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bite me, islamic pigshit!

hey, islamic trash!
Friday, Sept 16, 2005

as the Fourth Anniversary of 9-11 comes and goes, it once again occurs to me, that America's system of government, morals, laws and values are inarguably far, far superior to those of any in the world, especially to the subhuman, pigshit-gulping filth called islamofascism and its mindless, murderous muslim garbage. That immutable fact has occured to me since 9-11-01, on a daily basis, if you read my weekly Journal entries. islam is garbage, pigshit, full of mentally-ill, psychotic dirtbags who enjoy the murder of innocents to achieve their demented, deviant, degenerate, murderous islamofascist agenda of world domination. Those self-loathing, terrorist-supporting trash — UN, CAiR, Anti-Christian-Libertine-Un-Americans, MSM (Main Stream Media), NAALCP, MoveOn.org, DNC (demokkkRATs) Georgie "Butt-Boy" Soros, NARAL, NEA, National Lawyers Guild and a thousand other socialist, commie, fascist, nazi-lovers — who would say otherwise, are the real enemies of America, and need to be rounded-up, duly tried and summarily executed. The subhuman moonbat-f*cker, asswipe garbage allah and his criminal, rapist, murderer, sodomite mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon their porcine, sodomite-homo asses) need to be laughed-at and thoroughly-discredited in the collective eyes of the world. islam is not a "great religion"; rather, it's a cult of death, and it's a murderous, political system of keeping its mindless, empty-headed, primitive (640AD) adherents in-line, and doing what exactly what the "controllers" want them to do. President Bush knows the truth about the festering, fetid pile of pigshit, called islam, but he's careful not to say so. Ditto, Tony Blair. Ditto, way too many of the world's so-called leaders. islamofascism is a horror show in-progress; murderous muslims are pigshit. This subhuman 6th century islamofascist garbage should be universally exterminated en masse, by the hundreds-of-millions, worldwide. No exceptions. America and the Western World: wake the hell up! The muslim morons and islamic idiots will either convert you or kill you, or we will have to kill them first. Not a pretty prospect, either way. This is an epic battle between Right and wrong, between Good and evil. And scores of millions don't even know it's happening in their front yards. There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

Around The Garden Center™.
If you got PO'd at the previous rant, you shouldn't be Here™. Go somewhere else; I'll wait.
Oh crap; I'm screwed, this Winter. Heck, I've got a wood-converted-to-natural-gas fireplace. Time to get it re-converted-back-to-wood, maybe? Nah.
Gas prices are still dropping, here in the York (PA) area, and I expect them to continue that trend, as damaged production and refinery facilities in the Gulf are repaired and come back online, after the NOLA welfare-hurricane, Katrina.
The 10-week old drought continues, and plants are suffering all over the region. Field-grown, feed corn and beans — which are "scavenger crops" anyway — are already drying-up and turning yellow several weeks ahead of schedule, and older plants are dying. Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Ophelia gave the parched area some quick rain late Wednesday afternoon, evening and Thursday morning; all in all, about 2/10". No complaints, but we sure could have used this15 inches of rain, up here. Flooding be damned; we can handle it. Checking the www.accuweather.com site: nothing of any consequence, is coming here. Damn!
Yes, I do miss Pickle, very much. It's almost a month since he's gone, and I still look for him in the usual places he'd nap, in the Display Gardens, when I m walking around with customers. I look for him, to meet me, every morning, wherever I park the Jeep. I still see him lying in his shallow cardboard box, on the front retail counter, or on my desk, where he died on Wednesday, August 17th, at 3:45pm. His innocent, little spirit still inhabits my office; his soul is in a much better place than this earth. Hundreds of customers — many of whom who are Regular Readers of John's Journal, have commented on Pickle's loss, and I appreciate that, all.
Think 9-11 and Katrina were bad? What's coming next, is even worse, IMO. Are you prepared? Here's what you need. Sure hope this works, soon.

Remember 9-11™!
The Fourth "Anniversary" of 9-11 was Sunday, and it was difficult to find anything about it on any of the so-called news sites, on the Net. It's still "all Katrina, all the time", for the foreseeable future, I guess.
Four years into this fight against murderous muslim filth, a lot of Americans, led by the terrorist-supporting media and a lot of hollow men and women we have elected to public office, have fought the ideological battle, by small surrenders. They remind us, daily, that we aren't better than anyone else, that our system of government sometimes fails to protect the rights of all, and that we should be more open and understanding of others' religious beliefs no matter how twisted or irreligious they may be. Those people need to be reminded, again and again and again and again, that America has succeeded, and we enjoy the freedoms we do, only as long as we are willing to say certain truths. Among those truths is that our system of government, our values and our laws are superior, by every objective measure, to those our enemies impose on themselves and would impose on us.
The liberal, socialist, commie, fascist, terrorist-supporting media wants us to forget about 9-11, the most horrific attack since Pearl Harbor, and to allow the subhuman muslim filth to continue killing Americans, Brits, Spaniards and other Westerners, with unlimited impunity, to satisfy their demented, twisted, perverted and murderous islamo-fascist agenda.
I, for one, will never forget that horrible day in September, as I watched in horror, as it unfolded, on my GC&N office's 13" color TV. I still carry and nourish the anger, hate and rage at murderous muslim garbage, for what they did, that day. Here's that day live, on the Glenn Beck radio program. I listen to it daily, and the tears still run freely.
Thank God, that some of us still remember what happened that clear, cool and crisp September morning. I will never forget and I will never forgive. I want the subhuman, murderous muslim garbage dead, worldwide, by the hundreds-of-millions. The Blood of Our Heroes has already been spilt; time to spill massive amounts of the enemy's blood.
There are hundreds of 9-11 tribute sites on the Net; here's one of the best of the lot.
Did you know that I predicted 9-11, four years earlier? Scroll down to "Scary Stuff". Close, but no cigar.
Hey, Osama/Usama-pigshit boy: you, subhuman moonbat-f*cker, asswipe garbage allah and his criminal, rapist, murderer, sodomite mo-ham-head — pigshit be upon their porcine, sodomite-homo asses — need to be laughed-at and thoroughly-discredited in the collective eyes of the world. islam is not a "great religion"; rather, it's a political system of keeping its mindless, empty-headed, unthinking adherents in-line, and doing what the "controllers" want them to do. President Bush knows the truth about the pigshit, called islam, but he's afraid to say so. Ditto, Tony Blair. Ditto, all the world's leaders. islam is rectal drippings; muslims are pigshit-scum. This subhuman 6th century garbage should be exterminated en masse, by the tens-of-millions, worlwide.
Both The History Channel and The Discovery Channels, had meager offerings. So be it. I watched and listened, to both. For me, it's 9-11 all the time.
A valuable resource: 9-11-2001 as it actually happened, by various, shocked, stunned MSM news sources. Right-click, and save these large files to your HD, for later playback.
85% (my numbers) of America has forgotten 9-11-2001. Take that to the bank. I watch many sites to fuel my anger, hate and rage at what happened on 9-11-2001. This site is also a good one. The terrorist-supporting, subhuman MSM have sanitized 9-11-2001. And FEMA's a disaster, in and of itself?
Yes, muslims and islam are the enemy of America, Freedom and Liberty. muslims and islam are pigshit. 9-11-2001... (sigh))) A freaking outrage, dammit. f*ck the subhuman, pigshit-muslim crescent garbage.
The leftist shit undermined US National Security, before, during and after 9-11-2001. DIE Klintoon, die; you son-of-a-bitch.
AA Flight 93; heroes. Thanks, all.
CNN sucks pigshit for their ghoulishness in New Orleans. Liberal-demokkkRAT, asswipe-loving filth.
Sorry, kid.
The architect of the memorial to a plane downed in Pennsylvania on 9-11, 2001, said Wednesday, he would work to satisfy critics who complained that it honors terrorists with its crescent-shaped design. NO, dammit!

Colon Bowell: you're a disgrace to Humanity, and to the cowardly GOPers. You're simple shit, asshole sambo.
Oh crap; first the criminal Klintoons sold US nuclear and missile technology to the Chinks, for campaign contributions through the scumsucking, traitorous filth at Loral Corp; now, the Bush Administration is giving away nuclear technology to India. Neither of those countries are our friends or allies: they're our freaking enemies, America!
Former US Sec'y of State, Colon Bowell is a back-stabbing turncoat, lowlife, hate-America asshole, just like the RINO scumbag, traitor and coward, US Sen Johnnie "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ). Both are subhuman garbage.
Former, disgraced, lowlife, degenerate, dirtbag, state rep Dan Doyle said Wednesday he will plead guilty to filing false campaign finance reports, an offense carrying a possible prison term. Bend-over, Danny sodomite-homo-faggot, and pick-up the soap, boy.
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald, when the state really needs him?
Bravo, French Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, for expelling 13,000 illegal muslim alien filth! Bravo! Hey, President Bush: can we give him US Citizenship and hire him to head DHS-ICE, who won't do the jobs they were pledged to do, at your orders? Get this illegal alien Mexican wetback, murderous subhuman muslim pisghit garbage, outta my country, dammit!
The Bush administration said Wednesday it will fortify the westernmost stretch of the US-Mexico border over the objections of environmentalists and California regulators, who feared the project would harm a refuge for endangered birds. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff signed an environmental waiver Tuesday night that expedites the Border Patrol's long-standing plans to fill in canyons and erect additional fencing along the final 3½ miles of the border before it meets the Pacific Ocean. The move sets up the latest clash between the Bush administration and the state's Coastal Commission, which has denied the Border Patrol permission to proceed with the project. Nice gesture, but too little, too late, W.
Finally, a politician who "gets it". Montgomery (AL) Mayor Bobby Bright, in his response to increasing city crime: "I've said it one time. Get a gun and teach our folks how to use them and shoot 'em." Amen.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Failed loser, fat, bloated piece-of-shit gasbag, whiner, liar, racist, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, insignificant turdboy, lowlife scumbag, moron with a room-temperature IQ, disgraced ex-vice president, AlGoreBore, urged Americans to hold the Bush Administration accountable for failing to adequately prepare for and respond to Hurricane Katrina. "When the corpses of American citizens are floating in toxic flood waters five days after a hurricane struck, it is time not only to respond directly to the victims of the catastrophe, but to hold ... the leaders of our nation accountable," Gore told the mentally-ill, left-wing wacko scumbag environmentalists at the hate-America, socialist tree-hugger wacko, Sierra Club's national convention. Festering, fetid turds, all. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?
RIP, Chris Schenkel.
Yeah, fat, bloated, liar, dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT, criminal, Rendell blows.
A Florida business owner has been cited by the city of Orlando for displaying several US flags in the windows of her office building — and a religious-freedom law group has gone to bat for her.
Hey, Mikey "The Fridge" Moore: get a heart attack, stoke, fatal cancer etc, and DIE, pig-face-boy! DIE!
Louisiana Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu (CRIMINAL-LIBDEM), corrupt, lowlife, disgraced, commie, socialist, liberal-demokkkRAT, fascist, nazi faggot, takes it in the face. His sister's a bloated, fat, incompetent pig bitch. F-a-r-t!
Any question in your mind that the left-wing, hate-America, hate-Conservatives, liberal-demokkkRAT, commie, socialist, fascist, nazis at Rooters (Reuters is shit), hate all that's America, Liberty and Freedom? None in mine.
Sandy Burglar deserves execution for treason, not a small fine and probation. He's subhuman filth, and deserves death.
Hey, faggot, lowlife, subhuman, fat, bloated, alcoholic, drug-addicted, piece-of-shit, Bob Kunst, president of Hillary NowforFaggots: you want to "shoot" me, shithead? C'mon and try it asshole! I'll whack you in a heartbeat, son-of-a-bitch, pole-puffer, rump-raider, fudge-packer, faggot-sodomite-homo-queer! P-h-e-w!
"If we can't find them a job in DoD (Dept of Defense), we'll try to find one within the federal government, and if we can't do that, we'll look to the private sector," Mark Smith, from the Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service, told the American Forces Press Service. Mr Smith said. "Our bottom line is to get them employed and transition them back to civilian life as quickly and painlessly as possible." Bravo, Mr Smith.
Tallahassee, FL, Republicans GOPers elected Rep Marco Rubio as the Florida House's first Cuban-American speaker-designate on Tuesday in a ceremony broadcast live to Cuba over US—government-backed Radio Marti. The 34—year-old Miami lawyer described Cuban President Fidel Castro as a "thug" who forced his parents to flee their homeland before he was born. "It's hard to be apolitical when you grow up in a community of political exiles," F-A-R-T!
A federal judge hate-America, Red Diaper Doper Baby®, piece-of-shit, declared the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools unconstitutional Wednesday in a case brought by the same atheist whose previous battle against the words "under God" was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on procedural grounds. US District Judge, liberal-commie-socialist-fascist-nazi, Lawrence Karlton, ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God." Karlton is subhuman filth, and should be stood against a wall and shot. Pock-faced, subhuman dirtbag, failed doctor, failed father, Sacramento atheist and raging faggot, Michael Newdow, also needs summary trial and execution.
San Francisco Chronicle's mentally-ill, Marky "Turd-Burglar" Morford, nails it, again. Atta boy, Marky!
Clearly, you have to "dig" for any SCOTUS-Nominee John Roberts news reports, at CNN and pMSNBC. This political shit makes me sick. It's a freaking joke.
Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow: get your untalented, skinny, has-been, skank ass out of America, and over to Europe, where you belong, bitch. You pukes make me sick.
Racist, bigot, lowlife scumbag US Sen Barack Obama-Osama-Bama-Wama-Lama-Jama (SAMBO-IL), also thinks that "African-Americans" have been overlooked in NOLA. Hey sambo: there aren't any "African-Americans", idiot; they're long dead hundreds of years ago, you dumb asshole. They're AMERICANS, shithead. Yes, I can get behind that. Your hyphenated shit doesn't cut-it with me, boy.

Hurricane Katrina, Week 3™.
I have more compassion, sympathy and support for the abandoned pets and animals in New Orleans, than I do for all the lowlife, greedy, subhuman filth, combined, therein.
No, I wouldn't spend a thin dime to rebuild the shithole that was New Orleans, as it was, below sea level.
Yes, the helicopter pilots and New Orleans Rescuers are 99.999999999999999% WHITE, you racist, bigot-pimp, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi-irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC!" HiJackson, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, lowlife subhuman of the lowest order. HiJackson is a nigger racist; he's in no sense, a Black American.
In the midst of all the horror and devastation of Katrina, here are some good news pics.
Is Katrina the end of the Bush Administration? NFW.
The feds are handing out $2000 debit cards to hurricane victims. Why is a victim of Hurricane Katrina more entitled to a $2000 debit card from the American taxpayers than would be a woman in Sepulveda who's home was destroyed by fire last week? Just what is the role of private insurance here? Apparently, no role at all. It's you and me, the US Taxpayers, who are footing the bill, once again. Here's more flood insurance lunacy, with you and me footing the bill. It's the primary reason why I haven't donated a dime; the feds are already taking my money without my permission.
Mentally-ill, lowlife dirtbag, Howard "The Coward" Dean (WACKO-VT) was screaming yesterday about the fact that so many of the hurricane victims were poor and black. First of all, Howard, two-thirds of New Orleans is black. Big "duh" there, shit-for-brains. Secondly, it should be no surprise that the "poor" are disproportionately affected by disasters such as this. Survival often depends on knowledge, resourcefulness, self-reliance and the ability (or willingness) to make tough decisions — traits that aren't exactly evident in those we call poor.
Empty-headed, empty suit, disgraced, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT asshole, Tim Roemer (IDIOT-IN) wants failed, disgraced, worst-in-US-history, run-out-of-office, Jimmy "Malaise" Carter-farter, to rebuild New Orleans. Bwahahahahahaha! What an idiot.
NO, the US Federal Government should NOT be involved in handing out bundles of US Taxpayers' monies to victims of natural disasters; either buy the proper private insurance or live and die with the consequences of your actions, dammit. (Scroll down to post #14; it's worth the read, IMO.)
US Rep Cynthia "Pig-Bitch" McKinney (RACIST-GA), a bloated, fat, lardass, dumbass, empty-headed bitch racist, and her sambo butt-boy racist faggot, bigot boy, State Rep David Scott of Georgia’s 13th District, are the worst of humanity. Both have referred to the Bush Administration as nazis, selectively exterminating blacks in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. They're not blacks; they're subhuman trash.
More racist crap: racist, bigot, bloated, fat, lardass, extortionist, scumbag, lowlife, degenerate, dirtbag, subhuman filth, irrev Jesse Jackson, is the preeminent subhuman lowlife RACIST BIGOT, America-hater, piece-of-shit. Where is James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
The Mexican government estimates that 145,000 Mexicans illegally residing in New Orleans and surrounding areas may have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Mexico's consul general, Jorge Guajardo, said that his government stands ready to send replacements. WTF? Shoot to kill the 'originals' and "replacement" wetback filth. (Yes, I know this is satire/irony, BTW.)
Hey, Cuba: bite me, commie, fascist scumbag filth. And no-freaking-thanks!
New Orleans was killed alright, but label this death suicide, not homicide. She survived the outside attack. What she couldn’t survive was the internal one. Her own people struck the fatal blow... by her own black people. There is a hoffific dark side to black people. Be advised, White & Black America.
Several black civil rights leaders are accusing the federal government of conspiring against poor African Americans in the aftermath of the flooding in New Orleans. But one of those hurling the charges, racist, hate-America, comedian bigot, pro-sodomy, pro-child-molestation, racist, hate-Whitey and political activist Dick Gregory, on Friday refused to say what, if anything, he has personally contributed to the relief effort. Gregory, who had just visited evacuees at the Houston Astrodome and the city's convention center, said he was able offer the flood victims something else besides money and food. "I'm a v racist, bigoted subhuman lowlife in America, so just to go there and touch them, means a lot to them. [That] means more than taking them to the Red Cross and giving them food," Gregory told Cybercast News Service. Gregory did not reply to the question about whether he had made a personal donation. Gregory is subhuman filth.
Louisiana Jefferson Parish President, Aaron Broussard, is a whining, scumsucking, lard-assed, alcoholic, liberal-demokkkRAT, homo-sodomite liar.
"Yard apes"? Ummmm, yes, that's pretty accurate about the welfare state NOLA garbage.
I have a solution: raze NOLA. Re-build the city, 800 miles north, out of harm's way. Re-build the port where it was, with generous hardware solutions. Okay, okay, I've had enough of the Katrina Krap. I can't do anymore it. I've got scores of links to include here, but I've had a belly-full of the lib-dem crap, and the spineless, gutless, balless GOPers wimpering in the corner, hiding from the criticism. Why don't they REBUT the sneering, lib-dem garbage lies? If they won't defend themselves, and correctly place blame on the corrupt Louisiana mayor, senator and governor, I won't do it for them. Enough is enough, IMO.
Last thing I'll ever say about Whorecane Katrina: who's going to clean the shithole, up? The US Taxpayers/ US Government? The corrupt, destroyed, liberal, socialist, commie, fascist, left-wing nazi welfare state of Louisiana? My solution? Hells bells: give the able-bodied men a salary and a shovel. Let THEM clean it up. It's THEIR f*cking, shithole, sewer-of-a-welfare city. I shudder to think of the final numbers.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Yassir Arafat was a homo-sodomite faggot, as many muslim and arab "men" are; you didn't know that he died from AIDS? Good riddance subhuman, and rot in hell.
The Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is a freaking bad joke; liberal subhumans who want to forcibly indoctrinate sodomite-homo filth to the rest of Cana-duh. A "complaint" filed by pole-puffer, rump-raider, fudge-packer, faggot, subhuman filth, Darren Lund, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary, Lund made his complaint after Rev Boissoin published a letter to the editor in the Red Deer "Dear Sphincter Advocate", in which he denounced homosexuality as immoral and dangerous, and called into question new gay fag-rights curriculum permeating the province's educational system. That's why Cana-duh will always be a fourth-rate country. Hey shithead AHRC: sue me, assholes.
Yes, the Rolling Stones are crap, and I wouldn't pay a thin dime to hear/see the old farts. Not a penny. They're worthless hags/ harradans/ garbage, and should be on Brit-welfare, wearing poop-filled Depends®. Phew! The Stones suck, and have for decades!
Tommie "The Commie" Kean (ASSHOLE-NJ) and Lee "I Hate America" Hamilton (ASSWIPE-IN), worthless scumbags heading-up the flawed and corrupt 9-11 Commission, still can't figure out The Truth. Dumbasses. Both need summary trials and execution.
Kanye West thinks white people should only use black slang when it's old and busted? Kanye West is a mentally-ill sambo, and doesn't "think", at all.
An Ohio pro-family activist warns that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) — The Enemy Within™ — is disseminating information in an effort that is creating confrontational pro-homosexual student activists. A website for the organization's Lesbian and Gay Rights Project offers students a "Know Your Rights" card and refers to laws that purportedly protect homosexual behavior. But Linda Harvey, head of the conservative group Mission America, contends that the information the ACLU's homosexual rights advocates are providing through the site is somewhat distorted. "They say, for instance, that you have a federal constitutional right to express your sexual orientation," she notes. "I don't think that exists, unless I'm misinformed. I don't see that anywhere in our Constitution." Destroy the ACLU.
Stand the Ward Churchill fraud, liar, scum, plagiarist and filth against a wall, try him and execute him. He's subhuman garbage.
F*ck the Religion of Peace™ Cult of Death™, Brits. The muslims are murderous subhuman, pigshit-gulping filth.
Britney Spears has another illegitimate, bastard? Who the f*ck cares? Too damned bad the slutbag, filthy bitch didn't die during childbirth, and relieve America of another subhuman piece-of-Holly-weird-shit.
Why is this Dennis Rodman criminal, untalented, failed, sambo garbage, subhuman piece-of-shit, dirtbag filth still walking the streets?
Bullshit. I'll hire whom I want to hire. F*ck you, libs! The EEOC should be disbanded. F*ck with me; I dare you, scumbags!

islam Is A Criminal, Terrorist Organization™.
islam is the enemy of all Mankind. "gay islam" is evil, murderous, fascist, raping, totalitarian, homo-sodomite garbage. It needs to be exterminated from the face of the Earth. islam is festering, fetid pigshit. No, I don't advocate killing "innocent muslims", if there are any such idiots, anywhere. I advocate summarily killing all militant, hateful muslim trash. On-the-spot. Wherever they are. islam is the enemy of all Mankind.
So-called "mainstrean islam" — Hitler In A Headscarf™ — is a terrorist cult; aka a murderous organization. It will do what it needs to do, to establish an evil, murderous, corrupt islamic 'caliphate', over all other religions and societies. islam is festering, fetid pigshit. islam is garbage. islam is hate, trash, garbage, filth, scum, socialist, commie, fascist, liberal, dirtbag, subhuman, verminous, murderous sons-of-bitches, who need to be exterminated.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, shucks. The muslim filth and garbage are upset that rational, human beings are criticizing their subhuman, murderous religion, 6th century primitive cult of death, mutilation, torture, horror, bondage, murder, women-chattelling, boy-buggering, dangerous extremism etc.
Find the pigshit turdboy, Mohammed Daoud, and kill him.
Stupid, lowlife, subhuman, trash, garbage, illiterate, pigshit, degenerate, deviant, dirtbag, scumsucking shit, verminous "Palestinian" arab-muslims are subhuman filth. Any wonder why they'll always live in poverty and despair? islam is the answer to all things bad. islam is pigshit. islam needs to be completely and utterly destroyed, worldwide.
Bomb this f*cking, subhuman Iranian muslim shit into hell. Destroy all its nuclear facilities, Israel and America, dammit! Thye're going to spread nuclear technology to all the subhuman, pigshit-sucking muslim states, around the world. This will destabilize the world. Iran needs to be bombed back into oblivion.
Kill all the subhuman, pigshit-gulping, lowlife trash, muslim filth who dare to set foot upon the Temple Mount. It's Israel's Holy Site, not the f*cking muslim and isalmic trash's. Kill the muslim garbage, on sight. No exceptions.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Yes, I view Michael Mullen as a hero, for killing two Level III child rapists. All child molesters and rapists, should be killed. Zero recividism. And dumbass, mentally-ill, liberal-demokkkRAT bitch, Cynthia Hearn, a paralegal from Bucks County, Penn, needs an education about reality. She's an idiot.
Find this pigshitscum punk, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, an American from California turned fat, bloated, liar, faggot, homo-sodomite, turdboy, pole-puffer, rump-raider, fudge-packer, cock-breath, lowlife, subhuman, islamo-fascist Gadahn, and kill him.
Chai Vang needs killing, for the slaughter/murder of 6 Whites, in Wisconsin. Kill the subhuman gook filth and his subhuman-Cohn-filth laaaaaawyer! Kill the subhuman gook filth and his Cohn lawyer! Kill the subhuman gook filth and his Cohn lawyer! Kill the subhuman gook filth and his Cohn lawyer!
Find and kill: Kevin James, 29, a US national, who allegedly founded JIS (Jam'iyyat Ul-islam Is-Saheeh) in 1997 while in prison; Levar Washington, 25, a US national; Gregory Patterson, 21, a US national; and Hammad Samana, 21, subhuman filth. Kill them all.
Frances Newton, condemned for the 1987 murder of her husband and two young children, who claims she is innocent, is scheduled to die was executed Wednesday, for killing her family to gain $100,000 in insurance death benefits. She would be the third woman put to death in Texas since the state resumed executions 23 years ago. Buh-bye, murderous bitch! I piss on your corpse, bitch. Rot in hell, for what you did.
Jack Wayne Rogers was sentenced in April 2004 after investigators found about 1,000 images of child pornography at his home and business. Among the photographs, investigators also found evidence that Rogers performed voluntary "nullifications," a procedure in which a male’s sexual organs are removed. Evidence showed that the patient almost died from severe bleeding. Authorities also alleged that Rogers ate the man’s body parts after the procedure. Kill this subhuman piece of perverted, deviant, degenerate filth. KILL HIM!
No, don't escort Iran’s new president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad out of NYC after his 5-minute UN speech; kill him. I call for his assassination and prompt burial, face-down in liquid pigshit, facing north, so he can't see the false moon-bats, allah and mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon them). Kill him and all the murderous muslim filth.
A Madison, WI, East High School student charged with three counts of first-degree attempted intentional homicide, is back attending classes at the school now that his family has posted bail. Andrew Pirsch, 16, is one of 12 people charged in an Aug 9th drive-by shooting that wounded three men in the village of Oregon. He also faces three counts of endangering safety by reckless use of a weapon. KILL HIM! He's subhuman shit. KILL HIM.
Time to track down and summarily execute all the subhuman MS-13 filth, in Virginia, and anywhere else they're found. This murderous, enemy combatant wetback spic garbage needs killing. I volunteer.

The Worst Jobs in History.
Yes, yes, I know. You hate your job. You'd quit if you could, but then who would collate the regional sales reports? So there you sit, plotting a half-baked coup on management and wondering if you've been cursed with one of the lousiest jobs ever. Well, good news — unless you happen to be a 17th century plague burier, you can take comfort in the fact that things used to be a lot worse. This site, aptly titled "The Worst Jobs in History," doesn't skimp on the details. Each horrendous "career" is broken down by historical period to give visitors a "day in the life" experience. You can almost smell the leeches! Just a few clicks, and before you know it, you'll be accepting overtime with a smile.

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