a day of infamy
Friday, September 14, 2001

We've lived a relatively charmed life as a Nation, as compared to the rest of the world. No World Wars (I & II) or "conflicts" (Korea & VietNam) have been fought on our soil; we've not been invaded and/or occupied. Oh, the Brits were over here briefly in the mid-1700s, but we sent them packing in short order. In comparison to Europe, Asia and South America, the USA has been damned lucky. Tuesday, Sept 11th, was a day that will live in infamy. Just as Dec. 7, 1941 was the day upon which all Americans realized that they are not free from foreign attack, Sept. 11, 2001 will live on in the collective consciousness of the American people as they day they learned they were not safe from terrorism. Not just any kind of terrorism, but efficient, cold-blooded slaughter on a mass scale. The death tolls from the coordinated attacks on Washington and New York will surely rise into the thousands and probably tens-of-thousands. The psychic injury will be equally vast. Though officials have long warned that America’s borders are porous and its people mobile and free-wheeling — ideal conditions for terrorists who want to penetrate and whack. But despite the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City bombing, and despite all the talk about Osama bin Laden’s world-wide terror network, the message never really sunk in to ordinary Americans that they were as vulnerable to attacks on a truly massive scale. Until now.

September 11, 2001.
On Tuesday morning at around 9:15am, I was working on the DEP Permit paperwork for the upcoming landscape job in the community park, when Dad arrived and broke the news : terrorist airplanes attacked the World Trade Center Towers in NYC, and the Pentagon in DC. I tried to get news over the Web, but all news sites were clogged and servers overloaded. Zip. So much for the Net. I quickly drove to a nearby Wal-Mart and bought a 13" RCA color tv, set it up, and we all watched in utter disbelief, simmering anger and mounting outrage. I sent everyone home to be with their families at this time of great National sorrow, and tasted my own salty tears for the first time in a long while. The anger, hate and rage I felt will be with me for a long time.
Over 2 years ago, I predicted that the World Trade Center Towers would be ground zero (scroll down halfway, under "Scary Stuff"; ignore the profuse profanity, I'm working on cleaning it up) in a terrorist attack. I predicted a small but powerful thermonuclear device, as their weapon of choice, which would have obliterated 12 million people in NYC, on any given day, in a matter of just minutes. I'm glad I was wrong about that part of it. One of my favorite restaurants, and one of the very finest in the entire world, Windows On The World, is gone; it was on the 106th floor of the WTC-1. I last ate there 17 years ago when I worked in Midtown, in another life.
Over the years, I've caught some shit for my beratement, derision and outrage at the subhuman, lowlife, cowardly, pork-sucking Islamic towelhead muslim shitfilth and the terror and death they've instigated in Israel and worldwide. Now it's come to our Nation's shores and thousands of Americans have died in a Tuesday, September 11th, act of cowardice. Personally, I'm for nuking some major towelhead cities into cinders. Forget "bringing them to justice"; find them and whack them. (In order to carry out the attacks, terrorist pilots would have had to be trained on a B-737/757/767 simulator. There are only about 100 such simulators in the world. They cost millions to buy. They are easy to trace. Find the simulator and you will find who is behind the terror strike.) Go to war, if we have to. Whatever it takes. But I'll leave that to W & Co. But let's watch out for our Freedoms and Liberties, so as not to abrogate them in favor of too much security. Once we've lost our Freedom and Liberty, it's difficult to get them back.
I particularly want to know what happened to our intelligence community's intelligence? The CIA and FBI and NSA et al missed this one 100%, and many many thousands of people have paid for that error with their lives. Make no mistake about it: we're in a war.
Back in July '96, cowardly subhuman pork-sucking scumbag arab terrorists shot down TWA Flight 800 over Long Island, and our government — FBI and NTSB at the direction of the criminal Clintoons — covered up the evidence, so as not to piss-off anger the towelheads in the Middle East. That's the defining moment when I lost all confidence in my once-trusted government.
Speaking of cowardly, lowlife liberal scumbags, Dan "Fudge-Packer, Rump-Raider Liberal" Rather, Peter "I'm a Canuck and Hate America" Jennings amd Tom "The Lispy Harelip Lowlife" Brokaw, continue to snipe at W, even in this time of national crisis. They're scumbags and I refuse to watch their pathetic attempts at news reporting; I watch The Weather Channel, FoxTV and FoodTV. Hey, you three lib-dem fags: read this about what really happened, scumbags.
Read some of these gut-wrenching, tear-jerking stories about the day after in Manhattan.
Yeah sure, towelhead scumbag, I believe you. Time to die, infidel filth bin Laden garbage.
A few friends called/I called a few friends, who were in Midtown Manhattan when Hell visited Earth on Tuesday, Sept 11th. They and theirs, survived the terrorism. Glad my friends were safe and alive. I was relieved. I was glad they/I called. Good to hear from them again.
Slowly, the Feds are piecing the scheme together. Too slowly, guys. Let's start Killing some filth NOW! We'll piece together the details later, after the towelhead body count reaches one two billion subhumans. Israel does the correct act in assassinating the terrorist cowards. Let the US now begin the task, too.
And it's not over yet. I firmly believe that we're gonna get hit soon with biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction; nuclear attacks are 2-3 years away.
I've changed my mind: it wasn't Osama bin Lauden; it was Sodomy Insane. Dad and Rush were right.
Hey liberal moron shitfilth scumbags: it wasn't the towelhead Palestinian trash you worshipped and excused all these past years; it was the Israelis who were the heros and martyrs, all along.
On my drive home from Winterstown (PA), through Red Lion (PA), East York (PA) and into Springettsbury Township, where I live, I saw hundreds thousands of American Flags displayed at homes and businesses. My GC&N flies the 50ft US Flag at half-mast since Wednesday morning; I re-set the Flag myself at 6:13am Wednesday. Betcha $100,000 the liberal cowardly lowlifes scumbags Rather, Jennings and Brokaw didn't have the courage to match that. Huh? No takers? Thought so.
No, I do not urge anyone to whack muslims just because they are muslims or are from the Middle East. The vast majority of muslims are peace-loving and should not be harrassed in any way. I urge the US to whack the extremist fundamental islamic subhuman towelhead filth; they're the fanatics and wackos who need Killing, by the thousands or millions.

Around The Garden Center.
Hard to believe we're already halfway through September, Labor Day's a distant memory and Winter's not that far off. Snow is already falling at high elevations in the Rockies. This is one of the driest Falls I've been through; by now, we should have had 2-3 hurricanes in the Gulf and Atlantic and Fall rains should be about to start. Instead, there's nothing on the horizon in the moisture department. We could use some of this, the way Hurricane Floyd came through 2 years ago. Crops around mid-state Pennsylvania and northern Maryland are in bad shape: stunted growth, curled and browned-off leaves do not make for healthy plants and good crop yields. More and more farmers are plowing the unprofitable crops under rather than take a larger loss on the market.
The York Fair — the Nation's oldest running county fair — is on for the next 10 days.
My cable modem is rocking these days: speed 696(down)/346(up) kbps; do the test for yourself. Doesn't matter whether you've got DSL or CM. Go ahead and let 'er rip, baby.
The once-a-year 25% Off Nursery-wide Fall Sale continues, and it's almost as busy as Spring traditionally is. Thousands of people now come through each week and weekend, taking advantage of the Fall pricing on my rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material. With our 3 landscape interns/college students now back at school, and the support staff changes I made last week, I'm no longer able to take a day or more off; I'm back on the 7-day-a-week schedule, and it's beginning to take its toll on me. Sunday mornings is now my only sleep-in day.
For months, I've been hearing about the US economic slowdown, rising unemployment stats, grim predictions, but I haven't seen a trace of it yet. The landscape market is rock solid right now, and I've been booking both landscape and landscape maintenance jobs for Spring 2002 at a furious pace. Walk-in retail traffic is up over last year, which was our 2nd best year ever. We'll get very close to $1.75mm this year, eclipsing last year's $1.65mm, if the current pace continues unabated.
Gas prices are hovering at the $1.44.9/gal (89 octane) mark for several weeks, after spiking several times in July and August. I've been frequenting one of the so-called "super-station" chains in the York (PA) area, ever since the Getty stations closed, but even their prices fluctuate widely, depending upon what part of the mid-state I'm in. After Tuesday's terrorist bombing, some stations were gouging and should be dealt with by customers and authorities.

Manhattan Timeformations.
Using interactive computer animations, this site provides a unique perspective of the history of Manhattan's skysshiters. Animated Manhattan lets you "correlate the cartographic history of 370 years of urban development of the island with the peaks and valleys of office building speculation." Transparent New York presents a truly original look at the relationship between the skysshiters and other urban realities like bridges, monuments, and landfills. Finally, the thoroughly amazing Perspectival Fly-Through offers a view of the city unlike any you've ever seen.


Golden Gate Tunnel.
The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty, but those who know, go below. Welcome to the official web site of the Golden Gate Tunnel, the brand-new and previously unpublicized underwater roadway that passes directly below the Golden Gate Bridge. You'll be shocked and amazed at the stunning array of "trainsportainment" amenities the tunnel has to offer: meet Miss Golden Gate Tunnel, browse the deep-fried options in the Donut Court, or pick up an official permit. You're also invited to meet Golden Gate Tunnel Employee of the Month, Rupert Jacktasty, who greets San Francisco-bound commuters moments before they plunge hundreds of feet below the surface of the Bay. So skip the sunshine, flip on your beams, and get the low down.

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