Friday, March 5, 2004

To say that liberal-demokkkRATs are lowlife, traitorous cowardly filth, would be, at the very least, morbidly redundant. They hate America, and all its Patriot Act protections, since The Massacre of September 11th, 2001. Liberal-demokkkRATs actively helped to wreak the 9-11 Havoc upon America. They still actively  seek an America unprotected and vulnerable to external enemies and internal Fifth Column attacks. Their 8-step plan to destroy America, is in full-forward destruct mode and has been since the late 50s and early 60s. They are subhumans, aka "untermensch". The hate-America, left-wing liberal-demokkkRAT supporters of non-existent "Palestinians", let's help destroy Israel mentality, commie-socialist-nazi-liberal-demokkkRAT wackos don't have true passion of anything tangible. Instead, they're filled with animus and hatred for Liberty, The US Constitution, Christianity and Judiaism, Freedom, Right-To-Life Values and all the building blocks upon which America was founded. The unbridled anger and rampant hatred of mentally-ill, socialist scum, capitulation to America's enemies, compromising with evil, obvious dedication to Middle-American societal destruction, total dissolution of all Christian-Judaeo religious values, complete homosexual-sodomite contamination of our culture and the education system and rampant, judicial activist corruption of the legal system, is silently rotting America from within. They need to be identified as terrorists, tracked-down, cornered, isolated and stood against a wall. It'll be RIP America; and within 20 years, if we don't forcibly remove all the liberal-demokkkRATs from office, they'll destroy America. No compromise is available to any rational and right-thinking human. Evil must be utterly rooted-out and destroyed, wherever and whenever it's discovered. Borders, language, culture®, baby!

Around The Garden Center.
Temps in the upper-50s and mid-60s continued all week. Hundreds of walk-in customers and phone calls weighed-in, wanting to start their gardening seasons. Hey folks: it's barely March! Chill out, folks. We've got weeks and weeks to go, yet, before Spring gets here. Winter's going to re-visit us, at least one more time.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Roasted Winter Vegetables. Here's a good recipe.
Gas prices have jumped-up here, by a lot more than the national average of seven cents. By my calculation, it's around eleven cents in two weeks, in the York (PA) area. Ready for $2-3/gal gas this Summer? Me neither. It's already worse in numerous other places.
Reason #276 why I carry concealed, and have a Remy 870 Synthetic 12gauge Tactical Riot Shotgun, at home. And, here's Reason #277 why I carry concealed. And plenty of real life reasons right here, why I carry concealed.
After 2½ weeks of getting attacked with thousands of the MyDoom.H Virus, I'm now seeing the first of hundreds of NetSky.F Virus arriving, daily. My solution? Track down, capture, torture and whack all spammers and the virus code writers. whack them mercilessly; no exceptions. I'll *gladly* volunteer to do all the executions at no cost to US Taxpayers; just bring the spammer filth to me. End of the problem, folks.
Over the past week or so, I've been in a running civil debate with a 23 year old student from Flori-duh, named Chris, from www.illegatshirts.com, who has a very liberal viewpoint. We've volleyed back-and-forth about homo marriage, and it's been interesting to dissect the liberal-demokkkRAT mindset. He's also got a fledgling liberal forum, which is worth visiting to again dissect their left-wing viewpoints.

It's Bush-Cheney in '04. Any questions?
Here's why the rest of the world hates us. Good read, IMO.
Bravo, Mel. Just bravo. The Oscars are phony-baloney shit; don't waste your time with them, Mel. Heh, you already knew that, didn't you? No, I haven't seen it yet, but I will try to as soon as I get some free time.
Kick ass, W; take no liberal-demokkkRAT prisoners. Jail them all.
The NEA is a terrorist organization; jail them all. I support US Ed Sec'y Rod Paige, 100%. You?
Don't do this insanity, President Bush; it's political suicide for you, sir.
Billy Bob Safire, NY Slimes RINO-idiot, has gotten his panties all in a bunch, over The Passion movie. What a moron.
Oregon Sen (R) Gordon Smith's 21-year-old son, Garrett, whacked himself last fall at his college apartment. "For me time stopped", Smith said. "My public career seemed vain, my hopes and dreams in ashes. I felt I had failed at my most important duty, as a father." RIP, Garrett; prayers for you and your family.
Darn nice TV ads, Mr President.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a fake. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a clueless moron. Kerry is a cretin.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liberal piece of shit. Kerry is an idiot.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a idiot. Kerry is dogshit.
John F(ucking) Kerry is mentally-ill. Kerry is filth.
John F(ucking) Kerry is anti-American. He hates America. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a dirtbag botox dork. He hates America. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a hate-America scumbag. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a degenerate lowlife. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a traitorous scumbag. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a lying lib-dem shithead. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a phony. Kerry is scum.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar. Kerry is garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a communist party loser. Kerry is rancid, socialist-commie-nazi garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a hate-America deviant. Kerry is lowlife, rancid, commie-socialist-nazi trash.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a coward. Kerry is treasonous garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a mentally-ill lying scumbag. Kerry is deviant, commie-socialist trash.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a ultra-liberal garbage. Kerry is cowardly garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a two-faced, lying scumbag. Kerry is deviant, commie-socialist-nazi trash.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a cretinous idiot-savant. Kerry is seditionist garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry is an America-hater, UN-lover. Kerry is anti-America garbage.

Gay Marriage Homosexual Garbage.
No, I do not support gay marriage homosexual unions, as "legal marriage". They aren't normal; they're perversion, deviancy and degeneracy disguised to fool America. Marriage is limited to a man and a woman. Period. As defined by every State's Constitution.
Jason "Fudge Packer" West, faux-mayor of New Paltz, New York, should be charged, arrested, duly-tried, convicted, sentenced and stood against a wall. As should the lowlife subhuman of filth SF mayor, Gavin Newsom, and any other deviant-lover degenerate public offical who has promoted "homo marriage". Time to clean out the cellar, of all subhuman homo filth who break the law. Likewise, the gutless attorneys general who fail to do their duty: arrest, charge, convict and imprison them. No need for a US Constitutional Amendment banning this perversion; simply jail the subhuman deviants who break the existing, clearly-stated laws. End of problem.

Lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
The bloated, ugly, racist, bigoted bitch, US Rep Corrine Brown (RACIST-MO), is a criminal! Why is that fat scumbagette bitch still in the US Congress, itself full of criminal, charlatans, scumbags, lowlifes and deviants? Oh nevermind; I answered my own question. Hey Cirrine: go iron your hair, scuzbag.
homos, ass-boys, fudge-packers, rump-raider punks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen and Steven Spielberg are scumbag lowlife, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth. All three lowlifes deserve to be stood against a wall. America would be so much better-off without the lib-dem, hate-America garbage.
Hey, Coward Sperm, aka Howard Stern: you're subhuman garbage, and good riddance, asswipe.
Here's the current mentality, or mental illness of liberal-demokkkRATs, these days.
Unfortunately, 97% of America's blacks are still "living" on the liberal-demokkkRAT plantation of mental slavery. Read this and be amazed at their unending stupidity and hatred.
Philly's liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag mayor, John Street, is a criminal, as is his entire family. Nail his criminal ass to a rotting board, grand jury folks.
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats, are shit shit.
Karenna Gore-Bore Schiff: you're a stupid, lowlife, ignorant, whorebag subhuman piece of pigshit liberal-demokkkRAT filth, like your loser daddy. Crawl back under your slimy-rock, bitch-scum filth. Get cancer and die.
Stupid f*ck-less, barren whoredog, traitorous, criminal, waddling idiot, bloated moron Klintoon bitch: US Sen Hillary Clinton Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (SOCIALIST-NY) said this week that Iraqi women were better off under Saddam Hussein, arguing that when the brutal dictator ran the country women were at least assured the right to participate in Iraq's public life.
Hey, liberal-demokkkRAT filth: election fraud is a crime, and we'll jail your criminal asses, subhumans. Count on it, lowlifes.
Arab reality TV show, Big Brother? Blech!
BJ Klintoon-AlGoreBore are directly responsible for the horrors of 9-11; Bush inherited it all. Arrest, try, convict and duly execute both BJ Klintoon and AlGoreBore scum for treason, negligence of Oath of Office and sedition.
The worst presidents in US history? They're all demokkkRATs. Surprised? Historical facts can't be disputed.
Chess is racist? Un-freaking-believeable, isn't it? Only in a lib-dem/ PC-perverted world.

Subhumans, Scumbags & assorted Garbage.
The most vile, evil, butch, waddling-scuzbag, fat, lesbian, alcoholic, drug-addicted, loser, pig-filth on today's planet, next to US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (CRIMINAL-NY), is Rosie O'Donnell, aka Hosie-bag O'Donut. S/he richly deserves death from cancer or suicide, for being such a loser. Everything, every business venture that fat pig has touched, has been a failure. And now, the bloated alcoholic, drug-addicted, lesbian sweathog is getting married. How *special*.
ADL's Abe Foxman is an moron, scumbag, a moronic little turd. That's the kindest thing I can say about him.
whack this Saudi filth, wherever they are found.
whack all the Jemaah Islamiah, wherever they are found.
Hey, A-rab pigshit filth: suck a bag of bounteous pig turds, asswipers. You subhuman Muslim garbage need Killing!
Yes, all "Palestinians" are murderous Muslim-Islamic filth, and richly deserve to be whacked.
Africa was soooooo much better under White Colonial Rule, than under the idiot, moronic, cretinous, lib-dem, one-worlder idiot filth who've f*cked it up screwed-it-up today. whack the subhuman Mugabe filth. Just whack them all.
Haiti, like Mugabe's hellhole, South Africa, aka Rhodesia, is a stinking, filthy shithole; it should be nuked, and erased from the world's map, along with its subhuman inhabitants. It was soooo much better-off under its White Colonialist Rulers, the Brits. idiots Blacks are tribal garbage, and richly deserve mass death.
The Soviet Union/ Russia is behind all terrorism? Interesting article.
The Religion of Pieces™ strikes again at Christians. Arm all Christians and Jews, and whack every Muslim, worldwide. Purge the world of all pigshit Islamic, Saudi and Wahhabi filth; my sincere apologies to porkfat. Saudi Arabia is our enemy; make no mistake about it.
Illegal aliens are just that: illegal aliens, and should be deported, if not whacked, en masse. No racial slur; they're/ you're illegal alien illegal alien garbage. Period. Any questions, subhumans? Call me, trash.
Yes, all Muslim terrorists are laughable, pathetic pigshit.
Yeah, the RCC has a real problem with homo and queer priests. Time to whack them all.
whack these subhuman filthies. There's no redeeming value to transsexual garbage. whack them.
whack all the Jemaah Islamiah (JI), everywhere and anywhere. whack all Islamic terrorists.
Why hasn't someone shot Nation of Islam leader Louis "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan? He's a degenerate, lowlife subhuman cretinous moron. A racist, bigot, deviant, pigshit scumbag. Where's the guy who shot and whacked shit-for-brains Malcom Ex-Crement, when the black community really needs him?
Islam is liquid pigshit droppings. God and their false moon-rock deviant Allah aren't on the same level, at all.
The trouble with Islam? IT'S MUSLIM FILTH! whack all of the pigshit-slurping garbage, dammit. My apologies, porkers. Muslim terrorist filth must be exterminated, worldwide. They're subhumans.
No, the West doesn't need to make peace with pigshit Islam first; we need to whack Islamic and Muslim terrorists, wholesale, all around the world.
Jean-Bertrand Aristide said in a telephone interview Monday that he was "forced to leave" Haiti by U.S. military forces who said they would "start shooting and Killing" if he refused. He is mentally-ill, and should be whacked. He's subhuman garbage.
Muslim filth are subhuman pigshit garbage. Any questions, lib-dem trash?
Track down, torture and whack all subhuman spammer filth. Yeah!
The problem, is Islam and Muslims. Both are degenerate, lowlife, subhuman pigshit filth.
whack this subhuman, Paki-Muslim terrorist filth. whack them; no quarter given to anyone.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A 22-month-old girl was beaten to death by her mother's teenage boyfriend after he became enraged that the toddler was playing with his PlayStation video game in an Oakland apartment. Ania Walters died at Children's Hospital Oakland at 9:20 a.m. Wednesday, a day after police went to a first-floor apartment at 2125 10th Ave., about a half-mile east of Lake Merritt, and found her unconscious. Doctors determined that Ania, who would have turned 2 in April, had suffered cranial bleeding as a result of trauma. Police arrested a 17-year-old boy who is the boyfriend of Ania's mother, Allana Booze, 19, who declined comment Thursday. "I choose not to speak to the media," Booze said. whack the Booze idiot!
Prison is too good for the corporate criminals, of all stripes. They richly deserve death for ruining so many lives.
Mexico is upset that Oklahoma this week defied the UN's International Court of Justice and set May 18 as the date for the execution of Osvaldo Torres, convicted of a double murder in 1993. whack the filth.
Texas made my week: another subhuman, murderous piece of garbage executed. Good riddance scumbag Yokamon Hearn; rot in hell.

International Chili Society.
Winter continues to keep its frosty grip on most of the nation, which makes it the perfect time of year to cozy up with a nice pot of chili. A pipin' hot bowl of red always helps to chase away the blues on a cold gray day. This illegal alieny site from the folks behind the World Championship Chili Cookoff will surely get you salivating. Stop by the Cooks' Corner for recipes concocted by the chili champs of the past 30 years. The tomato-based mixtures range from the ultra-hot Warning Shot to the beer- and beef-fueled extravaganza Los Venganaza Del Almo. The site touches on the history of the illegal alieny sport, introduces some of its legendary pot-stirrers, and outlines the strict anti-bean rules of the ICS. Further investigation finds yummy recipes for chili verde and salsa. If this chili talk sets your stomach rumbling, check out the Chili Cookoff Locator to indulge in an event near you.

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