YT channel, and it was nice to see the US spaceflights, once again, after 9yrs of hitching ride with the Russian Commies. After driving over to Rite Aid to p/u several Rx refills, I watched MotorTrend's "Iron Resurrection" for a couple hours, did my evening DR and had dinner. I had some condo chores to do, but will do them tomorrow, while I do laundry. I watched some old History "Ancient Aliens" episodes until 11p, did the nightly DR and quit for the night.

Up at 7a on Sunday, it was actually cold in my condo, and a nippy 54° outside, so I turned-off the AC and upped the heat. I grabbed the heavy, warm Turkish Bathrobe, and after a couple smokes in the still-warm garage, did the morning DR, had Kona Hawaiian Coffee and breakfast, and checked the weather and news. Gosh, what a surprise: more riots and looting in our cities. And guess who's doing it?

Just watch your city being looted and burned, and shut-up, Citizen.

As I've said, scores of times, it's the subhuman, leftist filth niggers, white trash, BLM and muslim(SPIT!) from Antifa, Soros' and the leftist dem's paid anarchist/rioter/looter scum staff, Antifa. They need to be ID'd, tracked down, summarily-tried and executed. No jail or prison. KILL THEM! Mr President, I volunteer to use my own personal firearms, ammo, time, and on my dime, to execute them all. Antifa is a terrorist organization and deserve DEATH! For the 317th time, I make that offer. The National Guard won't do spit, unless they kill the rioters and looters, and they won't.

Harrisburg, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Fayetteville, Atlanta, New York, Nashville, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Salt Lake, Washington DC, Detroit, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Kansas City, Houston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Tampa, Baltimore, Oakland, Louisville... and many more cities were burnt and looted. Hundreds were arrested in DC for rioting and looting, and the DC lib-dem judges set them all free; no charges. They were back on the streets within 2hrs, rioting, burning and looting again. Track down and kill Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other anarchist Troglodytes-From-Hell! KILL THEM ALL!

I truly hope they decide to come out to the area in East York, where I live. I will enjoy killing many of them.

SPJNK? It's an acronym I made-up from "Some People Just Need Killing". Urban Dictionary can't even figure out what it means. Heh.

I had my midday DR and lunch around 1p, did paperwork, decided to forgo the trip to the DIY Carwash, do it tomorrow, call Sherry for a 1p walking stint at the nearby park, get some couch rest, and turn-on the NASCAR race, as background. I slept for 3hrs, did the evening DR and had some dinner, and watched History's series, "The Cars That Made America", an absolutely fascinating history of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and others who were eventually absorbed into the "Big Three". By 10:30p, I was nodding-off, did the nightly DR and headed upstairs.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, it was a very cool 50° outside, so I fired-up the furnace for a short while to take the chill off of the condo, started coffee, had a couple smokes in the still warm garage, and had simple Rye Toast and OJ, for breakfast. I had a few errands to run, Lee stopped by and we drove to a local garden center to check for a few specific plants, which, of course, they were out of stock. I'll have to visit some other places to find what special I spec'd-in for Sherry's new landscape. They had a lot of stuff, but not what I needed for her job.

After the midday DR and lunch, I met Sherry for a nice long leisurely walk around our usual local park, and we had a great time, as we always do. The weather was amazing, and we left around 2;30p. I got home just after 3, napped on the couch for 3hrs, did the evening DR and some light dinner. It was an NBC (Nothing But Crap) night, so I watched some old Discovery show episodes until 10:30p, did the nightly DR, and called it a day.

Up at 7a on Tuesday, I had a couple smokes in the garage while coffee brewed, had some Rye Toast and checked the news and weather. I had a small list for Weis Market, and posted the daily "Chris Plante Show" post on the weekly thread, and left around 10a. I also stopped at my local polling place on North Sherman St, a Fire Station, to vote.

Protestor/rioter/looter thugs are forming-up in downtown York, and it could erupt, so I am re-loading some 60-round mags for one of my AR-15s, and yes, I'm again carrying my Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP w/ 230gr HPs, concealed, and 2 extra mags. To me, protestor/rioter/looter thugs are a distinction with a difference, and I'll shoot all of them, until my 3 AR-15 barrels melt; then grab the Beowulf .50cal and continue.

I did the midday DR, had lunch and brought-up appropriate ammo from the basement stores; mags are kept in the garage safe. I also got 3hrs of sleepy-time along the way, and woke-up, just in time for the evening DR and dinner. History Channel had "The Secret of SkinWalker Ranch" on, so I watched it until 11p, did the nightly DR and unplugged.

Awake at 7:30a on Wednesday, it was already 78° outside with very high humidity, so I knew I'd be staying-in for most of the day – I don't do well anymore in heat/humidity with this COPD crap – and was glad I did my errands yesterday, when it was nice outside. All of a sudden, this warning appeared on all media:

York Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect until 3:15 PM EDT.
Source: U.S. National Weather Service
The National Weather Service in State College PA has issued a
* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for...
Lancaster County in south central Pennsylvania...
York County in south central Pennsylvania...
Southeastern Dauphin County in south central Pennsylvania...
Southern Lebanon County in south central Pennsylvania...
* Until 1215 PM EDT.
* At 1119 AM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line
extending from Richland to near Palmyra to Paxtang to near
Schlusser to near Plainfield, moving southeast at 55 mph.
* HAZARD...60 mph wind gusts and penny size hail.
* SOURCE...Radar indicated.
* IMPACT...Expect damage to trees, roofs, and siding.
* Severe thunderstorms will be near...
Palmyra, Myerstown, Hershey, Annville, Middletown, Hummelstown, Richland, Newmanstown, Rutherford and Highspire around 1120 AM EDT.
Elizabethtown, Cornwall, Lebanon, Mount Joy, Quentin, Siddonsburg, Dillsburg, Rheems, Lebanon South and Lawn around 1130 AM EDT.
Ephrata, East Petersburg, Akron, Manheim, Lancaster, Lititz, Weigelstown, Bainbridge, Reamstown and Denver around 1140 AM EDT.
Columbia, Spry, York, Dallastown, Millersville, Red Lion, New Holland, Stonybrook-Wilshire, Yorklyn and Churchtown around 1150 AM EDT.
Other locations impacted by these severe thunderstorms include York Haven, Buck, Reinholds, Avon Heights, Blue Ball, Georgetown, Smoketown, Christiana, Washington Boro and White Horse.
This includes the following Interstates:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike from mile markers 239 to 295.
Interstate 81 near mile marker 69...and between mile markers 73 and 75, and near mile marker 77. Interstate 83 between mile markers 12 and 39...and from mile markers 43 to 50. Interstate 283 from mile markers 0 to 2. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS:
For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building.

I quickly moved the Jeep, with its full-length Panoramic Sunroof, into the garage until the t-storm and hail passed. I listened to part of the "Rush Show" in the early afternoon, caught 2hrs of sleep on the couch, and woke-up hungry. I did the evening DR early, had an early dinner and began watching Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" for some new episodes.

More heavy t-storms moved thru the area around 7 and 8:30, and I'd forgotten to turn-off the front garden's Drip Irrigation System, so I'll do that tomorrow and let the ground begin to dry-out for the next 3-4 days. I did the nightly DR at 10, and unplugged for the night.

Up at 8a on Thursday, already at a very humid 73°, with more heavy t-storms forecast, I had a few smokes while coffee brewed, did the morning DR and had Rye Toast for a quick breakfast. After posting the day's section to the "Chris Plante Show" on FR, I turned-off the Irrigation System, and left for the nearby DIY Car Wash. I went for a short walk around the condo complex before temps hit the upper 80s and humidity got unbearable. I did some gardening, then the midday DR and had a light lunch.

Severe t-storms and rain were in the forecast, for around 6p, so I stayed inside when the heat and humidity descended upon the area. I got 2hrs of sleep on the LR couch after lunch, after posting the "Rush Show" graphics on FR, got up around 4p, checked the weather and news for updates on the riots, and did some condo chores.

The demonKKKrats are calling for "defunding the police" in many cities – NYC, LA, Minneapolis, Chicago and others – so that thugs, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, degenerates, scum, filth and myriad criminals, who are the dem's main constituency, will "run the cities", and answerable only to the dems. Lawlessness will prevail, murder rates will skyrocket... anarchy will prevail and a crisis of monumental proportions will make loyal, patriotic US Citizens of all colors, street-fight the criminals. It will get ugly and very, very bloody. Sounds like fun, eh?

Next come the ex-military officials' coup against POTUS Trump, by calling for a withdrawl of the national Guard and US Military from the cities beseiged by rioting. The dems will use Trump's call-up of those US Troops for another impeachment attempt. Democracy dies when the US Military becomes an independent political force. It's worked well for America for 247yrs. This is an *insurrection*; make no mistake about it! Antifa is a Marxist-Lennist-Black Panther alliance, coupled with communism, socialism, fascism, chaos and hell. We will need to institute VIGILANTE JUSTICE to combat this filth in the streets, dammit! I'M READY FOR IT! I hope you are.

This is about the destruction of the "American Nuclear Family Structure" and Middle Class, as well as small businesses, sponsored by mega-corps like Pepsi, Ubisoft, Amazon and dozens of others, who want to eradicate opportunity for amall business owners, of which I was one from 1989-2012, forever. Domination of all commerce is their intention and goal. Tucker gets it right.

My old BSA Motto – "Be Prepared" – appies 101%... make sure you are.

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