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Our New, Hardy Cactus Garden
Has Everything In Its Place.

On the uppermost northern Kaibab Rim of The Grand Canyon is where many of them used to live and were collected from; still easily living to -20 below zero and being buffeted around by wind and snow, they gracefully survive in our Zone 6b. Others came from places in Texas where frost and snows occur and don't even phase them.

Hardy Cactus, that is. Hundreds of varieties.

You'll notice their emergence on your next trip to our Garden Center; look halfway up the front stairs on the right at the Hardy Cactus Rock Garden and its many new inhabitants. This past Winter was the true test of their absolute hardiness in a new place; all came through just fine, thank you. Previously, they lived and flourished in a private collection in the Red Lion area and we just installed them last Fall in our already prepared ground. The specially-prepared bed is made up of several drainage layers, as with our hardy Alpine Trough Gardens, of quick-draining stone, loam, sand and peat, and a top-dressing of washed river gravel.Tricky to handle at first, once the Cactus is established and growing, virtually no care is required.

Soon, they will yield cuttings and complete Cactus Gardens or individual specimens will be on our repertoire and available to you here at John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery. These, along with other succulents, will adorn the new Garden site and stun you with their diversity and beauty.

Diversity is part of Nature and is a virtue, not a sin. Dare to be a little different; the commonplace is all around us.

These plants are fascinating in bloom, with some of the most striking flowers you'll ever see. No Planted Garden should be without a specimen Cactus or a small display of Cacti within the Garden itself.

Five years ago we introduced Orchids in a big way, then Bonsai, then Hardy Alpine Trough Gardens, next Water Features within the Planted Garden and now Hardy Cacti to the Region.

A whole new indoor display of Cacti are available right now for viewing, but not for sale. They are from a Private Collection and soon smaller versions will be available for purchase.

In addition to the finest and largest selection of Hardy Cacti anywhere, we feature over 900 varieties of perennials, 200 varieties of annuals and herbs, over 100 varieties of ornamental grasses and bamboos, and more than 1600 cultivars of nursery stock, ranging from the common to the very rare, unusual and hard-to-find. Our Collector's Rare Plant Nursery has been supplying gardening enthusiasts for over seven years, and is a must for connoisseurs and serious collectors.

Our Nursery Division can supply any request from the common to very rare and unusual material. And if you need a tree or shrub moved, we feature a special team capable of easily moving anything from 1-inch to 10-inch diameter trees. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Our Warranty: is unmatched by anyone, anywhere, and is one (1) year from date of purchase if you install the plant material; it is five (5) years if we install the material. Call, write or email us for a complete copy of The Warranty. It's also online right here.

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