You've probably heard those dreaded words -- chance of snow.

And yes, there is a slight, very slight, almost infinitesimal chance of snow in York County this weekend.

But it appears that you won't have to break out the shovels and sleds.

"It seems some people have overblown things," said AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Pigott.

AccuWeather has run some 15 computer models to predict the path of a storm that may come up the East Coast this weekend. And most of the models show the storm moving to the east, that we will be spared an early onslaught of winter. In fact, Pigott said, it could work out that York County stays dry.

"You have a better chance of staying dry than getting precipitation at all," Pigott said. "Put it this way: The chance of you getting no precipitation at all is better than the chance of getting any snow."

If, by chance, the storm meanders west and heads toward York County, Pigott said, most of the models -- we're talking one or two out of the 15 -- indicate that we'll get some cold rain, if anything. The chances of snow falling in October in York County are lower than slight, he said.

If the storm does work its way west, he said, it's more likely that the higher elevations could get some snow. And by higher elevations, he meant the mountains to the northwest. Which means State College, where Penn State will be playing Illinois at Beaver Stadium.

"Anyone heading up to the Penn State game should keep an eye out for that," he said.

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